Restora POS-Canteen Management Software

Now your customers can place an order through the QR code scanner. In this case, they feel more interested to take your food service.

Restora inventory management software


Canteen POS System

Keep Pace with the Modern Era

Restora POS is a modern canteen management system. The latest technology of canteen software suits every type and size of the canteen. The POS system of canteen management software will give you a great experience to handle the orders as well as other operations of your canteen.

Restora inventory management software
Control your restaurant’s front side

Restora-Canteen POS Software

Manage, Monitor & Forecast Your Canteen

Restora POS canteen software helps the canteen business owners to organize all types of canteen operations. Our software tracks the business productivity as well as you can predict the future of your foodservice business. Moreover, you can build a strong relationship with your customers.

Keep Your Canteen Alive with Restora POS

Welcome More & Serve More

The canteen management software is the updated technology of introducing digital foodservice. Now the canteen owners can handle more operations within a minimum time through a single automated system.

Control your restaurant’s front side

Production Planning

Plan your every single business activity and get an efficient result of your production unit through Production management system.

Enhance Repeated Customers

When you can ensure a time-worthy service to your customers, the customer retention will be increased.

Ensure Adequate Service

The proper customer service is the main focal point of the canteen. Restora POS helps to ensure sufficient foodservice.

Increase Satisfied Customers

Customer satisfaction greatly relies on customer retention. The CRM system of Restora POS assists the business owners to grow the satisfaction level of customers.

Maintain a Seamless Workflow

Restora POS has a technical system to maintain a workflow within your workplace. You can build a communication network with your canteen.

Manage Your Customers Smoothly

After building an internal connection, you can connect with your customers. The Loyalty program and customer feedback system help to manage the customers.

Control your restaurant’s front side

Keep Tabs On & Measure the Service Improvement

Restora POS canteen management software is the best-automated canteen management system. It offers the latest technology to the canteen business owners to operate the crucial tasks digitally.

We built our software focusing on the service improvement of foodservice business owners. Restora POS is a complete solution for the canteen business owners.

Restora POS handles offline orders

Make the Service Convenient

The customers can get your service easily and digitally. You don’t need to focus on your customers, the customers will find your service now.

Restora POS handles online orders

Response the Customer Promptly

When your customers wait at the table, you have to introduce some unique service so that they won’t feel bored.

Delivery system for restaurant software

Collect the Service Status

Restora POS provides the customer feedback system to leave a comment about the service they have enjoyed.

Restora POS handles offline orders

Hear the Voice of Customers

The customers can be dissatisfied. In this case, your first activity is to listen to the customers. Identify the issue and solve it shortly.

Restora POS handles online orders

Service Modification

The customized order system of Restora POS helps your customers to modify their orders as per their Tastes and habits. Integrate the taste habit program with Restora.

Delivery system for restaurant software

Offer Discounts & Combo Pack

The loyalty program of Restora POS is useful. Now you can set the discounts and combo offers to your customers through this system.

Breakthrough the Foodservice & Initiate a New Way to Manage Canteen

Restora POS Canteen Management Software

Canteen POS System

Get a Full Control Over the Orders & Billing Process

Restora POS Works Both Online & Offline

Our canteen POS system actively runs without an internet connection. So you don’t need to worry about the internet issue. You can continue the order processing and bill with the Restora canteen POS system.

Minimize the Wastage of Food

Comps & Voids System of Restora POS

Now you can save more as the waste management system of canteen POS software helps you to trace the uncounted dishes. So you can track your return orders, defective orders, and easily calculate your food cost.

Control your restaurant’s front side

Utilize Your Pocket While Spending

Canteen POS Software Saves the Costs

The cost of your canteen is variable opposite to the expenses. In this case, we focus on controlling the costs of a canteen. Restora POS canteen management system saves your time and costs. Now you can save more and earn more.

Find Out the Expected Features of Canteen Professionals

Modernize Your Every Operation with Canteen Software

Restora canteen management software comes with the latest technology. You will get a digital solution for your canteen. Our software is featured with everything you need to operate your canteen.

Control your restaurant’s front side

A Website for Your Canteen

Build a Virtual Canteen

The website of your canteen is the virtual platform of your foodservice business. Restora POS canteen software provides a dynamic website to create brand value.

Canteen POS System

Control from Single Screen

The canteen management software offers a dynamic POS system for your canteen. Restora POS helps the canteen business owners to process the upcoming and ongoing orders.

Control your restaurant’s front side
Control your restaurant’s front side

Online Ordering System

Handle More Orders Efficiently

The canteen POS system has an online ordering system by which you can handle all online orders. Besides, it helps the canteen manager to track all orders.

Sales Tracking System

Manage Sales, Predict Sales

Restora POS has a sales management system that helps you to track, and organize your sales. In addition, the canteen management software can predict your future sales.

Control your restaurant’s front side
Control your restaurant’s front side

Kitchen Management System

Connect the Kitchen with KDS

The kitchen display system of Restora canteen POS software is well developed. Now you can create a connection between the front and backside of your canteen.

Stock Management System

Invent Your Inventory with Restora

Canteen management system assists the canteen business owners to organize, manage and monitor the activities of the inventory of the canteen.

Control your restaurant’s front side
Control your restaurant’s front side

Workforce Management System

Trace the Employees’ Efficiency

Restora POS canteen software has the HR management system. It provides shift management, attendance, payroll and reward management, etc.

Cost Calculation System

Manage Your Accounts Accurately

Now canteen POS system is your accounts manager. Our software comes with a great finance management system. You don’t need to worry about the total calculation as Restora POS calculates every individual cost accurately.

Control your restaurant’s front side
Control your restaurant’s front side

Suppliers Management System

Get a Control Over Supply Chain

Build a network with the suppliers and maintain a seamless connection. Restora POS canteen management software has a supply chain management system to manage the the supply chain operations automatically.

Real-Time Reporting System

Predict the Growth of Your Canteen

Canteen POS System provides an advanced report and analytics system. Now you can evaluate your canteen growth daily, monthly and yearly. It helps the canteen professionals to identify their challenges.

Control your restaurant’s front side

Restora POS Canteen Management Software

Grab the Attention of the Customers

Considering the requirements of the customers is the prime goal of a canteen business. There is no way to fulfill the desire of the customers 100%. But you can make something attractive and unique.In this regard, the Restora POS canteen management system offers some special features to accelerate the interest of the service users.

QR Code Ordering System

Facebook Login System

Customer Feedback System

Loyalty Program

Customer Relationship Management

WhatsApp Ordering System

Multiple Payment Methods

Multiple Shipping Methods

Taste Habit Program

Digital Menu

Coupon System

Choose the Advanced & Modern Way to Run Your Canteen

Restora POS is the Best Canteen Management System

Focus on Your Repeated Customers

A canteen is an eatery where you’ll get a lot of repeated customers. It’s critical to keep the existing customers. Restora canteen software helps you to save the data of the customers. As a result, you can inform the special offer most often to build a strong relationship. This activity directly impacts the increase of new customers.

Control your restaurant’s front side

Ensure 24/7 Customer Support

The canteen POS software is noteworthy for the canteen business as it assists you to provide the best customer support to your customers. Restora POS automatically informs you when the customer has a query. You can promptly respond to them with this system.

Be Proactive to Reduce the Operational Costs of Your Canteen

Canteen POS System; Utilizes the Resources

Restora POS canteen management system is designed considering the operational challenges of canteen professionals. The best way to generate more returns is to minimize operational costs.

If you can reduce your additional or extra costs, at the end of the day, you can save a considerable amount. The canteen POS system structures your canteen operation and breakdowns the activities into individual tasks.

Integrate the Mobile Applications to Make Foodservice Opportune

Flexible Integration on Android App & iOS App

Mobile application is convenient at present. The customers can use the Customer App to browse the service of your canteen. Besides the customers can place an order through this app anytime and anywhere.

The Kitchen App is the most essential application for a canteen. When your customers place orders, you’ll get a notification on your canteen POS system. Then you can transfer the order to the KDS. The chef or the kitchen staff get notified of the details of the orders.

Moreover, the Waiter App helps to make a bridge between the customers and the service providers. The waiter can handle the service users’ queries directly.

Control your restaurant’s front side

Synchronize Your Canteen with Restora POS

Cloud Kitchen Management System

Your canteen is now in the digital era. So you have to keep pace with the world. The customers of your canteen also have some expectations. In this case, you ought to contribute something that can be advantageous for both of you.

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People Also Look For

Our software is world-class as it’s designed for all types of foodservice business owners. There is no chance to miss any of your functional units to digitize.

Restora POS canteen management system is the modern solution for your canteen business. The canteen professionals look for the complete package. We provide all essentials in packages for your canteen business.

The canteen software provides you

  • POS to manage your orders and sales,
  • Inventory system to keep the stock flow,
  • Supply chain system to manage the suppliers,
  • Website to create a virtual canteen,
  • Mobile friendly POS
  • Online ordering and delivery management and so on.

Suppose, you may face some difficulties while operating your canteen including

  • Managing orders
  • Maintenance accounts
  • Track the inventory
  • Communicating with your existing customers
  • Welcome more new customers
  • Handling more customers at a time
  • Cooperating with the suppliers
  • Creating a brand value
  • Expanding your service area etc.

Restora canteen POS software is a gift of modern technology to explore the business ideas of the canteen owners.

Our software Restora POS canteen management system is developed to help you continue your business with profitability and sustainability.

Let’s see some key factors to adopt the canteen POS system.

  • To digitize your foodservice
  • To minimize the costs
  • To reduce the wastage
  • To expand the service area
  • To explore your brand name
  • To gain the sustainability
  • To rise the business transparency
  • To utilize your resources
  • To gain a competitive advantage
  • To forecast the service effectiveness
  • To control the accounts accurately and many more

Yes, the Restora POS is the latest canteen POS system and it comes with updated technology to provide the best experience to the canteen business owners.

Our software is a perfect choice for the canteen business owners as it covers all that you include in your dream. So let’s start your dream service with our biggest technological advancement.

The business intelligence system of the Restora POS shows the guidelines on how to operate your canteen to achieve the desired target. The reporting and analytics system helps the canteen business owners to grow your attention to the points that you should improve and modify.

The choice is yours but it’s critical to choose the best one that suits your requirements. Whatever size your canteen is, you can operate your business operations digitally with teh Restora POS canteen management software.