Best ERP Software for Restaurants Business (Top 10)

By Rajib Hasan -- Wednesday, 29 May, 2024

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a business management software. It can be used in different sectors or for any business purpose to manage the business crucial tasks. ERP is widely used in the hotel and restaurant industry. This enterprise resource planning system includes different modules. It can be customized with any module. The ERP software for restaurants brought massive changes in different sections, such as collecting selling data, billing operations, inventory management, order management, and many more. But how to choose the best ERP software for restaurants? We will chase to find that answer. So, here we go.

What is ERP in a Restaurant?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a software. It is used to manage entire business tasks automatically. This business software has specific modules to perform or handle some specific tasks. Most software providers make it customizable to add different modules for managing different business activities. 

Managing business management tasks has been super easy by using this software. This software improves business processes from different aspects, such as accounting, restaurant billing, real-time reporting, data forecasting, and others.  

Best ERP Software for Restaurants

ERP for restaurants brought massive changes in the restaurant industry. Not only the restaurant industry, but all the accounts-related businesses are moving to use software for their business handling convenience. However, I have brought here the 10 best ERP software for restaurants that can contribute to the restaurant industry in many ways. So, here we go.

1. Odoo ERP Software for Restaurant


Odoo ERP is a well-known cloud-based business management tool. Odoo restaurant management is an open-source platform. It can be used to manage different types of businesses (retail, wholesale, small shop, restaurant, project management, etc.). 

Odoo ERP has been specially designed for restaurant management services. Odoo ERP is more popular due to its innovation and versatility. It can be used for restaurant billing software, accounting, inventory management, and other purposes.

However, from the beginning of its release date, it has two main options: free and premium. But features are limited for free and premium versions. However, free versions can be used to manage a small restaurant or small operations. Odoo offers a subscription-based package. However, there are extensive features of it that are well-suited for the different business platforms. Let’s take a look at a few of them.


  • Account management.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM).
  • Point of sale system (POS).
  • Advanced timesheet to track and validate employee hours.
  • Odoo planning features simplify scheduling and increase productivity.
  • Purchase management.
  • Inventory management.
  • Sales management and tracking system.
  • HR management.

Specification of Odoo ERP

  • Company Name: Odoo
  • Software Name: Odoo ERP System.
  • Software Type: Cloud-based and customizable.
  • Programming Language: Python, JavaScript
  • Google Reviews: 4.2 out of 5
  • Software Pricing: Based on Subscription Package.
  • Started Operation: 2005
  • Happy Users: Over 5.000.000 users for startup companies and more than 300,000 users for large enterprises.
  • Special Privilege: Use free or premium.
  • License: "Community" version: GNU Lesser General Public License v3; "Enterprise" version: Proprietary license.
  •  Operating System (OS): Linux, Unix-like, OS X, Windows, iOS, Android.
  • Pricing: Learning US$ 390.00, official US$ 1,950.00
  • Website:

2. Microsoft Dynamics 365


Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based ERP software that can be used in various sectors to manage specific businesses. It can be used to manage small, medium, and large scale restaurants successfully. It contains more than 15 applications to perform on a particular thing. This ERP system can be used to increase business performance, improve customer service, streamline operations, etc.

However, it was invented and developed by Microsoft. It was made by targeting product development. They have an exclusive plan behind the building of such software. It includes extensive features that introduce it as a world-renowned cloud-based ERP business management system.   


  • Point of sale system (POS) for billing.
  • Inventory and stock management.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM).
  • Employee or Staff management.
  • Advanced business analytical system.
  • Restaurant menu management.
  • Mobile ordering and online ordering system.
  • Restaurant table management.

Specification of Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Company Name: Microsoft
  • Software Name: Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Software Type: Cloud-based and customizable.
  • Programming Language: Programming in AL
  • Google Reviews: 4.4 out of 5
  • Compatible Browsers: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Internet Explorer 11
  • Software Pricing: Based on Subscription Package
  • Started Operation: Initial release November 2016
  • Happy Clients: More than 500,000 organizations.
  • Pricing: Business Central Essentials is $70 / user/month, and Business Central Premium is $100 / user/month. They may have additional charges.
  • Website:

3. Lightspeed Restaurant Software


Lightspeed is an ERP-based restaurant management software. It empowers the restaurant to ensure better customer service. Its smart features enable restaurant staff performance and help them to concentrate and carry out their responsibility. It is called restaurant staff management which is extremely necessary.

Besides that, stock management, inventory tracking, food waste management, and easy billing processes have made it one of the leading ERP-based restaurant management systems. Lightspeed also offers a strategic marketing tool to promote by targeting customers that helps to grab customers. However, there are many features of this ERP-based software that can surprise you.   


  • POS billing system.
  • Commission management.
  • Restaurant staff management.
  • Inventory management.
  • Reporting and real-time data analysis.
  • Online ordering and delivery management.
  • Customer relation management (CRM).
  • Customer waitlist management.
  • Multi-location management system.
  • Integration abilities with other things.

Specification of Lightspeed Restaurant Software

  • Company Name: Lightspeed
  • Software Name: Lightspeed
  • Software Type: Cloud-based and customizable.
  • Programming Language: Visual Basic and C# AJAX and JSON and other languages.
  • Google Reviews: 4.1 out of 5
  • Industry Business: Point of sale, E-commerce
  • Software Pricing: Based on Subscription Package
  • Started Operation: 2005
  • Happy Clients: More than 168,000
  • Pricing: Starter 69 USD, Essential 189 USD, Premium 399 USD.
  • Website:

4. Oracle-NetSuite ERP Software for Restaurant


Oracle-NetSuite is a cloud-based ERP system for restaurants. This business management system can be used in a wide range of areas, such as inventory management, financial management, CRM, human capital management, Payroll, e-commerce, project management, etc. Oracle-NetSuite can be used for small, medium, and large-scale industries. Many renowned restaurant and hotel industries are using this software efficiently.

NetSuite offers a 14 days free trial. This opportunity will give you a chance to test its functionality and operation. However, Oracle-NetSuite is customizable and consists of extensive features. These features are compatible for any type of business including a restaurant management system also.


  • Account management system.
  • Easiest POS billing process.
  • Inventory tracking and management system.
  • Advanced business data analytical system.
  • Product management and production tracking system.
  • Online food ordering system.
  • Franchise management.
  • Supply chain management (SCM).
  • CRM, guest service, and marketing.

Specification of Oracle-NetSuite ERP

  • Company Name: Oracle Corporation.
  • Software Name: Oracle-NetSuite.
  • Software Type: Cloud-based and customizable.
  • Programming Language: SuiteScript Customization Language.
  • Google Reviews: 4.1 out of 5.
  • Software Pricing: Based on Subscription Package.
  • Started Operation: 1998 California, United States.
  • Happy Clients: More than 37,000
  • Special Privilege: 14 days free trial.
  • Pricing: Approximately $99 / user/month, plus a $999 monthly licensing fee. They may have other additional costs.
  • Website:

5. Opentable Restaurant Management Software



Indeed, Opentable is a complete restaurant management software. It is a US-based restaurant software and started a journey a couple of decades ago. Opentable offers 250 integration systems. This ERP-based software offers different types of modules for different types of operations. 

It is a cloud-based, customizable, and user-friendly interface. That’s why it has been more popular around the world. There are more than 55,000 restaurant owners using this software to manage their restaurant's crucial tasks. However, let’s see how many features there are of Opentable.


  • Online table reservation system.
  • Client management system.
  • Restaurant billing and invoicing.
  • Mobile access and payment system.
  • POS and website integration.
  • Customer waitlist management.
  • Sales tracking analysis.
  • Inventory management.
  • Sales promotion and third-party booking.
  • Report and real-time analytics.

Specification of Opentable Restaurant Software

  • Company Name: OpenTable, Inc.
  • Software Name: Opentable restaurant software
  • Software Type: Cloud-based and customizable.
  • Operating System: iOS, iPad, MacOS, Android, or Windows.
  • Google Reviews: 4.7 out of 5
  • Software Pricing: Based on Subscription Package
  • Started Operation: 1998
  • Happy Clients: More than 55,000 customers. 
  • Pricing: Basic $149 / month, Core $299 / month, pro$499 / month.
  • Website:

6. Salesforce ERP Software for Restaurant


Salesforce ERP software is cloud-based business management software. It can be used for multiple business functions. Salesforce ERP system includes accounting management, human resource management, stock management, sales tracking, project management, and others. By using this software, employee collaboration will be easier. However, it is not only ERP software.

Salesforce is a customizable software by which different types of business can be managed. The ERP system can be integrated with this software to perform particular tasks. However, many small, medium, and large-scale restaurants use it to manage their specific tasks by adding some crucial modules or add-ons. 


  • Achieving self-service experience.
  • Omni-channel customer engagement.
  • Agent and mobile worker productivity.
  • Customer service automation & process.
  • Intelligent service operations.
  • Restaurant inventory management.
  • Data-driven service.
  • Improve guest expectations with CRM.
  • POS billing and multi-payment system.

Specification of Salesforce ERP System

  • Company Name: Salesforce, Inc.
  • Software Name: Salesforce ERP software.
  • Industry type: Cloud computing Enterprise Software Consulting.
  • Software Type: Cloud-based and integratable.
  • Programming Language: Coding Language (Apex).
  • Google Reviews: 4.4 out of 5
  • Operating system: Android, Microsoft Windows, and iOS operating systems.
  • Software Pricing: Based on Subscription Package.
  • Started Operation: 1999
  • Happy Clients: More than 150,000 customers. 
  • Pricing: $25/user/month, $80/user/month, $165/user/month.
  • Website:

7. Restora POS Restaurant Management Software


Restora POS is an ERP-based complete restaurant management software. It is a cloud-based customizable restaurant management system. It contains a bunch of comprehensive features. These features are sufficiently and efficiently related to restaurant management. Another interesting fact is that customers can add any module with it to manage any specific operation.

There are some privileges of using it such as 30 days free trial, support, setup assistance, and others. By using this management system people can perfectly manage and track their inventory, billing, sales tracking, employee management, online and offline sales tracking, and many more things. However, have a look at some comprehensive features of this restaurant POS system.


  • Website & online ordering platform.
  • QR contactless order management.
  • Multi-kitchen management with KDS.
  • Purchases & inventory management.
  • Advanced accounting system.
  • Multiple payment gateways.
  • HRM/staff management system.
  • Table reservation system.
  • Production management for the recipe.
  • Multi-role management system.
  • Multiple language management.
  • Wastage management system.
  • Waiter mobile application.
  • Kitchen management Android app.
  • Customer mobile app (android & iOS).

Specification of Restora POS

  • Software Name: Restora POS.
  • Software Type: Cloud-based and customizable.
  • Programming Language: PHP, Python, MySQL, Java, HTML, CSS, React Native.
  • Google Reviews: 4.9 out of 5.
  • Software Pricing: Based on Subscription Package.
  • Started Operation: 2021
  • Happy Clients: More than 100 (Local Customers).
  • Special Privilege: 30-day free trial.
  • Pricing: Freshly Mild $49/month, Bomb Spicy $69/month, Blast Spicy $99/month.
  • Website:

8. Bhojon ERP-Based Restaurant Management System


Bhojon is an ERP-based restaurant management system. It can be integrated with the restaurant website and app (Android and iOS) for restaurant management. It was specially designed for complete restaurant management with some essential modules like QR order management, WhatsApp order, and chart, Loyalty program, online payment gateway (Razorpay), shift management, Waste management, etc.

There are also a few more attractive themes that you can set up on your restaurant website. It is noted that Bhojon is a customizable restaurant management software. Any module can be added or integrated to perform or manage any particular operation. However, it also has numerous features that make it more reliable and popular. So, take a look at a few of them.


  • POS billing system.
  • Account management.
  • Inventory management.
  • Restaurant HRM system.
  • Order management.
  • Purchase management.
  • Production management.
  • Table reservation and real-time update.
  • Customer app, kitchen app, and waiter app.
  • Food and waste management.

Specification of Bhojon

  • Software Name: Bhojon Restaurant Management System.
  • Software Type: Cloud-based and customizable.
  • Programming Language: JavaScript JS, HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, SQL
  • Software Version: PHP 7.x, MySQL 8.x, MySQL 5.x
  • Google Reviews: 4.42 out of 5
  • Compatible Browsers: IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge.
  • Software Pricing: Based on Subscription Package
  • Started Operation: 2019
  • Happy Clients: More than 1000
  • Pricing: $99 life time but some additional cost may add. 
  • Website:

9. Revel Restaurant POS System


Revel is an ERP-based restaurant management software. It provides a comprehensive and customizable solution for restaurant owners. Revel Systems offers an integrated POS and restaurant management system. It was designed to make a smart operation and enhance the overall efficiency of restaurant businesses. With its smart point-of-sale system some features are included, such as tableside ordering, menu customization, order management, payment processing, and others.

Its inventory management module allows real-time tracking of stock levels, automated purchase orders, and supplier relationship management. Revel also provides some add-ons or modules like employee management, scheduling, and performance tracking, ensuring optimal staffing levels and smooth operations.


  • Smart and multi-payment processing.
  • Easy user interface and experience.
  • Customer order management and feedback.
  • Inventory management and stock monitoring.
  • Multi-store management.
  • Customer management system.
  • Report analysis and track real-time data.
  • Employee management.
  • Open API and integrations.
  • Integration capabilities.

Specification of Revel Restaurant POS System

  • Company Name: Revel System.
  • Software Name: Revel POS system
  • Software Type: Cloud-based and customizable.
  • Operating System: Windows, Apple iPad, Android.
  • Google Reviews: 3.7 out of 5
  • Software Pricing: Based on Subscription Package
  • Started Operation: In 2010
  • Happy Clients: More than 1,757 customers in 10 countries.
  • Pricing: $99 per month.
  • Website:

10. Epicor ERP Solution


Epicor is a US-based cloud-based ERP software. It has been performing for more than a few decades with success. Epicor ERP system can be used to manage different types of businesses like restaurants, manufacturing industries, supply chain management, human resource management, and others. Epicor has also made better contributions to the retail and wholesale business platform.

Epicor has spread its office over 34 countries. Epicor has over 21,000 customers in 150 countries and over 5383 companies with over 2.3M users daily and they use it to manage their different tasks. Its features compel users to use this software to continue. So, let’s see a few of its extensive features.      


  • POS billing system.
  • Inventory management and track.
  • Strong support and learning management.
  • Human resource management (HRM).
  • Customer relationship management system (CRM).
  • It is very user-friendly and easy to find POS hardware compatibility.
  • Multi-location management system.

Specification of Epicor ERP Software

  • Company Name: Epicor Software Corporation
  • Software Name: Epicor ERP System.
  • Industry Type: Computer software.
  • Software Type: Cloud-based and customizable.
  • Programming Language: Linq (Language Integrated Query).
  • Google Reviews: 4.0 out of 5
  • Industry Business: Point of sale, retail, wholesale, E-commerce, manufacturing industries, etc.
  • Software Pricing: Based on Subscription Package.
  • Started Operation: 1972
  • Happy Clients: More than 21,000 customers. 
  • Pricing: $5,000 - $15,000 per year.
  • Website:

Types of ERP Software

There are four main types of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. That can be used in different sectors to manage or handle the business. However, take a look at the four main types of ERP software.

  • On-premises ERP software.
  • Cloud-based ERP software.
  • Hybrid ERP software.
  • Multi-cloud ERP software.

On-premises ERP software

On-premises ERP software is a type of ERP system that runs in a house server at your own location (restaurant, business location, etc.) to control your business. In that case, an owner can create their own server by themselves and integrate it with their business to monitor and control. 

Where is this ERP system used? Those are heavy industry or massive business data is controlled, such a place is good for on-premises ERP software. However, there are many On-premises ERP software lists (SAP Business One, Odoo ERP, SAP S/4HANA, etc.) that can be the best to monitor and control your business.

Cloud-based ERP software

Cloud-based ERP software is also called web-based software. If information, data, applications, or programs are stored in the cloud or web and offer service, hosted, and managed remotely it is called web-based software. A large number of people use cloud-based ERP systems due to their numerous advantages of cloud-based ERP system, such as 

  • Simplicity and automated functionality.
  • Easy controlling system.
  • Remotely access, monitor, and control business. 
  • Compatible with the mobile phone.
  • World-class security and scalability.

Hybrid ERP software

Hybrid enterprise resource planning is a combination of on-premises and cloud-based ERP software. This combination offers the easiest business solution. But who uses hybrid ERP software? Different types of industries use hybrid ERP, such as manufacturing industries, global enterprises, healthcare industries, retail, and technology-based industries. Hybrid ERP solutions maintain sensitive data on-premises for security. It also offers some privileges, such as scalability, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness.

Multi-cloud ERP software

Multi-cloud ERP software refers to hosting and running across multiple cloud platforms. On the other hand, traditional ERP systems were hosted on-premises. However, with the rise of cloud computing, many businesses are transitioning to cloud-based ERP solutions for more flexibility, scalability, and accessibility. There are some essential and efficient points of multi-cloud ERP software, such as flexibility, scalability, resilience and redundancy, data sovereignty and compliance, cost optimization, and others.

It is noted that what type of software people will use depends on their business managing requirements. In that case, they can choose any type of ERP software within these four.

Advantages of Enterprise Resource Planning

There are numerous merits of ERP systems. The most important advantage of ERP is to manage a business in a convenient way. ERP system offers seamless operation and allows integration systems to manage particular operations. However, a primary advantage of an ERP system is to organize all the business data received by a business organization.

  • Improve customer service and expand collaboration.
  • Enhance transparency and insight.
  • Increase business monitoring flexibility and scalability.
  • Reduce overall business managing costs and increase productivity.
  • Offer easy billing and inventory management systems.
  • It contributes to business planning, logistics, and operations.
  • Reduce business managing time and enhance overall business efficiency.

Disadvantages of Enterprise Resource Planning

We know that all things must have merits and demerits. There are also some advantages and disadvantages of ERP software. So take a look at some disadvantages of the ERP system.

  • Most vendors offer high costs depending on their extensive features.
  • A bit of complex data conversion or migration.
  • Maintenance and support are required if any error occurs.
  • Sometimes customers face integration challenges (if any add-ons are required).
  • Lack of data hygiene and security.

Way to Choose the Best ERP Software for Restaurants

There are different ways to choose the best ERP software for restaurants. To choose the best ERP software follow some strategies.

  • Technology (which technology they have used to develop that software).
  • Customer reviews.
  • How soon are they updating the software?
  • Look at their features and match them with your requirements.
  • How many people are using this software?
  • How long have they been performing in this market?
  • Pricing according to features and service.
  • See the demo before going for the final deal.

Final Thought

ERP systems can be used to manage a business in different ways, such as billing, inventory, CRM, project management, and others. Most of the features are necessary for managing a restaurant. Such features can be applied for the canteen management system, kitchen management, food truck management, etc. However, I have referred to the 10 best ERP software for restaurant management. So, you may choose anyone to manage your restaurant's essential tasks. Use the best software, improve business performance, get more sales, and drive more revenue.