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Restora POS offers one of the smoothest bakery management software. For all kinds of bakery shops, confectioneries, and coffee shops. To manage your business, you don’t have to be a technical specialist.

Restora POS is a bakery management system that can easily manage a bakery business. In that case, you just install it, and take the entire business in your hand. With the fastest billing, advanced managerial control, smart inventory management, etc. indeed, Restora POS can be used as home bakery software to enlarge home made bakery business.

Decorate Your Bakery and confectionery Store With Extensive Crucial Features

Saas based pos software for bakery software

Saas-Based POS System

Online food ordering system for bakery software

Online Food Ordering System

Sales margin tracker

Better Track The Sales-Margin

Third party integration for bakery software

Powerful Third-party Integration

monthly/yearly report

Automated Month/Year End Report

Integrated Barcode scanner

Barcode And Weight Scale Integration

Powerful website and app integration

Website And App Integration

Staff management for bakery software

Staff Management

Wastage management system for bakery software

Wastage Management

Contractless scanner for smooth payment

Contactless QR Scanner

Central kitchen for bakery software

Central Kitchen Management

Customer management system for bakery software

Customer Relationship Management

Soak-Up Your Cake With Sugar Syrup

Benefits Of Bakery Management System

The bakery management system offers extensive privileges to use. These are not just benefits, these are profitable opportunities for your bakery store. Using bakery inventory management software

POS billing for Restora POS software

Cloud Restora POS

Restora POS offers the latest advanced technology such as touch screen billing, bar code scanning facilities, and POS machines for faster billing, which simultaneously reduces the longer query line.

Loyalty and membership management system for bakery software

Loyalty And Membership

When a customers’ likes your cake, he/she will definitely return or spread the word of mouth promotion. Hence loyalty and membership facilities are needed to appreciate the customers.

Customized order management system for bakery software

Customized Order

bakery & confectionery stores always seek for big customized orders, manage and record till delivering the product to doorsteps, all these steps will be recorded in the order management module.

Digital menu management system for bakery software

Responsive Menu Update

The bakery & confectionery management system offers real-time update intellengies, hence keeping a continuous updating phase, “if necessary daily”. Add, Remove, today’s special, and update.

Coupon and offer management for bakery software

Coupon, Offer And Discount

Discounts, coupons for loyal customers, and late-night party discounts encourage customers to stick with your brand. Track down the favorite dessert of your loyal customer and surprise him/her with it. “Little token of appreciation” to be your bakery.

Powerful third party integration for bakery software

Third-Party Integration

Bakery stores sometimes hire third-party delivery services to send the customized order to the designated address. Hence third-party semi-module’ right-fully manage all the operations and schedules, payments, attendants, etc., related to the third-party integration.

Get Ready To Be Introduced With The Main Ingredient Of

Bakery & Confectionery Management Software

Indeed, bakery & confectionery management software is part of the restaurant management system. The only difference between these two is that this bakery management software holds some constructive modules designed for bakery & coffee shops.

Now presenting some of the important modules for bakery & confectionery management software:

Interactive dashboard for bakery software

Interactive Dashboard

In this whole Restora POS software dashboard is the module, where big and small details of your bakery store will be captured.

This dashboard may also be called a data management tool through which you can analyze, track, graphically display the key KPI and monitor the staff etc. And because of this data, it's easier for you to measure, track the sales and also forecast the business future.

Inventory Management system

As we can all know, bakery & confectionery raw materials and stocks are perishable and sensitive. Therefore a proper and responsive inventory management system is mandatory; otherwise, all the raw material can go bad and stale.

This responsive bakery inventory management software not only tracks, records and reminds all the expiry dates of raw material. The bakery inventory system also records which raw material and how much quantity is being used on which day.

account management system for bakery management software

Account Management System

Another essential is also a mandatory management module for restaurant management systems. This account management system is also strongly integrated with the POS billing machine, order management system and payment gateway.

Besides, this compassionate Restora POS’s bakery management system, records all the day to day online/offline sales. It also helps to produce and provide a graphical representation of monthly/yearly sales. This account management software organizes an account recording system and enables you to draw a future prediction of your bakery & confectionery store.

Price Management System

This crucial module plays a significant role in managing a bakery shop. The price of the raw material or stock required for the production of the food item in a bakery & confectionery store fluctuates.

Thus a price management system is especially needed to maintain a stable line in your revenue scale. You fixate the price of all the food items served or add it as a “Today’s special board”. A pricing management system is strongly integrated with order management module, menu management module, payment gateways etc.

Purchase management system for bakery software

Purchase Management System

This module is the best transparent and time-efficient module of all purchase order management. This module automatically records and manages all the day-to-day raw material purchases required to keep the stability of the production process.

You can consider the purchase management module as a full-packet solution needed by the business. This essential module is strongly integrated with the account management system and order and recipe management system.

Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)

Another essential module of the bakery management system. This module manages and records all the customers’ details and tracks your store’s "most sold item".

This interactive module records all the interactions between the customers and you and tries to filter loyal customers for your loyalty program. This module is very much effective for receiving online food delivery systems.

Production management system for bakery software

Production Management System

Keeping track of the production, work process, ingredients, and many more things. These are being used in every production batch. Besides, with this module, you can efficiently record the product list and add new products.

This online bakery management system can process and control both centralized and decentralized production processes. This production management system can all be efficiently covered up from production planning, cost control, inventory control, and maintenance control.

Shelf-Life Management System

The main purpose of this module is to track, record and give you a responsive notification about the expiry date of the food item stored for sale. This self-life management system not only saves and records the display item “ready for a sale” but also the raw material “required for production process”.

With a self-life management module, you will be able to serve the freshest and best item to your customer. These amazing features of Restora POS assist you with a reminder signal to sell off all the perishable items before it goes bad.

Recipe management system for bakery software

Recipe Management System

This module is only accessed by the admin and also the chef of the bakery & confectionery store. This management system records all the recipes, ingredients and cooking processes needed to cook the deserts.

This recipe management system is essentially and effectively integrated with the production management system, menu management system, and purchase management system. Besides, all these recipes need to be adjusted, modified or even updated from time to time, totally based on the customer's taste bud and demand.

Your Oven Fresh Bakery & Confection Store Is Ready

With Restora POS

Restora POS is the finest restaurant management system and since bakery & confectionery, coffee stores also fall under the restaurant niche. Therefore, Restora POS’s bakery & confectionery management system is very much capable of any kind of bakery & confectionery or coffee or cafe store. Indeed, Restora POS is one of the best bakery management software in history.

With it’s vital and core features of the bakery management system, mentioned above, you not only efficiently manage your bakery & coffee store but also help you have better control and authority in your bakery store. This management software can also help you with faster and smooth billing with restaurant POS software.

CAQ: Commonly Asked Question

Indeed, Restora POS’s bakery management solution is the best software for the bakery business. Restora POS’s bakery & confectionery management software is a complete package of advanced automation technology specially designed for bakery & confectionery stores.

Restora POS’s bakery management software can powerfully handle any kind of bakery or confectionery store. With Restora POS’s bakery & confectioneries management software you can efficiently handle the single, chain, home or franchise bakery & confectioneries store.

Restora POS always tries to understand, fulfil and serve your needs and tries to transform your bakery store dream into reality. Restora POS’s bakery management solution offers the best of the best set of features you can ever imagine

I know!! This question has been haunting you from the beginning; “why should you have it?” or “will it increase the cost of running the bakery business?”. Let me put a big FULL STOP on all of your dilemmas, a bakery management solution is a system that will track ingredients self-line, manage the order (online & offline both) and bulk production at low cost; etc. so that you can fully concentrate on maintaining and serving the best quality to your customers.

It’s better to think twice before you take the final decision. Restora POS’s restaurant management system is always the best software for your bakery store. Here’re the things to consider while selecting the bakery software for your store:

  • Integrated with mobile app and website
  • Easy and multiple payment methods
  • Pre-order booking system

Yes, undoubtedly you can. Bakery & confectionery management software is also restaurant management software. In fact, Bakery management is a subcategory of restaurant management software.

And if you intend to purchase Restora POS’s Bakery & confectioneries management software; you will ultimately get the restaurant management software. Just the difference will be between these two that all the modules will be constructed according to a bakery & Confectionery store. A bakery or confectionery store is also one sort of restaurant, where people can purchase their favourite dessert.

Moreover, a bakery & confectionery store needs management software with a POS billing system. After all this generation demands a smooth contactless billing system with faster service.

Of course you can. Restora POS’s bakery management software you can operate, run, and manage any size of bakery & confectionery store, also run your home bakery store or even cloud bakery store.

Restora POS’s bakery & confectionery management software offers some of the essential features which significantly helps you to run your bakery store smoothly. Thus also providing you with a dream to grow up your business with higher revenue.

Undoubtedly you can. With bakery management software, you can not only manage, operate and run the chain bakery store but also efficiently run the single, catering bakery store, franchise store.

Restora POS’s bakery & confectionery management software come into quite an affordable price range. All the full-featured packages are designed in such a way that you will even say “yes it’s a worthy investment” to have this bakery management software in a bakery store.

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