20 Best POS System for Restaurants: Features, Pricing & Reviews

By Rajib Hasan -- Tuesday, 09 Jul, 2024
best pos system for restaurants

Nowadays restaurant management software is indispensable to operating a restaurant. Managing all the restaurant tasks has been easier. In that case, newly built restaurants should also use this management technology or POS system. How to choose the best POS system for restaurants out of the thousands of POS system providers? 

Some strategies can show you how to choose the best restaurant management software, such as features, pricing, reviews, origination age, etc. Indeed, keep focus on your demand, budget, and operating activities. So, choose the best quick service restaurant POS system and manage your restaurant business smartly and smoothly.

What is the Best Restaurant POS System?

Most restaurant owners may have a question: what is the best restaurant POS system? The best restaurant POS system will be easy to use, limited pricing according to functionality, more users, better customer feedback about the POS system, better customer support, will be lightweight, customizable, etc. However, all the POS systems have almost similar features. In that case, consider a few crucial things to select a point of sale system used in restaurants.

20 Best POS System for Restaurants

There are more than thousands of restaurant point of sale system providers. Choosing the best one among them is pretty difficult. However, I have given here the 20 best POS system for restaurants with features, pricing, reviews, and other information. It may lead you to choose the top restaurant POS software for your restaurant's entire operations. So, here we go.

POS Name




Square POS

Free to use/Only pay when you take a payment.

4.6 /5

United States

NetSuite POS System



United States

Restora POS

$69 or AED 329/month




$689/ month 


United States

Lavu POS

$149/ month


New Mexico, USA


$99 lifetime



NorthStar Restaurant POS

$99/month per feature


United States




Tampa Bay, Florida, USA

Lightspeed POS

$69, $189,  $399


Montréal, Canada

OpenTable PO



California, USA

Clover POS



California, United States

7shifts POS


Unlimited employees



SkyTab POS



Pennsylvania, USA

Epos Now

Available for $349


Norwich, United Kingdom

Loyverse POS

Free POS but charge for addons


Limassol, Cyprus

Toast POS

$69 /month


Massachusetts, USA

Aloha POS

Custom-quoted paid plans.


United States

Revel POS Systems

Starts at $99 per month


Atlanta, United States

SpotOn POS



California, USA

HungerRush 360 POS



Houston, TX, USA


1. Square POS



Square POS is a cloud-based restaurant management software. It was designed as the best restaurant management tool in the restaurant era. Square POS offers a 30-day free trial. This session can be the best time to know about the software's efficiency and business management ability.  This POS system offers different types of packages or plans (free, plus, and premium). The charges may be different depending on the module or add-ons.

There more than 2 million people use Square POS to manage different businesses. Over 1,658 restaurants use Square POS to manage a restaurant's crucial tasks. This amount is continuously enhancing . However, it offers different types of smart features that oblige people to integrate Square POS in their restaurants to manage tasks. So, decide on what you are going to do.


  • Customizable POS hardware.
  • Tools for the new era of restaurants.
  • Turn every diner into a regular.
  • Manage restaurant business from one place.
  • Staff management.
  • Unlimited KDS devices.


  • Easily accepts the payment by debit or credit card.
  • Easy to manage sales in the database.
  • Tracks individual transactions.


  • Sometimes the card goes into trouble, and it has to be done multiple times.
  • Get to know the platform.

2. NetSuite Restaurant POS System


NetSuite POS system is cloud-based and customizable. SuiteCommerce InStore is a NetSuite POS. It is used to manage commercial stores. NetSuite restaurant management system and hospitality software have been designed to manage the restaurant and hospitality industry. However, the NetSuite restaurant POS system gives a customizable dashboard and specific APIs and reports.

Different types of restaurant management modules can be added to it such as restaurant inventory management, ERP, guest service, POS system, HCM, CRM, and others. More than 219 countries and over 38000 people use the NetSuite POS system due to scalability, and flexibility. Any size of company or restaurant can use this best POS system for restaurants.


  • Free online food ordering system.
  • Financials and accounting segmentation.
  • Restaurant inventory.
  • CRM, guest service, and marketing.
  • Fixed assets management.
  • Franchise management.


  • NetSuite POS system supports multiple countries and languages.
  • It allows real-time visibility into all inventory
  • Eliminate Manual Processes.


  • Limited customer support.
  • Higher cost for limited operation of a small restaurant business.

3. Restora POS


Restora POS is a cloud-based and customizable all-in-one software solution for the restaurant industry. Restora POS has massive features such as language management, app integration, compatibility, HRM, QR or contactless payment, etc. These features are extremely necessary for restaurant management smoothly.

This POS system came to the restaurant market in 2021 and has achieved its goal. Restora POS restaurant management software already occupies world-leading and renowned countries USA, UAE, Kuwait, Nigeria, and other countries. Restora POS is considered as the best restaurant POS system in the UAE. Restora POS offers a 30 days free trial. In that case, no cost will be charged.

If a customer feels better to use it then he/she may go for the long run. This is a great opportunity to get it to prove itself. However, Restora POS offers a monthly subscription package at a very cheap cost. This amount will not cross your monthly budget for a POS system. So, take your time and make your decision.


  • Attractive & dynamic dashboard
  • POS billing system
  • Online & offline order management system
  • Responsive website & app integration
  • Multiple food delivery processes.
  • Advance table booking process.


  • Better online support
  • 30-day free trial.
  • Smart compatibility.


  • Cost can be added with add-on extensions.
  • Training is required for entire restaurant management.

4. Restaurant365


Restaurant365 is a customizable software. It is one of the best POS system for Restaurants. Restaurant365 can be used in different locations and businesses like small businesses, franchise brands, accounting firms, multi-location groups, and enterprises. Restaurant365 restaurant management system can be used for managing different types of restaurants like food trucks, fine dining, commercial restaurants, etc.

This versatile restaurant POS system offers comprehensive features that are highly necessary for the restaurant operation. Due to this privilege, more than 40 thousand restaurants use this restaurant software. It is faster in operation and allows better control in the customer's hand.   


  • Powerful restaurant accounting abilities.
  • Restaurant inventory management capabilities.
  • Cost-controlling system.
  • Hiring, scheduling, and payroll tools.
  • Data-driven scheduling.
  • Restaurant business intelligence and integration system.


  • Smart ordering system.
  • It offers a direct vendor integration system.
  • It offers a better integration system.


  • The cast is higher for small restaurant platforms.
  • Restaurant owners may likely pay additional charges for integration.

5. Lavu POS


Lavu point of sale system has been designed for the restaurant management and hospitality industry. Lavu is an iPad POS system. Lavu came to the market in 2010 and operated with a simple iOS app. Now it is spreading away at large in the number of users. However, it is easy to set up, 99.99% uptime, better support.

It also has comprehensive features like integrations, invoice management, payment processing, delivery capabilities, etc. This restaurant management system can be used in different areas: full-service restaurants, coffee shops and cafes, breweries and bakeries, casual dining, food trucks, and others. It offers free demos for a certain time. It can also be used as the best restaurant menu management software. If you feel good then you may go for a long run.


  • Inventory management.
  • Electronic payments.
  • Reporting and analytics.
  • Table management.
  • Menu management.
  • Delivery management.


  • It is mobile-optimized.
  • Lavu POS is highly customizable.
  • It allows third-party payment processing.


  • Need higher cost for add-on integration.
  • The free version does not work properly.

6. Bhojon


Bhojon is a cloud-based customizable complete restaurant management system. It can be integrated with websites, and mobile apps (Android, iOS). It came into the market in 2020 and achieved more than one thousand sales around the world. People are highly interested in using this software for their restaurant management tasks. Why do people show interest in Bhojon?

It is because it has a bunch of features like restaurant POS and billing, inventory tracking and management, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly report checking, supply management, compatibility with any device, and many more. Moreover price is limited that compels the people to grab this deal and stick with it for the long run.   


  • Easy billing system.
  • Inventory management.
  • Account management.
  • Table reservation system.
  • Restaurant Website and Online Ordering.
  • HRM system.


  • Check real-time reports.
  • Record all the shipping methods.
  • Better integration system.


  • Sometimes you may face server issues.
  • Sometimes people face support issues.

7. OpenTable POS


Are you looking for the best restaurant POS system? In that case, the OpenTable POS system can be the best choice for you. This restaurant management system offers an automatic control system that attracts the people's mind. There are several reasons for this: wide feature range, scalability, versatility, and others.

However, a large number of restaurants use this POS system (more than 55,000 restaurants globally).  This amount is increasing rapidly. Another great privilege of the OpenTable POS system is to connect another POS system with it like Aloha, Lavu, Lightspeed, Givex, and others. It has a great sales and inventory tracking system that gives you the actual result of your billing and inventory.


  • Private dining.
  • Owner app.
  • Data and security.
  • Online waitlist.
  • Benchmark reporting.
  • Direct messaging.


  • Available for customization.
  • Easy to use and manage.
  • Better integration system with other third parties.


  • This program sometimes goes offline for big operations.
  • Customers cannot make reservations all in one place.

8. NorthStar Restaurant POS


NorthStar restaurant POS system is an iPad point of sale system. This POS system can be used in mobile apps and websites. It is cloud-based and customizable. Any module can be integrated with it, such as easy operation, flexible ordering, powerful reporting, smart billing, and others.

NorthStar restaurant POS systems can be used in different areas such as quick service restaurants, fine dining, coffee shops, full service restaurants, and others. However, this POS system offers multiple payment methods with better security. Numerous privileges make it more reliable to the people. For this reason, the usage rate is increasing day by day.


  • Point of sale system.
  • Restaurant staff management.
  • Order management.
  • Recipe management.
  • Online ordering.
  • Loyalty and gift cards.


  • It is customizable.
  • A large number of items can be added easily.
  • It can be used from multiple locations at the same time.


  • Once an item is added then it cannot be deleted.
  • Integration costs may be higher for small restaurants.



CAKE POS is a powerful restaurant management tool. This tool can accelerate restaurant sales geometrically. CAKE POS is cloud-based and offers higher security for every operation. CAKE POS launched in 2011 in the United States. Around 280,000 global users are using the CAKE POS system in 24 countries.

This POS system can be used in different sectors like restaurants, commercial areas, manufacturing industries, etc. It has a bunch of features like online ordering system, QR code payment, supply management, billing, and others. If you have a small restaurant like a pizza shop business then you may use it as the best pizza restaurant POS. So, you may decide which POS system you will use for your restaurant business.    


  • Point of sale system.
  • Menu management.
  • Online ordering.
  • Self-service kiosk.
  • Tableside ordering.
  • QR Code Payments.


  • Cake is easy to use and manages a restaurant's essential tasks.
  • It offers a front-of-house and back-of-house system.
  • This POS is higher rated than competitors from various aspects.


  • Sometimes it is hard to get support.
  • It may have some report-generating issues

10. Lightspeed POS


Lightspeed is a complete cloud, custom and the best POS system for restaurants. Lightspeed allows market share. This is a great business strategy to spread the business around the world. 13 organizations have taken this restaurant management system as a market share holder according to the Lightspeed business policy.

Lightspeed has grabbed the rising place over some other giant POS system competitors' categories such as Square at 28.17%, toast at 26.18%, and Lightspeed with 8.64% market share. Lightspeed came to the market and started operation in 2005. More than 9545 people are using the Lightspeed POS system around the world. However, take a look at some features of this POS system.  


  • Multi-location management.
  • Payments and APIs.
  • Inventory management.
  • Advanced reporting.
  • Marketing and loyalty program.
  • Accounting and secure payments.


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Better customer service.
  • It is a fast, intuitive platform


  • Payment systems may be hard for the newly built business.
  • Support isn’t always the best.

11. Clover POS


Clover is a cloud-based customizable restaurant POS system. It is a powerful POS solution and can be used in any business range (small, medium, and large). It was launched in 2012 in the United States. Clover has numerous features like a restaurant POS billing system, inventory management, order management, sales tracking, report generation, etc.  These features can easily attract people to use it for managing a restaurant.

Clover follows a strategy like market share. This POS system already has 7,503 customers with a 6.76% market share. More than 7480 companies use Clover POS; the majority (more than 7000) are in the United States, Canada more than 290, and in the United Kingdom more than 40 companies using the POS system. This amount is increasing rapidly.


  • Card readers and POS devices.
  • Accounting tools with inventory management.
  • Human resource management (HRM).
  • Reporting and sales tracking.
  • Point of sale system.
  • Payment processing.


  • Multiple payment gateways.
  • It is easy to use and user-friendly.
  • It provides real-time business data


  • The monthly pricing package can be higher for a small restaurant or retail business.
  • Pricing details are not clear.

12. 7shifts POS


7shift is a cloud-based employee scheduling management software. It was specially built for the restaurant. 7 Shift offers a free mobile app. This mobile app will allow access to employees at any time. Those restaurants keep focus and emphasize the restaurant staff training and scheduling they should choose 7Shift.

This POS system is also used for overall restaurant management. However, its comprehensive features oblige people to stay with this restaurant management tool. Extensive people (more than 40,000 restaurants globally) use this POS system for their staff scheduling and business performance. However, let’s see some comprehensive features of the 7Shift POS system.  


  • Staff or labor management.
  • Employees mapping.
  • Calendar management.
  • Employee schedule or direct employee tracking system.
  • Integration system.
  • Advance reporting.


  • Better staff management system.
  • Staff schedules can be set up using a mobile app.
  • Easy to use and very user-friendly.


  • Sometimes people may face notification issues.
  • Sometimes App plays a worse role to set up an employee-assigned role.

13. SkyTab POS


SkyTab is a cloud-based all-in-one restaurant POS system. SkyTab offers reliable and user-friendly hardware that can boost a restaurant's sales and overall efficiency. This POS system will manage your business from the front of the house to the back of the house. They offer a free demo with some limited features: Free online ordering, marketing & loyalty, contactless solution, website builder, reservations & waitlist.

If you require more advanced options then you may go for their premium package. This POS system can be used in any type of restaurant business like a food truck, coffee shop, bakery shop management, fine dining management, casual dining restaurant, and other full-time commercial service restaurants.


  • Online ordering.
  • QR code ordering & payment.
  • Reservations & waitlist.
  • Loyalty & Marketing.
  • Website Builder.
  • Reporting & analytics.


  • SkyTab offers well-integrated software and hardware.
  • Better POS integration system.
  • Offers reservations and removes customer waitlist.


  • Free sources or add-ons are limited.
  • They don’t offer a free trial.

14. Epos Now


Epos Now is considered the best restaurant point of sale software. EposNow restaurant POS system helps for smooth operations and improves restaurant customer service. This cloud-based system provides attractive features such as real-time sales reporting, inventory management, staff performance tracking, online ordering system, report generating and analytics, and others. 

It can be integrated with various payment processors, ensuring smooth transactions. Epos Now supports restaurant marketing activities through customer profiles and loyalty programs. This tool makes it easier for business promotions and improves customer attendance. This dynamic solution is ideal for restaurants looking to enhance efficiency and profitability.


  • Table and kitchen management‚Äč
  • Real-time analytics & reports.
  • Staff management.
  • Stock control.
  • Online ordering, delivery, and pickup.
  • Expert advice.


  • Epos Now offers better customer support.
  • Set up, onboard, and train staff in minutes.
  • Restaurant owners may get real-time reporting on staff, customers, sales, etc.


  • Sometimes it may have integration issues.
  • Small business owners may face multiple issues.

15. Loyverse POS


If you are looking for better inventory management, order management, and restaurant billing software, then Loyverse POS can be the best choice. It is a powerful, smart, and another best POS system for restaurants. Whatever store you have (single, multiple) you can manage it significantly in the right way. This POS system has spread globally.

More than 1,000,000 Loyverse POS users (restaurant, retail, clothing, and accessories) in 170 countries. Loyverse POS has a mobile app that supports more than 30 languages. It offers multiple payment gateways that can support more than 30 countries' payment thresholds. Loyverse POS has some extensive features that highly encourage restaurant or retail business owners to get the deal. 


  • Point of sale system.
  • Kitchen display system.
  • Customer display system.
  • Multi-store management.
  • Employee management.
  • Advance inventory management system.


  • It can be used in a multiple business field and manage multiple stores.
  • The strong mobile app supports more than 30 languages.
  • They have a live chat system to get current support.


  • Sometimes it may be slow to control multiple stores.
  • It does not properly work in offline mode.

16. Toast POS


Toast is a world-renowned complete restaurant management system. It is a US-based cloud and custom restaurant management software. This POS system can be used in different restaurant fields, such as hotel restaurants, quick service, full service, pizzerias, cafe/bakery, casual dining, food truck, fine dining, fast casual, and others. More than 85 thousand restaurants use the Toast POS system in different countries.

The leading countries are the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Canada. More than 28,415 restaurants in the United States use the Toast restaurant management system. They offer different types of comprehensive restaurant management features that are highly necessary for managing a restaurant.


  • Point of sale system.
  • Online food ordering system.
  • Inventory management.
  • Marketing and loyalty program.
  • Kitchen display system.
  • Multi-location management system.


  • It is the best of back-of-house operations.
  • It offers a secure payment system.
  • Toast also offers an employee scheduling system that is impressive.


  • People sometimes face payment issues with cards.
  • It may be tough for the small restaurant, they may need additional training.

17. Aloha POS


Aloha POS is a US-based restaurant management system. It is one of the best cloud based POS systems for restaurants. Those looking for managing their restaurant smoothly can choose this best restaurant management software. Aloha POS offers some comprehensive and decent features, such as a POS billing system, better inventory management, reporting and analytics, sales tracking, supply management, order management, etc.

They have massive customers around the world. More than 100000 different shapes of restaurants use the Aloha POS system. Now think how efficient it is for managing a restaurant business. So, you may think about this software to manage your restaurant.  


  • Inventory management.
  • Employee scheduling.
  • Reporting and analytics.
  • Loyalty management.
  • Table management.
  • Kitchen tickets.


  • Aloha POS offers an easy and intuitive interface.
  • It is a very simple cloud and mobile management tool.
  • Easily manage complex kitchen environments.


  • Limited customization with a free system.
  • Sometimes people may face software functionality issues.

18. Revel POS Systems


Revel POS Systems is the most common restaurant POS system. Revel POS system offers a flexible, cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) system. This POS system was designed to handle a restaurant business from multi-location. This tool provides versatility, scalability, and customizable for businesses. It has some comprehensive key features order management, reliable cloud-native software, flexible payment processing options, POS billing, inventory management, and others.

Revel serves various industries such as quick service and table service restaurants, commercial restaurants, fine dine restaurants, etc. It can be used for the retail business as well. Revel believes in customer success and professional services to ensure smooth operations and enhanced customer experiences.


  • Point of sale system.
  • Kitchen management.
  • Enterprise management.
  • Inventory management.
  • Mobile order taker.
  • Customer display system.


  • This POS system offers a multi-location management system.
  • Revel POS system offers a flexible payment gateway.
  • It offers food delivery and a drive-thru system.


  • Sometimes it may have integration issues.
  • Training is required to operate this software.

19. SpotOn POS


SpotOn is a restaurant management system. This is also one of the best employee management software. It can be used as the best software for food and beverage industry. SpotOn offers mobile apps for restaurant owners (Android and iOS). It can be used for fine dining, casual restaurants and commercial restaurants. This restaurant software assists in boosting revenue, operating smoothly, and managing restaurant staff for large, medium, and small restaurants.

SpotOn POS systems can be used as food truck POS systems. It is because it performs better for the small and medium ranges of restaurants. More than 30000 customers are using the SpotOn POS system but more than 40% are restaurants. So, users prove how popular this restaurant management tool is.


  • Restaurant POS and billing.
  • Labor scheduling or staff management.
  • Tip management.
  • Online ordering and delivery.
  • Kitchen display system.
  • Reservations and waitlist.


  • It assists in building guest relationships.
  • SpotOn allows you to customize your POS system as you want.
  • SpotOn offers a website integration system.


  • SpotOn charges the service cost.
  • It may charge an add-on cost.

20. HungerRush 360 Restaurant POS


HungerRush offers an all-in-one customizable restaurant management system. It has some comprehensive features: point-of-sale (POS) solutions, online ordering, delivery, marketing, loyalty programs, hardware system, etc. These features can be integrated easily with the main software. HungerRush supports various restaurants and offers a wide range of durable hardware designed for the food industry.

More than 18000 restaurants use this software around the world. It is a US-based restaurant management software, and most users are from the USA. Its users prove how popular, reliable, and versatile software it is. So, think about your restaurant and make the correct decision to choose the best restaurant management software.     


  • Point of sale system.
  • Software and hardware integration system.
  • Online ordering system.
  • Marketing and loyalty system.  
  • Voice and text ordering system.
  • Back-of-house operation.


  • HungerRush offers better customer support.
  • This restaurant management system is very easy to use.
  • They offer secure payment processing.


  • Sometimes people face some technical error.
  • Higher cost for small business management.

Best Tablet POS for Restaurants

Point of sale (POS) systems run on tablets (iPads or Android devices) and offer flexible solutions compared to traditional and stationary POS systems, which is called tablet POS for restaurants. Many top POS systems for restaurants can be used in tablets such as Square, Toast, Restora POS, TouchBistro, Clover, Lightspeed, Bhojon, Loyverse, and others. You may call them tablet point of sale systems as well.

Final Thought

Point of sale system is a billing system that can be used for any business billing purposes. I have especially discussed restaurant management systems. This POS system is also related to restaurant ERP software. However, I have referred to the 20 best POS system for restaurants. 

I have also shared some crucial information like features, pricing, reviews, country of origin, market share, and others. So, choose your favorite restaurant point of sale software from the 20 top restaurant POS systems.


Why Is the POS System Important For The Restaurant Business?

A POS system is crucial for restaurant businesses. It can be used for ordering, payment processing, inventory management, and customer data. It improves restaurant efficiency, reduces errors, and improves customer service. The point of sale system can be used as small restaurant POS software

This digital tool saves time, reduces restaurant overall costs, easy billing, and completely minimizes customer wait lists. There are many other benefits of this POS system. So, it is very necessary to use it to manage your restaurant business.   

How Can I Choose the Best Restaurant POS System?

For choosing the best restaurant POS system focus on software scalability and versatility. Therefore your restaurant location, payment processing, restaurant size and shape, type of restaurant, your monthly budget for restaurant management technology, etc.

After considering these things, you may find a POS system that can meet your demand significantly. In that case, see the customer review that will give you a better idea about the software. You must see the features, pricing ranges. You may also use a demo or trial to get proof of its performance.

What Are The Latest Trends In The Best POS System for Restaurant?

The latest trend in restaurant POS systems is to see the custom, loyalty program, multiple payment options, compatibility with any device, advanced POS system, advanced inventory, easy billing, advanced report-generating system, business growth tracking, mobile ordering system, and easy-to-use. So, check all the things whenever you choose the best POS system for your restaurant business.  

Can A POS System Be Customized For Different Restaurants?

Yes, most POS systems are customizable and allow the customization of add-ons. Moreover, many point of sale systems can be integrated or customized with other third-party restaurants. These customization options like menu management, restaurant table management, order management, payment processing, inventory, and others.