Food Court POS Software

A Digital Roadmap of Food Court Business

Lessen Your Operational Costs, Introduce Convenient Service, & Delight Your Customers.

Restora POS Food Court Management Software

Seems Like a Modern Software in Modern Era

The food court service is dramatically rising and it’s an evergreen business sector. Modern technology comes up with great scope for the food court business owners.

Food court POS software is an advanced food court management system that assists to manage accounts, employees, both online and offline orders, customers, sales, supply chain, inventory, and so on.

Restora POS food court software is suitable for all types of food courts either small, medium, or enterprise. Now save your costs, optimize your operation, and forecast business return.

Restora Food Court POS System

Utilize Your Time & Categorize Your Foodservice

The digital food court management software helps to conduct the business activities with automation software. In this regard, You can save your time and costs.

In addition, it breaks down your specific operation. So maintaining will be easier and headache-free. Categorize your service and ease the operation.

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Control your restaurant’s front side

Digitize the Food Court Infrastructure

Shape Your Food Court with Restora POS

Food court software organizes the entire operation of your business. You can modernize the foodservice activity with the modern food court system.

When you operate your food court through an automation system, it structures your business infrastructure.

Breakdown Your Food Court Operation & Make It Convenient

Restora POS Food Court Management Software

Food court POS software provides great benefits to the food court business owners. Now you can manage your all essential business activities digitally.The food court system makes the foodservice more convenient. The customers and the service providers both can save time and costs.

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Get Both Online & Offline Orders

Food court software has a dynamic POS system that helps you to handle both online and offline orders.

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Introduce Food Delivery Service

Now your customers can make orders sitting at home or office. You’ll be available anytime to deliver the food to the doorstep of the customers. It makes the service more convenient to the service users.

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Keep an Eye on Your Food Court

The food court management system is a mirror of your business. You can track your food court business from anywhere and anytime.

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Mobile-Friendly POS System

Restora POS focuses on mobile-friendly technology. The mobile apps integration system makes it more alive and trendy.

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Assure Transparency & Accuracy

The food court management system helps the foodservice business owners to maintain the business with transparency. Besides, the food cost calculation will be more accurate with digital food cost formula.

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Grow Customers, Fulfill Sales Target

As you can handle more customers, your customer number will be increasing. The satisfaction level of the service users rises as well as customer retention. In this regard, your sales target will be fulfilled.

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Create Brand Value & Expand Market

Restora POS food court software comes with a time-worthy scope for the food court owners. Now you can create your brand value with Restora POS. In addition, the dynamic website helps you to expand your market.

Food Court Software is a Timeworthy Technology

Keep up to date with the latest business management technology to save your time and costs.

Link Between Front & Back Side of Your Food Court

Restora POS food court management software creates a network. It helps to operate your foodservice business smoothly.

An information flow will be developed within your food court so that you can maintain effective communication.

Food Court POS System

The POS system of food court software coordinates all operational units of a food court including online and offline orders, kitchen management, sales management, billing, etc.

Kitchen Display System

The backside of your food court is now under your control. You can track every activity through the Food court software. Manage your kitchen with KDS of Restora POS.

Availability of Mobile Application

Restora POS food court system provides Kitchen app and Waiter app. The waiter and kitchen staff can maintain their communication flow through these apps. As a result, the foodservice gets more smooth and responsive.

Restora POS Food Court Management Software

Automate the Foodservice Cycle of Your Food Court

Increase revenue with Restora POS

Receive Customers Orders

The food court POS machine notifies that you have got a new online order. Besides, the walking customers can place orders sitting at the table through a QR code scanning system.

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Send the Orders to KDS

The kitchen staff can see the orders. Within a second the chef can inform that the ordered item is available. In this case, the order will be confirmed.

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Deliver the Prepared Food

After finishing the food preparation, the POS system shows the cooking is done. The waiter serves the food to the customer. On the other hand, the delivery man will deliver the food to the doorstep of the customer if it’s an online order.

Feel Your Customers’ Demand & Work for It

Restora POS Assists to Enhance the Customer Retention

The customers of a food court are not always expected. The rush hour or any occasion makes the food court more crowded.In this regard, food court POS software comes with modern technology.

So you can collect the positive or negative reviews of your customers.If your customers aren’t satisfied with your particular service, you should identify it and solve it as per their requirements.

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Loyalty Program

Restora POS gives the facility to offer discounts and lucrative packages to your selective customers.

Restora POS reduces mismanagement

Customer Feedback System

You can know about your service status through the customer feedback system. The customers will get an open platform to review your service either positive or negative.

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CRM System

The customer relationship management system of the Restora food court POS system is well developed. You can maintain strong communication with your customers. It helps the food court owners to increase customer retention.

Restora POS Food Court Software

Features You are Looking for We Provide

Restora POS is designed for the food court business. So you’ll get all essential features in this POS system. Besides, the food court business professionals find it as a complete package.

Get a business overview on the dashboard

Website for Food Court

Create a Virtual Food Court

The food court POS system provides you with a dynamic website. It helps the food court business owners to expand the market. An attractive website allows to get more customers and create brand awareness.

Food Court Billing System

Multiple Payment Gateways

Customers always prefer to get a flexible payment system. If you can provide multiple payment options, they feel more comfortable taking your service anytime. Restora food court software includes this feature.

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Customers place orders online

Online & Offline Ordering System

Control Your POS without Internet Connection

Food court customers are unpredictable as it’s the biggest food provider in a crowded place like roadside, station, colleges, etc. Besides the online orders, you can manage your instant orders through the Restora POS. You don’t need an internet connection to process the orders.

Food Court POS Invoice System

Allow Your Finger on the Touch Screen

Restora food court management software has a productive POS system. Now you just manage your new orders, ongoing orders, confirmed orders, etc. through this single screen. Besides, it helps to create your POS invoice instantly.

Integrate POS system with inventory
Track your kitchen operation

Kitchen Management System

Manage Your Kicthen with KDS

Your customers can be informed when the ordered food is coming to the table. In this case. Restora kitchen management system connects your POS with KDS to notify you of the ordered item status.

Food Delivery System

Track Your Food Delivery Process

Food court POS software offers a food delivery system. So now you can control easily the online food ordering and delivery system. Restora POS helps you to track your food delivery.

Deliver your service promptly
Track the sales perfectly

Staff Management System

Monitor Your Workforce Performance

The human resource management system of Restora POS offers the shift management System. So now you can organize, and monitor your employee’s performance. It has also payroll management, attendance management, and a reward system.

Cost and Expense Management System

Restora POS comes with CA Technology

The accounts management system of our food court software is well-shaped. You can calculate every single cost and expense through this latest technology. Besides, you don’t need to worry about the calculation issue at the end of the day. It shows you the accurate accounts within a moment.

Control your recipe cost
Control your recipe cost

Suppliers Management System

Seamless Flow of Your Supply Chain

Restora food court system is a solution for the food court supply chain. You can create a strong relationship with suppliers. The automated system collects all your suppliers’ contact info so that you can contact them anytime.

Sales Management System

Count Your Sales with Restora POS

Food court software counts your sales and you can see today’s sales, last-day sales and total sales on the dashboard of Restora POS. Sales management helps to predict future sales of your food court business. It also makes you aware of which item is more demandable.

Track the sales perfectly
Monitor stock properly with the inventory system

Inventory Management System

Maintain a Flow Between Stock-in & Out

The stock of your food court should be managed properly to maintain the flow of stock in and out. Restora food court POS software has an inventory management system by which you can notify your real-time status of inventory.

The Best Way to Wait a Customer in Food Court

Include Something Special and Unique

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QR Code Ordering System

Now your customers can place an order through the QR code scanner. In this case, they feel more interested to take your food service.



Introducing Digital Food Menu

Restora POS food court software provides a digital food menu for your food court. So your customers can see the food items on your website and make an order.

Mobile Ordering System

The customer app of Restora POS is available on the Google Play store. So your customers can place an order by using the mobile handset.



Contactless Foodservice System

The food court POS software introduces the contactless food service to the customers. It makes the service more interesting.

Supervise Your Food Court Through Your Mobile

Android & iOS App Integration System

Customer App

The customers can use this application. This app is available on the Google Play store. Anybody can download this app and make an order through this.

Waiter App

The waiter app is the most useful mobile application for the food court business owners. It connects the waiters with the chef so the service gets improved.

Kitchen App

The kitchen app controls the ongoing orders and confirm the food preparation. It connects with the waiter app and the POS system and get notified in real-time information.

Track the sales perfectly

Forecast Your Food Court Business Growth

Reports & Analytics System

Restora POS food court management system helps to provide a real-time report and analytic system. In this regard, you can get all the operational reports of your food court.

The real-time reporting system of the food court POS system shows the daily, monthly, and yearly reports to identify the best opportunity for your business.

Gain Competitive Edge & Reign the Market

A Worthy Package at Low Investment