Social Media Restaurant Marketing [Top 5 Platform To Increase Sales]

By Riajur Rahman -- Monday, 16 Oct, 2023
social media restaurant marketing

Social Media is taking over the world gradually. Globally, there are over 4.9 billion social media users. Social Media restaurant marketing is now becoming one of the most popular for any restaurant. It helps to connect with a wider range of audience. 

The importance of marketing and advertising on social media is immeasurable. Because this process can increase sales and generate more revenue. Social media marketing for restaurants is economical and effective. It is very important to learn about the popular types of social media that can promote your restaurant business. 

In this article, we have discussed the top social media platforms that can help to communicate with customers to increase sales.

Different Types Of Social Media Platforms 


Social media is a platform where you can connect and communicate with people. It allows you to share media such as videos, pages, images, and text in different formats. As almost 60.49% the global population uses social media, it is the best place to reach a wider range of audience.

Here, we discuss some of the popular types of social media.

Social Networks

Social networking sites are one of the most popular and effective social media platforms. It helps people to connect with others and share their thoughts in multiple ways. Using social networking sites, you can reach a wide and diverse audience. Social networking sites are now widely used in the business sector. 


  • Facebook
  • Tiktok
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin

Image-based Networks

Image-based network sites allow people to share their images and related content. Image-based sites have gained more prominence in current times. They have platforms that are designed to amplify the sharing of images. These sites let users share images as personal stories, inspiration, and promote brands.


  • Pinterest
  • Flickr
  • Instagram
  • Photobucket
  • Snapchat

Discussion Forums

Discussion forums are very interesting and exciting. These sites help people to ask questions and get answers. They also have features like sharing ideas, thoughts, and news. Discussion forums can be used for market research.


  • Quara
  • Reddit
  • Clubhouse
  • Digg

Blogs and Publishing Networks

Blogs and publishing networks are perfect places to publish your thoughts, hobbies, events, and more. These sites are very popular to attract more audience by publishing new blogs and content. 


  • Reddit
  • Tumblr
  • Medium
  • Facebook

Bookmarking Networks

Bookmarking is a type of platform where users can save different types of articles, posts, ideas, and other content for later use. These websites have the purpose of discovering new content. These are basically based on discussed trends and shared interests. 


  • Flipboard
  • Feedly
  • Pocket
  • StumbleUpon

Video Hosting Platforms

Video hosting platforms are very famous on social media networks. It gives independence to journalists, filmmakers, and other content creators to make videos. People can make videos and promote their work or brands on this platform as advertisements.  


  • Youtube
  • Tiktok
  • Instagram
  • Vimeo
  • Snapchat

Social Media Restaurant Marketing Plans


Social media marketing plans for restaurants are a dynamic idea. Nowadays, Social media has become a primary and effective source of information about products or brands. Especially in restaurants, social media marketing must be addressed. 

If you are looking for ideas for marketing your restaurant, then social media is your first priority. It is the most powerful and cost-effective platform for restaurant marketing.

A social media industry overview is very helpful to get the proper social media marketing plan. Restaurant social media marketing strategy plays an important role in attracting an audience for dinners and increasing booking.  

Social media restaurant marketing is more effective than ever for all sizes of hospitality companies. You may start to increase interest in your location and what you have to offer when you know how to create a powerful restaurant social media strategy.

The foundation of a restaurant's social media marketing plan should be a stronger and proactive Plan. For restaurant social media marketing, you must be sensible and selective. It would be the best if you learned what your customers want to see on social media and adjust your strategy accordingly. Your business strategy and your material should constantly change.

How to Increase Restaurant Sales Through Social Media? 

Social media has billions of active users. Business owners are now getting into the social media marketing world. A restaurant owner must pay attention to social media for restaurant marketing. It doesn't matter whether you have opened your restaurant right now or ten years ago. 

Here, we talk about some important strategies that can increase restaurant sales through social media. 

Creating a Mobile Application or Website 

A mobile application or website for your restaurant can attract more guests. In the highly competitive world, a mobile app or website is a crucial marketing tool. Customers may be able to make restaurant reservations or place takeout orders via your mobile application. 

Additionally, it might inform your clients of sales or menu modifications. They might use the software to upload photos to Instagram or write comments on Facebook or Twitter. It is a great way to increase restaurant sales.

Hosting Social Media Relevant Events

Events related to social media can be a great possibility to bring more customers to your restaurant. You can also create Facebook events for your restaurant followers.

That helps to bring loyal customers and those who are interested in your brand. Hosting events not only attracts your customers but also raises your business profiles. 

Social Media Contests

Hosting in a social media competition is a great concept. Every social media site where a restaurant has a presence allows its proprietor to run a contest. 

Your followers may participate in the competition by submitting images of themselves eating your food in a family-friendly setting, and other people could vote for their favorite image.

Writing Customer Generated Blogs                

A blog related to your restaurant can be a key component to increase restaurant sales. You can use it as a platform to tell stories about your restaurant and announce special offers or menu updates. 

With the use of these blogs, you can interact with your audience by allowing your followers to leave comments on your articles. A blog post on your website can raise the visibility and search engine position of your restaurant pages.

Top 5 Platform to Increase Sales

Social Media has transformed connecting people to powerful marketing platforms. Especially in the restaurant business, social media campaigns provide effective results. It creates brand awareness, showcases ads, and ultimately boosts revenue. 

In this modern era, a solid social media presence is very important to run a successful restaurant business. For best revenue, social media marketing competitor analysis is very important. 

Now, let's see the five best social media marketing platforms to increase sales.

   01. Facebook

facebook for restaurant marketing

Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the business world. It has more than 3.03 billion active users according to DEMANDSAGE (Social Media Users - Global Demographic 2023). Facebook is offering a broad reach that allows restaurants to provide detailed business information.

It is a great place to interact with clients and get their attention. Using Facebook platforms, a restaurant can drive huge numbers of customers.

With the help of a Facebook ad manager, you may pinpoint the precise individual. Who are most likely to become your clients, depending on their preferences and geography?

It has statistical analytic methods to see the performance of marketing campaigns. Facebook ads should be carefully crafted for a target audience that is determined by factors like age, region, gender, and interests.

   02. YouTube

youtube for restaurant marketing

YouTube is another important social media marketing platform. It has almost 2.7 billion users. On YouTube, you may build great brand awareness by creating videos. 

To catch an audience, you need consistency. YouTube allows its users to upload high-quality video content. These videos help to showcase a restaurant's ambiance and dishes. 

YouTube Provides cooking advice and tricks, speaking with consumers, displaying recipes, etc. It can attract new customers. It allows people to reach those who are looking for recipes or reviews of restaurants in their area. YouTube has less competition than others. So, it can be a great platform to promote your business.

   03. Instagram

instagram for restaurant marketing

Instagram is the perfect place to share your restaurant photos and menus. With more than 2.5 billion active users, Instagram has become one of the most effective social sites. It is known as an incredibly visual platform.

Instagram is an ideal place for restaurants with attractive settings. You can use it to share images of your menu items, beverages, employees, and any other intriguing material associated with your restaurant marketing plan.

Already, Instagram has several interesting forms, such as story posts, carousel posts, etc. It is a platform that is heavily focused on mobile, making it excellent for connecting with social media users while they are on the go. However, it enables its users to use hashtags and location tags to connect with nearby potential consumers.

  04. Twitter

twitter for restaurant marketing

Everyday millions of people use Twitter. It has approximately 450 million users right now. Twitter is a solid platform for marketing your restaurant. It helps to stay connected with customers and build relationships in specific locations.

Twitter focuses on informational tweets, and you can also add eye-catching images or graphics to your posts. You can use this network to tweet about new specials or menu items at your business, as well as details about its hours and grand opening celebrations. 

It enables you to post updates, which keeps your customers informed about what's happening at your business. On Twitter, hashtags are incredibly helpful for restaurant marketing. The hashtag will immediately take everyone who clicks on it to your restaurant's Twitter account.

Additionally, it enables you to participate in discussions on foods, beverages, and other subjects that are probably of interest to your clients.

  05. Pinterest

pinterest for restaurant social media marketing

Pinterest has huge potential for the restaurant industry. It has more than 450 million users. Pinterest holds enormous promise. Share images of your favorite foods on Pinterest along with links to related content, such as recipes or articles on the ingredients.

It is particularly useful for different types of dishes or seasonal specials that a restaurant wants to highlight. Users can share their favorite pictures with others by using the "pin" mechanism to save them on their personal Pinterest boards. The use of pin sharing will improve the web promotion for your restaurant.

Pinterest is positioned really high in Google Images. It has a great possibility of appearing in search results if the pins are properly tagged and named. Pinterest users can rapidly construct pins out of the pictures and videos that enable them to post on other platforms; it makes reusing material simple.

Bonus Tips

Who doesn't like to get a bonus? Along with these top 5 social media marketing platforms, here we discussed a very important marketing tool is Google My Business.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a tool that enables you to find and manage your local business profile on Google. It helps to find your business or services in your local area. Google My Business (GMB) can gain more visibility on Google. So, it is very important to promote your restaurant business on these platforms.

Using the Google My Business tool is very easy and secure. You just need to create and verify your business in GMB. After verifying Google My Business accounts, your business profiles will appear in local results in Google Search and Google Maps.

Social Media Marketing Services for Small Businesses

Strategic social media marketing is key for small restaurant businesses. Small firms must be more flexible, adaptable, and imaginative than big organizations, which can afford to devote more time and resources to their operations.

You must avoid throwing money at a problem to solve and wait for the best. To reach your target audience through social media, you must be strategic in your approach. Social media marketing advice is required to promote your small business. A small restaurant business owner needs to research social media marketing for small businesses.

Statistics show that the average time spent by each user on social media is almost 2 hours and 25 minutes. Social media marketing is not bound to big business anymore. It has become one of the vital marketing platforms for small and mid-sized businesses. From analysis, we have come to know that 71% of small to mid-sized businesses use social media for marketing their business. 

10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Restaurants

10 social media restaurant marketing idea

The restaurant business is growing very fast day by day. It is very important to have a solid social media marketing plan. Here are the tips for marketing a restaurant. 

01. Create Proper Social Media profiles for Restaurants

Social media restaurant marketing starts with a basic task. The first and basic thing is to create proper social media profiles for restaurants. You need to create different social media profiles for different platforms. Unique branding is most important for a proper social media profile. 

Along with these, you need to write a short description of your restaurant. The profile should be linked up with the website and address, as we know that people judge a book by its cover. So, a strong and proper profile can attract more of an audience to the restaurant.

02. Use High Quality Images and Video

Visual content is more effective than any other content because it is easier to understand. Especially in terms of the restaurant business, it is more effective because food is visual. 

While marketing your restaurants, it is important to make sure that all the images and videos that are being used should be high quality. It should be checked that all the images and videos are well-focused and the background is appealing. 

03. Social Media Monitoring

Restaurant social media marketing can get huge benefits from social media monitoring. It would be best if you kept monitoring your social media marketing. In that case, you can keep answering questions, responding to comments, and thanking guests. 

Reputation monitoring, influencer marketing, customer service, and finding customers is also a social media monitoring part. As we know, social media is a two-way conversation. If you properly communicate with your customers, you may retain your followers, and guests may continue visiting your restaurant.

04. Take Advantage of Seasonal Trends and Holidays

Taking advantage of holidays and seasonal trends is an important tip for restaurant marketing. For these, you might need to adjust your social media marketing plan due to fluctuations in seasonal demand. 

You have to follow a few strategies for utilizing seasonal patterns and holidays on social media. In that case, you need to promote your seasonal menus. In addition, you have to showcase your popular seasonal ingredients and dishes. 

05. Highlight your Dine in Experience

Highlighting the dine-in experience is another vital part of social media restaurant marketing. Social media is a great place to highlight your dining experience. The guest who never visits your restaurant may get excited while visiting your restaurant. 

You may take their opinion or a short interview and post it on your social media. It is also very important to highlight the upcoming events to catch an audience.

06. Post as Often as Possible

You don't need to publish every day, you should frequently update your page to keep diners and potential consumers aware of your business. A decent place to start with social media marketing for restaurants is at least three times each week. 

Regular content creation can be challenging, especially for a visual platform. The trick is to avoid overthinking it. 

07. Post a Variety of Mediums

As there are a variety of social media right now, it is very important to use these popular social media for your restaurant marketing. You can make Facebook reels, Instagram shorts, TikTok videos, and youtube shorts for your restaurant campaign. These mediums can help a lot in restaurant marketing. 

08. Post Behind-The-Scenes Content

There is a good reason why viewers on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok enjoy watching food and recipe videos so much. Take advantage of this widespread interest by showcasing behind-the-scenes content from your restaurant. 

These may involve demonstrating the preparation of your most well-liked menu items, emphasizing the locations of your ingredient suppliers, featuring interviews with the chef and other kitchen staff, and much more. 

09. Share Important Updates

People frequently use social media to find the most recent information. At the same time, it is unlikely that your customers will think to visit your website for changes. 

They will undoubtedly do so to find out your hours of operation and whether reservations are required to dine with you. A great platform for sharing updates about the group sizes you are currently accepting is social media.

10. Invest in Paid Social Ads

Investment in social media platform advertising is beneficial. Even though it is not an organic type of marketing. In that case, you can pay to increase the audience reach of specific posting.

Although we recognize that some restaurants may need more funds to spend on sponsored social marketing, for larger companies. It may be a terrific strategy to increase brand recognition and increase traffic to your social media sites and website.

To reach a larger audience, you can potentially work together with a food blogger or influencer. You may be able to reach an audience and potential consumers that you wouldn't otherwise have based on their influence and reach.

Final thought

Social media restaurant marketing is the new hope for the restaurant business. The process of restaurant marketing is changing constantly. People come across fresh ideas that are more suited to run a successful business.

The ideas that are mentioned above can be used to determine what works and what is not worth the return on investment. Along with these, you can test your approach to evaluate what works best with your audience. That will assist you in developing the best restaurant marketing strategy.