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Restora POS-Catering POS System | Online Catering Management Software

Supercharge Your Sales & Revenue

Restora POS- Catering POS System is designed for the smart caterers to gain exposure without a storefront, save time and cost, make service more convenient, grow revenue, and ensure customers’ satisfaction.

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Restora POS- Catering POS System is Designed for All Types of Catering Services

From small businesses to large-scale hospitality groups all can integrate the catering POS software to ensure productivity and profitability.

Online catering management software is a complete package for the catering service business. We focus on every foodservice industry either small, medium, or large.

Let’s see who we serve.

Database backup system
  • Food Trucks & Mobile Catering
  • Corporate Catering
  • Full Service Catering
Database backup system
  • Drop Off Catering & Meals to Go
  • Franchise Food Chains
  • Golf & Country Clubs
Database backup system
  • School, College & University Catering
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Special Event Catering

Catering POS Software; A Better Way to Delight Your Clients

Online catering software makes all your operations smoother and efficient. When you can plan your production, do catering, take orders online and do your deliveries perfectly, it will be easier to raise the satisfaction level of customers.

The Catering POS app provides great convenience. Besides, the clients will get prompt service. The catering POS system doesn’t only help the caterer but also assure a noteworthy service to delight the customers.

In addition to this, online catering ordering software assists you to track your order and confirm the delivery. As a result, the customers get notified of the exact time when the food will knock at the door.

Streamline Your Catering Operations & Boost up Productivity with Restora POS- Online Catering Software

Our online catering management software simplifies your catering business. We have developed the catering POS system considering both on-site and drop-off caterers.

Easily Accessible from Any Device

Catering software is accessible from any Device. We designed the online catering POS system to make the catering business more convenient. So wherever you are, you can get accessed and manage your business anytime from your device.
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Manage Operations Smoothly

Catering management software makes all catering business activities easier. In this regard, the caterers can organize, schedule, maintain and monitor all essential operations through an automation system.

Save Time & Costs

Catering management software saves the money and time of the catering business owners. As the automation catering software manages and tracks your business, you don’t need to worry. Let’s see how the catering POS system helps you to save time and money.

  • Minimize data entry
  • Reduce order adjustment
  • Automatic reporting
  • Limit repetitive tasks
  • Save IT expenditure
  • Reduce errors
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Increase Sales

Catering POS software helps you to increase your sales. The high-quality images of the menu attract the customers to place an order. Besides, the customer retention rate will be higher as you can send the marketing messages to the targeted customers at the right moment.

Maximize Revenue

As your sales percentage increases, you can surely enhance your revenue. Your catering service will be SEO optimized so that your clients get Raised. The B2B online ordering will be greater. Online catering software also maximizes the efficiency of your workforce that directly impacts your profitability.

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Ensure Guests’ Satisfaction

Catering POS system ensures the customer satisfaction level by offering the right time service, dedicated account manager, promptly response, loyalty programs, monthly features update and so on. You just focus on your business, the rest will handle the online catering software. However, the satisfaction of your clients is your main focus and in this case, catering POS system will stay beside you.

Restora POS; A Complete Package of Catering Management Software

In this modern era, any business including small, medium, or big focuses on advanced business technology to minimize costs and save time. In addition to this, the customers always look for satisfactory and time-worthy services.

Online catering service does not only provide you with a great benefit to ease your catering business operations but also helps the business owners to develop a strong relationship with the clients.

Count Your Every Day and Feel Your Growth & Improvement

Customer satisfaction doesn’t rely on only good or quality products. Nowadays, there are several rivals in the market who are offering the same services and they make their catering service online based. What should you do now?

Integrate the best catering POS system which can fulfill your all requirements at a minimum price. We designed Restora POS- catering POS software considering the requirements of the catering business owners.

So our catering management software is getting popular and renowned for its unique and functional features and modules.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s take a tour.

Say Hello to Restora POS- Catering POS System & Eliminate Your Operational Headaches

Features of a catering POS software should be useful and suitable for all types of catering services. So we didn’t skip any of the required features that the catering business owners need while operating the business.

Besides, Restora POS-online catering management software is a well-structured and well-optimized system so that it can provide a great user experience. The users of our catering software are satisfied with its responsiveness and diverse user interface.

Moreover, the free installation and 24/7 customer support make the clients happy. The continuous updating of our catering software ensures we are ready to serve you for a lifetime.

Key Features of the Restora POS-Catering POS System

  • A Complete Dashboard
  • In-house & Offsite catering
  • Online & Offline Orders
  • POS Invoice System
  • Schedule Management
  • A Dynamic Website
  • Table Reservation System
  • Accounts Management
  • Task Management
  • Costs & Expense Maintenance
  • Catering Invoice
  • Unit & Measurement of Ingredients
  • Payment Integrations
  • Role Permission System
  • Reporting
  • Analytical system
  • Customer Reviews
  • Inventory Management
  • Restaurant Table Management
  • Suppliers Management
  • Android & iOS Apps Integration System
  • Real-Time Notification System
  • CRM and Lean Management
  • Clients Contact Info
  • Extremely Customizable
  • Instant Products Update
  • Sales & Order Tracking
  • Kitchen Dashboard
  • SMS & Email Marketing
  • Production Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Shipping Time & Date
  • Employee Management
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Multi-Language System
  • Take Out & Delivery
  • Online Data Synchronization

We Focus on Your Requirements & Designed Special Add-ons

Smart and advanced business owners always look for something unique and useful. Besides, sometimes you can feel the need for some extra features that are more flexible. On the other hand, someone doesn’t feel it.

Considering the scenario we design some add-ons which offer extra facilities and you can purchase those add-ons based on your needs separately.

Exclusive webpage for online food ordering

Both Online & Offline POS

Integrated with different social media platform

Whatsapp Chat & Order

Pre-online ordering facilities

Razorpay Integration

Take-away ordering facilities

QR Code Scanner

QR code scanner facilities

Loyalty Program

Multiple payment gateway

Shift Management

Location tracking facilities for third party

Taste Habit Program

Record restaurant marketing strategy

Advanced GST Setting

Record restaurant marketing strategy

Waste Food Management

Control & Monitor Your Catering Business Through Smartphone

Well, but the most important thing is to make the catering business more flexible, mobile applications are developed. Restora POS- catering POS software is integrable with Android and

Customer App

The customers can make order through this app after seeing your available Items. Besides, they can check the menu and offers.

Customer app for Restora POS
Kitchen app for Restora POS
Waiter app for Restora POS

Kitchen App

The kitchen app is for your Chef. When the orders take place, the admin passes it to the kitchen and the chef gets notified instantly.

Staff App

The staff can see the order lists, pending orders, running orders, delivered orders and cancel orders through this app. Besides, this app will notify the new online orders.

The Smartest Catering POS Software Offers Smart Functionality

The modules of the Restora POS- catering POS system is designed based on the suitability and requirements of the catering business owners.

The well-structured and well-organized modules and sub-modules ensure a great user interface. Besides, the responsiveness of the website and the POS software is satisfactory to the users.

Let’s explore the essential and highlighting modules and offerings of the catering POS system.

No Matter You Walk Slowly or Speedly But Carefully

Evaluating something practically is better than taking more time to research unrealistic. Request for a free trial and enjoy 21 days with a digital system.

A Dynamic Dashboard

When you can see the entire activity and the productivity of your catering business, it will be easier to manage your business. The dashboard is a mirror of your business.

online ordering system image

POS Invoice System

The point of sale system of Restora POS is multifunctional where you will get a plethora of sub-modules including-

  • New Order
  • Online Order
  • Ongoing Order
  • KItchen Status
  • Order Status
  • Cancel Order
  • Pending Order
  • Order List

Online Reservation System

The online booking system of catering software gives you the flexibility to get advanced booking or clients’ orders.

  • Reservation List
  • Add Booking
  • Unavailable Day
  • Reservation Setting
online order management system image

Purchase Management System

The purchase management helps you to track your purchasing information. Besides, you can manage your suppliers through this module.

  • Purchase Item
  • Add Purchase
  • Purchase Return
  • Return Invoice
  • Supplier Manage
  • Supplier Ledger
  • Stockout Ingredients

Food Management System

You can manage all food items you are going to offer to your clients from this module. Here you will get more options to set up your items. Let’s see the key modules.

  • Manage Category
  • Manage Food
  • Manage Add-ons
online order management system image

Production Management System

The production management module helps the catering business owners to count the cost per unit and it is an essential module for the catering business.

  • Set Production Unit
  • Set Production List
  • Add Production
  • Production Setting

Accounts Management System

The accounts management should be proper and accurate. The catering POS system provides Accounts module with a professional design. Some submodules are enlisted below-

  • Chart of Account
  • Debit & Credit Voucher
  • Journal Voucher
  • Voucher Approval
  • Account Report etc.
online order management system image

Workforce Management System

The human resource drives the catering business. If you can’t manage your employee, the efficiency of the staff will decrease. As a result, the productivity of your business will go down. The Catering software gives you a human resource management system by which you can manage several activities like-

  • Attendance
  • Expense
  • Reward
  • Recruitment
  • Leave
  • Loan
  • Payroll etc.

Role Permission System

We consider the needs of the business personnel. So the role permission system is included to maintain the system with enough privacy. The access of any other individual in this system is controllable.

  • Permission Setup
  • Add Role
  • Role List
  • User Access Role
online order management system image

Reports & Analytics

The most important thing is to track your catering business regularly. Restora POS- catering POS system gives you a well-developed and professional report and analytics system. Oversee your business progress and growing daily, weekly, and monthly.

  • Purchase Report
  • Stock Report
  • Sales Report
  • Cash Register Report
  • Commission etc.

Inventory Management System

Stock management is essential for the catering business. It, directly and indirectly, affects the customer relationship. If you maintain the balance of stock in and out through an automation system, it will notify you either your stock is out or not. Catering POS software informs you when you should focus on your inventory.

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Restora POS-Catering Management System is 100% Secured & Responsive

Well, the online catering service is growing nowadays and the smart catering business owners integrate catering management systems by which they can easily conduct the catering operations.But have you ever thought your catering management system is secured or not? It’s a big question as all information and data of your business are recorded in this automation catering software.

Restora POS- catering POS system ensures your business safety and security by storing your data efficiently. Besides, your data will be securely stored in the catering software without any issue.

Moreover, sometimes the system can be crashed. In this case, you can lose your data. Restora POS provides a data backup system and as it is designed with modern code, you will not face any chasing issues or losing data.

Let’s Secure Your Catering Business Future with Restora POS-Catering POS System

Make Your Catering Business Straightforward

Increase revenue with Restora POS

Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Cost-saving restaurant software

Reach More Clients

Best rated restaurant software

Raise Your Sales

Restora POS reduces mismanagement

Achieve Your Aim

The Best isn’t Always Best If It Doesn’t Suit You

Choose the most suitable software that is the appropriate one for your business type. Let’s try the free trial and examine your needs once again.


Restora POS -catering POS system is developed according to all types of catering services. The customization facilities are useful and helpful for small, medium, or large size catering services.

If small catering business owners feel integrating a POS system to conduct business activities, Restora POS can be the best solution for them as it offers different packages with a minimum budget.

However, whatever your catering business size is, it’s not a big issue if you can choose the right catering software.

Yes, it’s possible. If you adopt the best and advanced catering management software, you can easily manage several stores at a time. It means if you have a catering business but you are offering services from different places and you have more than one store.

In this case, the Restora POS catering system will be the perfect choice for you as it provides you with the role permission system by which you can set up access for every user. The admin can control all permission through the admin panel and limit the access.

The catering system is a modern business solution. Advanced and smart catering business owners or entrepreneurs always look for something new.

The Restora POS- online catering software makes the business more productive and alive. You can get a single system to enjoy it for a lifetime.

Besides, if you want a cost-effective and time-worthy solution for your catering business, POS software is essential. The competitors are increasing day by day and the catering services are getting online based.

If you can’t take a proper step to digitize your catering service right now, you will lag behind. So you should integrate a catering POS system and make your service online based to ensure more customers, more sales, and more returns.

Catering service is unlike a restaurant business where you don’t have a physical store to serve the customers.

Then how does catering service serve?

Well, the catering service coordinates the creation, preparation, delivery, and presentation of food for guests. Maybe it seems simple and straightforward. A culinary chef and a team preparing, cooking, and serving food but it’s more than that. Okay, Online catering service? Yes, it’s a time-worthy choice at present.