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The prime two aspects of franchise management software, franchisee and franchisor. And this franchise management system works as a pathway to maintain a smooth collaboration between franchisee and franchisor.

Therefore it gets easier for both parties to increase the engagement with each other and discuss the various aspects involved; for instance, customer relationship manager, sales & marketing, inventory management, branding, month/year-end report and operation.

In addition, the franchise management system also helps to maintain and record all the business rules, processes, automation to monitor the real-time performance of all output, menu & recipe management etc. Effectively maintain integrative communication with multiple franchise sites.

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Benefit Of Having Restaurant Franchise Management Software

Introducing some of the essential advantages of having franchise management software, which not only enriches your restaurant operation but also smoothes the equation between multiple franchisees.

Smooth Automation In Workflow

Franchise management system is automation which not only smoothen-up the troublesome work but also assists an effortless workflow for both the franchisee and franchisor. In addition, it works as an assistant tool for the franchisor to handle multiple franchisees as a single enterprise.

Inventory Management

Through this franchise management system, franchisors can keep track of all the franchisee outlet’s inventory transactions. In addition, get facilities of automated tools for stock replenishment for all franchise outlets or chains, maintaining individual country, culture and historical data and seasonal trends.

Better Sales Mean Better ROI

In the franchise chain, more outlets mean, more revenue and at the same time can also cover up the loss outlet. Restora POS’s Franchise management software provides interactive tools such as customer loyalty, customer tracking, unique sales promotion, gift cards, coupons, and store credit.

Marketing Strategy

Franchise management has a separate centralized in-built marketing module. Individual countries can promote the franchise chain while maintaining their cultural barriers. With Restora POS, you get a powerful CRM integration, email marketing, customer marketing templates, google marketing analytics and other promotional opportunities.

Real-Time Monitoring From Headquarter

Indeed, real-time monitoring for every individual outlet, situated in a different country is mandatory as well as strict. Hence with the help of a franchise management system, the main headquarter can easily monitor as well as provide direction to the required individual outlet from the home country.

Cloud-Based Data Synchronization

While maintaining a franchisee business, headquarter needs to stay updated on all the necessary information and data of each individual outlet. The cloud-based system conveys centralized data synchronization, better inventory control, overarching rules & regulations and lifetime loyal customers.

Reporting And Analytics

This module can track the financial data, daily sales, invoice generator, and inventory spent per day of every single outlet helps to generate a performance KPI for each outlet. Also, can analyze whether or not to continue the loss-making outlet in the host country.

Maintain A Consistent Brand Image

Franchise enterprises maintain a consistent and centralized brand image for all outlets. If any outlet needs a reconstruction on the brand image, then headquarter will develop a brand-templates for that franchisee, if that franchisee wants they can customize it.

Modules Which Will Assist You To Exploit And Function Worldwide Operation

Restaurant Franchise Management Software

The tricky part of franchise restaurants is that the franchisor exchanges the owner’s license with the franchise fee to a franchisee. Other than that everything is similar just like any other restaurant.

So, to run & operate a franchise restaurant, and to maintain a smooth even relation between franchisor and franchisee, a crucial module is necessary. Here is some significant module of Franchise management software:

Franchisor Dashboard

This interactive franchisor dashboard is only for franchisors usability, through which franchisors can effectively monitor every individual franchisee outlet situated in multiple countries.

In addition, it is strongly integrated with franchisee outlets’ management software, so that franchisors can monitor sales, operational cost, marketing, revenue and profit trends of franchise outlets.

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Franchisee Dashboard

Franchisee Dashboard is only for franchisee usability, through which franchisee outlets can send business reports to the franchisor and also receive the necessary direction from the franchisor too.

In addition, the franchisee management system comes up with an effective restaurant management system & POS billing system. Therefore franchisees' dashboard will showcase an organized sales, KPI, staff’s performance and operational report etc, with graphical display.

Menu Management System

Franchisors always try to maintain the same menu in all the outlets, but the franchisee can negotiate to make changes in the menu (if there’s any trade barrier).

With the menu management module, franchisors can keep track, which outlet is being able to sell, which item. This module will also be able to update the menu, whenever and whichever outlet is needed.

Reservation system for restaurant software

Recipe Costing Management System

Through using this module, franchisors will track all the franchisee outlets very closely. Hence track and record, which franchise outlets use which ingredient to produce every particular item, and the cost spent to purchase raw inventory.

This module is also strongly integrated with the inventory management system, as the ingredients needed to create an item will be recorded in the inventory management section automatically and generate a monthly report.

Online Food Ordering System

An online food ordering system is a must-have module in any type of restaurant business. Therefore this module will manage, record and process all the orders that will be received online. The online food ordering system is the new technological craze all over the restaurant industry, hence to generate more customers, this module is necessary for franchise management software.

Human resource management system for restaurant software

Website And App Integration

Website and app integration module, a franchisor can monitor any franchisee outlets through website and app. With a franchisee management system; both franchisor and franchisee will get a website and app for separate outlets. Hence can easily increase the visibility both online and offline.

Third-Party Integrating System

This module is interrelated with the online food ordering system, this module will help and smoothen the online food delivery process.

Different franchisee restaurant outlets have the freedom to use their own delivery system. And to maintain all the third party delivery companies, this third party module is absolutely necessary.

Human resource management system for restaurant software

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

The kitchen display system module is built for kitchen facilities and for the kitchen staff. This module is interrelated with the restaurant POS billing module, thus, whenever there is an “order confirmation”, it will automatically transfer and notify KDS.

Multi-Unit Operator

This module will record so that franchisors can generate a monthly/yearly report. This module will include every multi and small unit spent in the franchisee restaurant. Such as raw material cost booked for every particular item in the menu card, labour cost, recipe experiment cost, and final plate cost.etc

Human resource management system for restaurant software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM is another important module for both franchisee and franchisor, through this module franchisor not only monitors the customers review but also tracks which franchisee outlet is doing well or facing loss.

In addition, record the customer information, so that franchisee restaurants can nurture those customers and transfer them into loyal customers.

It’s Your Time To Franchise With Restora POS

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Indeed, maintaining and managing multiple franchise outlets is quite a tough job. But Restora POS can make your franchise restaurant business process easy, smooth and also make the collaboration between franchisee and franchisor interactive and smooth.

Moreover, if you are a franchisee, you can efficiently maintain a smooth relation with the franchisor and the franchisor can also maintain and monitor the franchisee, with daily, monthly or yearly reports.The franchise management system also facilitates the franchisees to follow all the policies and restrictions given by franchisors. In addition, help the franchisee to maintain an international touch in the franchise outlets.


Franchise management software is built to even up the road of communication between the franchisor and franchisee. In addition, also increase engagement and keep less or no chance of misunderstanding between two parties.

Because of this franchise management system, both franchisee and franchisor can efficiently discuss the different aspects of a restaurant business such as sales, franchisee policy, branding, inventory policy, customer relation policy, operations, menu, recipe etc.

Moreover, franchise management systems can assist the franchisor to track their restaurant business performance, daily sales based on real-time analytics, streamline operations, market data, revise the rules and policies for franchisees etc. Restaurant franchise management systems have an effective integrative communication system to maintain a smooth connection with multiple franchisee branches.

Restaurant franchise management system or franchise management software is only for those restaurant entrepreneurs, who are bounded with an agreement with the franchisor and agreed to run a franchise restaurant business.

And the key purpose of the franchise management system is to smoothen the collaboration and connection between franchisor and franchisee. And most of the restaurant entrepreneurs don’t wanna get involved with the franchise business because of many complicated policy agreements.

Hence, Restora POS’s franchise management system can transform this whole tangled process into a straightforward one. Franchise management can be great for both franchisor and franchisee.

Of course, the franchise management system is both useful for franchisors and franchisees. And both franchisee and franchisor use franchise management in a different context

When a franchisor will use the franchise management system, the franchisor can fully control, monitor, and manage the multiple outlets distributed in different countries. Moreover can smoothly dominate all the essential franchise policies given to franchisees to run the franchise restaurant business.

On the other hand, when a franchisee will use franchise management, the franchisee can use the franchise management to report the franchisor on a daily/monthly/ yearly basis, for other necessary purposes to seek permission.

Indeed, having franchise management software for a franchise restaurant business is essential in many different aspects.

In addition, franchise management systems have some basic facilities, which can and will assist both the franchisor and franchisee in operating their business.

Here are some basic facilities which can help you to solve through franchise management software for the restaurant business:

  • Franchise restaurants require low capital investment compare to own-proprietorship
  • Franchisees will get an established organic brand image, and visibility both traditionally and digitally.
  • The franchisee outlet will be new in the market but will be old in the industry, as a result facing low competition with local brands.

The answer to this question actually depends on many different aspects, because there are many types of restaurant franchise management; for instance single outlets, multi-units, area requirement rights, and sub-franchise branches.

Moreover, the franchise management software is customizable software, and Restora POS gives the full freedom to franchisors to express their requirements to the Restora POS team. And Restora POS will design the franchise management according to the franchisor needs. But if you wanna check our subscription package; check out: Pricing Package.

The main attractive characteristic of Restora POS’s franchise management system is that Restora POS’s franchise management software is customizable software, and franchisors can customize or add any module, according to the need.

In addition, Restora POS’s franchise management also offers some of the effective modules, such as franchisor dashboard, franchisee dashboard, restaurant management system, recipe management, inventory management, menu management, customer relationship management report and analytics system, etc.