Make a Smart Online Food Ordering System with Restora POS

Restora POS is a SaaS-based Food ordering software. It promises to offer the finest system to transform your online food ordering system in a dynamic and systematic way.

With Restora POS, you can manage and operate POS billing, inventory, restaurant staff, receive online orders, and many more things. Hence breaks all barriers to reach an unlimited pool of customers with an online food ordering system.

The cycle of online food ordering system

What Is an Online Food Ordering System?

An Online Food Ordering System is a sort of automation application through which anyone can order food online by using a mobile app or website. In short, the Online Ordering System is a permanent solution for every kind of restaurant to multiply their revenue with no limitation on customers.

With a restaurant food ordering system, restaurants not only eliminate the regular manual schedule but also optimize the restaurant to improve efficiency and function faster and accurately.

Restora POS is a bundle of solution software for restaurants, who want or are already integrated with Online Food Delivery Systems. Restora POS is an expertise software that can simultaneously manage restaurant operation-related tasks with a smooth billing POS System.

Remarkable Fusion Of Features- That Make Restora POS Unique & Dynamic

Exclusive webpage for online food ordering

Exclusive Webpage

Integrated with different social media platform

Social Media Integration

Pre-online ordering facilities

Pre-Order facilities

Take-away ordering facilities

Take Away Ordering facilities

QR code scanner facilities

Contactless or QR Scanner

Multiple payment gateway

Multiple- Payment Gateway

Location tracking facilities for third party

Location-Tracking Engine

Record restaurant marketing strategy

Marketing Tactics

Smooth automation to record the unlimited order

Unlimited Order

Chronologically receive the online orders

Chronologically Record The Online Order

Strongly integrated with google analytics

Integrate With Google Analytics

Online food catering order facilities

Catering Order

Choose your convenient food delivery service

Multiple Delivery Methods

24/7 Customer support and service

24/7 Customer Management

Fastest mobile app integration

Mobile App Integration

Smooth and responsive chat bot

Instantaneous Chat-Bot

What Bonus Advantage Does A Restaurant Gonna Get?

If Choose Restora POS Software

responsive friendly icon

Compatibility with Devices

Device friendly or compatibility is a major part of an online food delivery system. Therefore, Restora pos is specially built, keeping in mind the user-proficiency, and has the smart responsiveness to cover up all the space of users’ screens.

freedom to personalized design icon

Freedom To Personalized Design

Restora POS software provides the opportunity to customize any design according to the customer requirements. Enjoy a hassle-free step-up of your domain, logo, branding page, etc. No special web designing knowledge is required.

expand the business volume icon

Expand The Business Volume

Online food ordering system for restaurants open up a significant opportunity to expand the restaurant business. For example, a restaurant can enhance its online visibility to many food lovers. Also, have their own website and can integrate that with their URL.

user friendly icon


Higher in user-friendly scale, better the chance of getting more visitors, engagements, and conversion rate. With no technical expertise required, Restora POS offers a very well-organized interface.

budget friendly icon


Indeed, Restora POS is budget-friendly for all kinds of restaurants. Restaurant owners are getting a full restaurant management system with an easiest and lower pricing scale so that all the categories of restaurant can afford that cost.

smooth billing system icon

Smooth Billing System

It is a straightforward and fast POS system integrated with an account management system to ensure a secure billing system. An efficient billing system can also enhance the chance to polish customer satisfaction.

in build reward system icon

In-Build Reward System

With Restora POS software, you can save all the history of your customers, track their purchases, statistics of the sales per day, and invoice. As a result, you can reward loyalty points to your customer after every purchase.

coupon and Discount engine icon

Coupon And Discount Engine

It’s normal for restaurants to give many alluring discounts and offers to attract their customers. This automated ordering system for restaurants will efficiently function and control these offers, deals, and coupons.

Fundamental Modules of Restora POS

The modules of this restaurant online ordering systems are the main connecting- wire which will transform and introduce your restaurant over the internet. Here is some essential module of online food ordering system:

Counter Dashboard

An essential module, the food delivery system is very active both in online and offline food delivery. The counter dashboard is directly connected with the main server system. That plays a crucial role for the restaurant ordering system.

Hence publicly displays the raw data, such as working-in-progress of the food, counter data, estimated food preparation time, etc. Therefore majorly helps to calm the customers and the delivery boy waiting. However, take a look at some semi-module of Counter Dashboard:

  • Table number
  • Ordering Time
  • Remaining Time
  • Status
  • Order Number
Counter dashboard for restaurant- Restora POS
Restaurant kitchen dashboard for Restora POS

Kitchen Dashboard

Another essential module of the Restora POS kitchen Dashboard and is only constructed for kitchen usage purposes. For example, the kitchen department needs to know about the received food items.

This kitchen dashboard holds the details of the order number, order status, table no, the time duration the chef gets to serve the food, the quantity of the food, etc. Semi-module of Kitchen Dashboard:

  • Menu Board
  • Order Details

POS Billing Automation System

An essential Module of Restora POS is the POS automated billing system. This POS billing module is linked with multiple modules, such as menu management, order management, and delivery system.

This Module also helps you to process the final payment process smoothly with polished-up customer satisfaction. This billing automation software also holds multiple payment getaways. Take a look at some crucial semi-modules of POS billing:

  • POS Billing
  • Cash On Delivery
  • Card Payment
  • Razor Pay
  • Paypal
Restaurant POS billing system solution
Online order management system

Online Order Management System

This powerful Module is designed to assist, control, and operate every order that a restaurant gets. This Module has a special widget that chronologically receives, records, and processes any type of order.

This Module is also successfully integrated with Menu, Account, and Billing for a fast and secure billing process. Let’s see a semi-module to record the order in real-time:

  • New Order
  • Pending Order
  • Pre-Order
  • Cancel Order
  • Order List
  • Complete Order

Customer Management System (CRM)

Customers are crucial assets for your restaurant business, and you need to satisfy them with your best end-to-end CRM service. Thus the CRM module is here to cover up all your complicated tasks at no time.

With no absolute hassle, CRM tackles all the tasks, starting from receiving, confirming, and tracking to final delivery to the customer at the designated time. Semi-modules of CRM:

  • Add Customer
  • Customer Feedback
  • Customer Details
  • Loyalty Program
Customer management system for online restaurant
Online food menu management system

Menu Management System

With a menu management system, you can also handle and personalize your menu to set the “Today’s Special” or “Chief Special,” etc. Moreover, if any item is “added” or “removed” with this moModuledule. It will automatically update at the central level.

Hence eliminating the chance of miscommunication or confusion among customers, removing the unavailable food items, etc. Semi-module of Menu Management System:

  • Add Item
  • Add Chief Special or Today’s Special
  • Discounted Item
  • Unavailable Item

App & Website Integration

Mobile App & website is now a new technological fashion to make the customer reach higher and faster. You also get both App & website integration. After all, the website provides various detailed information.

Whereas customers prefer App more compared to a website to complete their tasks. App also improves the speed and ease of customers. Semi-module offered by Restora POS:

  • Customer App
  • Kitchen App
  • Waiter App
Powerful website and App integration
Online food delivery system

Food Delivery System

The food delivery system is a significant part of the online food delivery industry. And Restora POS efficiently manages and covers-up the whole process of the food delivery system for you.

This module can easily add any location and get an exclusive record list of locations. Besides, a restaurant can easily fixate or update the delivery fees and payment procedure according to their needs. Semi-modules of food delivery systems are included:

  • Add Delivery location
  • Delivery Method
  • Track Location

The Finest And Fastest Online Food Ordering App

Indeed Restora POS is one of the smoothest and time-efficient billing and restaurant management apps for every size and type of restaurant. Restora POS understands your problem, hence offers 3 individual separate apps to manage your restaurant in a convenient way:

customer-App for restaurant

Customer App

This app is especially constructed for your customer’s convenience and facilities. The user of this app will be the admin of the restaurant and the customers. The customer app is also available both on Android and IOS. With this customer app, using which your customer can:

  • View The Menu Card
  • Place The Order
  • Reserve Their Desire Corner
  • Favourite Box
  • Offer & Discount Box
waiter -App for restaurant

Waiter App

Waiters are also a major human resource in maintaining the restaurant, hence to make the task easier, this waiter app has been constructed. The user of this app is only the admin of the restaurant and the waiters. With this Waiter App, a waiter can:

  • Receive The Order
  • Handles The Notification Of New Orders
  • Manages The List Of Processing Orders
  • Handles The Cancelled Orders
  • List Of Complete Order And Payment Confirmation
Kitchen-App for restaurant

Kitchen App

Like the previous two apps above, the kitchen app is only constructed for maintaining a connection with the kitchen. The kitchen app helps a waiter or admin maintain a smooth connection and share the time-to-time status of food. Some of the essential features of the Kitchen App are:

  • Accept The Order From The Admin Or Waiter
  • Update The food status
  • Handle The Notification Of The Food Status
  • Delivery Time

Get Prepared To Handle The Biggest Cyclone Of Customer!!

Restora is a complete package of managing every aspect and task engaged with your restaurant. It doesn’t matter what size your restaurant is. Restora POS can efficiently handle all your managerial operations, handling customers, recording the human resources, accounts, online orders and record of sales, etc.

Indeed, adopting Restora POS won’t just raise customer reach but also increase the online visibility of your restaurant on different social media. Restora POS is not just a system; it’s a lifetime investment for your restaurant.

CAQ: Commonly Asked Question About Restora POS

A restaurant’s online food ordering system is a system, which is dedicated to handle and control the online food deliveries department. Restore POS offers the best solution for your restaurant to handle all tangled yet sensitive tasks of an online food delivery system.

An online food delivery software is a system that builds a clear passage to receive orders online as this latest generation prefers to order everything online. Therefore every restaurant must adopt an Online food delivery system.

An online ordering system is proven to be advantageous both for restaurant owners and for their customers. An online ordering system opens up multiple opportunities to go beyond your customer’s limitations, raise revenue, and better customer engagement.

This online food delivery assists a restaurant to maximize orders, eliminate duplicate errors, reduce delays, and many more. An online ordering system is another important path to reaching your customer faster and winning their hearts with the best delivery service.

The purpose of having an online food ordering system is to higher up the scale of customer reach, make extra revenue for your restaurant, and streamline delivery service. And with the continuous advancement of technology, ordering food online is the latest trend now followed by everyone

And to catch and create a strong position in these sectors, your restaurant must adopt an efficient Online Ordering System, like Restora POS. Having an online food ordering system is to provide an online service to choose and place their order over the internet.

If you think deeply, you will find there are multiple numbers of reasons to light on the necessity for an online food delivery system:

  • Because of technological advancement these days, people choose to order food online and enjoy it with their loved ones rather than going to a restaurant and facing a social dilemma.
  • Don’t have to make customers wait in a long line to place their order
  • Customers get their own sweet-time think and place their order
  • Better customer reach and high social visibility
  • Eliminate the manual or personal and polish up your delivery process
  • No more dependence on the dine-in customers to reach your targeted revenue

Very crucial question, let me tell you one thing; there is no specific best online food ordering system. Whether the system is best or not totally depends on; “how the online ordering system integration with your restaurant is working”. So the food ordering system that is resulted to be best for competitors doesn’t mean it would also be best for you.

Yet; just for your convenience, here are some essential and mandatory features that an online food ordering system should have:

  • Handle and manage to deliver process
  • Multiple payment processes
  • Website and App integration
  • Have the ability to cover up the delivery locations
  • Order receiving, order list, order confirmation

After you integrate Restora POS an Online Food Ordering System, the working process starts; when your customer finds your restaurant, select their desiring item from the menu visible online, select an item from the menu, fill-up the address box, choose the best payment get and click order confirm.

When your restaurant receives the order, confirm the item availability and payment. The restaurant will shelf the order for cooking. After the delivery man arrives, the delivery man will receive it and reach the customer's doorstep.