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An Innovative Foodservice Idea

Cloud Kitchen, Ghost Kitchen, or Dark Kitchen!!!

An Advanced Business Model for Entrepreneurs

Cloud kitchen is a digital food business idea where the service providers serve the customers without having physical evidence like a restaurant or eatery.

For example, you hire a kitchen for cooking. Your chefs prepare food and the delivery men deliver the prepared item to the doorstep of the customers.In this case, you don’t require any setting place for your customers. Cloud kitchen is also known as Dark kitchen or Ghost kitchen.

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Restora POS cloud kitchen software

Cloud Kitchen: A Momentous Opportunity for You

Cloud kitchen or virtual kitchen is a smart foodservice business. The entrepreneurs are currently focusing on this innovative business for many reasons.

Start a foodservice business with low budget
Minimum Startup Costs
Save your business expenses
Lowest Expenses
Choose any place to conduct cloud kitchen
Flexible Location
Required minimum employees
Minimum Workforce
Make your foodservice easier
Make Service Convenient
Build a delivery based service
Delivery Based Service

You Cook Food; We Book Food

Restora- Cloud Kitchen Management Software

The cloud kitchen concept is a time-worthy idea in the foodservice industry. Cloud kitchen software is designed to execute this idea to the next level.

Now your headache is to prepare your food, and the Restora - cloud kitchen system will manage the rest from the order receiving to delivery.

Light Up Your Dark Kitchen with Restora

Start, Manage, & Grow Your Business

Business ideas are evolving. Side by side the technology is updating. The Cloud kitchen business model helps entrepreneurs to start a restaurant business with a minimum budget.

But whatever the budget you have, the Restora cloud kitchen system ensures your return on investment. Now you can manage your ghost kitchen smoothly and save your time and money

Cloud kitchen software manages your entire operations through a single system. You can also monitor your business activities and the growth curve.

No Matter You Walk Slowly or Speedly But Carefully

Evaluating something practically is better than taking more time to research unrealistic. Request for a free trial and enjoy 21 days with a digital system.

Manage Efficiently, Grow More

Adopt a Centralized System to Organize Your Cloud Kitchen

Restora- Cloud kitchen management system manages entire business operation online. In this regard, your challenging business operations will be easier and smoother for you.

Minimize your additional costs

Save Additional Costs

Save your time and utilize mostly

Utilize Your Time

Start getting more customers

Get More Customers

Calculate the food cost accurately

Calculate Food Cost Accurately

Create a sales network with the cloud kitchen software

Create a Sales Network

Increase the performance of the staff

Enhance Staff Efficiency

Track your business from time to time

Track Business Growth

Predict the future of your restaurant

Predict Your Restaurant’s Future

Enhance the involvement of the existing customers

Ensure Customer Retention

Create a strong relationship with the customer

Build a Customer Relationship

Kitchen in Your Pocket!!!

Mobile App Integration System

Restora has both Android and iOS app integration systems. So you can monitor your kitchen status from anywhere and anytime.

Besides, our cloud kitchen software provides Customer App and Kitchen App. Now you can create a seamless communication system between the service providers and users.

Basics of a Cloud Kitchen Software

Restora - cloud kitchen software is a complete package. It provides a number of essential modules. The smart features of Restora software help restaurant professionals conduct all inevitable operations.

Let’s explore the salient features of Restora- cloud kitchen system.

Get a business overview on the dashboard

Dashboard for Cloud Kitchen

Track Your Every Single Activity

Restora gives a dynamic dashboard. Here you can monitor everything that happens in your cloud Kitchen including total orders, today orders, Pending orders, totally deliver, today delivers, Total sales, today sales. Moreover, our dashboard presents a graphical view of your orders and sales.

Cloud Kitchen POS System

Restora POS for Dark Kitchen

The POS system of restaurants processes all transactions or billing. Restora POS is designed for every type of foodservice business. Our POS invoice system provides a great user experience to restaurant owners as it is dynamic and responsive.

Dynamic POS system for cloud kitchen
Customers place orders online

Online Ordering System

Receive Your Online Orders

Online ordering is getting increased at present. The cloud kitchen software receives your online orders through the website or the mobile app. Restora POS has a dynamic online ordering system that handles order receiving, confirmation and real-time notification.

Kitchen Display System

Ensure Efficient Kitchen Operation

The kitchen display system is also known as KDS. Restora- cloud kitchen software provides KDS to optimize kitchen operations. So now you can improve the order processing time and error.

Control the orders from the kitchen
Manage online orders effectively

Online Order Management System

Manage Your Online Orders

Restora provides a powerful order management system. Now you can manage all orders of your cloud kitchen with a single system. You can check the order status, order info and set the time to deliver the food to the customers.

Delivery Management System

Integrate Your Desired Delivery Partner

Restora- cloud kitchen software gives a great opportunity to integrate any third-party online delivery platform including Foodpanda, Zomato, Swiggy, DoorDash, etc. Now you can deliver the food to the doorstep of the customers.

Deliver your service promptly
Track the sales perfectly

Sales Management System

Manage & Track Your Sales

The automated cloud kitchen software manages your sales. The proper sales management ensures to deliver the products within the right time to the customers. Besides, you can evaluate your sales percentage and which sources of delivery are satisfactory.

Accounts & Finance Management System

Keep an Error-free Accounts

Restora provides a healthy accounts management system. Now you can maintain your cashflow without having any difficulties. Every cost and expense data will be stored accurately in your system. So at the end of the month, you’ll get transparent accounts of your business.

Manage your accounts accurately
Get reports and track your growth

Report & Analytics System

Track Your Dark Kitchen Growth

Restora- cloud kitchen software shows The reporting and analytics system is an important feature of Restora. Now you can see your entire and individual operations report on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis.

Inventory Management System

Manage Your Kitchen Inventory Properly

Restora POS software provides the kitchen inventory management system. It helps the business owners to manage in-stock and out-stock operations. Whenever the stock runs out, the software will notify you.

Monitor stock properly with the inventory system
A complete CRM system

CRM System

Strengthen the Relationship with Customer

Customer relationship management system of Restora- cloud kitchen software comes with a great benefit for the foodservice business owners. It includes

Customer Feedback System
Loyalty Program

Mobile App Integration System

Make Your Operation More Convenient

Restora POS offers both Android and iOS apps. Now you can operate your kitchen operation through mobile. You will get two different apps with cloud kitchen software.

Kitchen App
Customer App
Integrate the mobile application
Offer discounts, and coupons to the customers

Loyalty Program

Increase Your Customer Retention

Restora- cloud kitchen software offers a loyalty program to you. It is an essential part of any type of foodservice business. Now your customers frequently take your services as they will be benefited. It includes coupons, special discounts and so on for the regular or existing customers.

Customer Feedback System

Improve Your Service

Cloud kitchen software is not only a kitchen management software but also a customer management system. Restora gives a big scope to manage the customer review. Based on the feedback, you can easily improve your service quality.

Analyze your customer review

Essential for Your Cloud Kitchen

Restora - cloud kitchen software also offers a lot of features. Every type of restaurant business can be benefited by integrating modern kitchen management software.

Make your website attractive

A Branding Website

Android and iOS integration system

Mobile Application

Pay with multiple methods

Multiple Payment Methods

Order taking system is dynamic

Centralized Order Taking System

Restora POS cloud kitchen software is responsive

Instant Order Response

Facilitate the customers to satisfy

Loyalty Program

Manage your all ingredients

Recipe Management System

Consider the customer feedback

Customer Review

Conduct billing process digitally

Billing System

Update the food menu digitally

Digital Menu

Maintain a stock-flow

Supply Chain Management

Increase the performance of the staff

Role Permission System

The Best isn’t Always Best If It Doesn’t Suit You

Choose the most suitable software that is the appropriate one for your business type. Let’s try the free trial and examine your needs once again.


Cloud kitchen is a modern food service business where you don’t need any physical evidence or sitting place to serve your customers. The customers order food and the chefs prepare the food. Finally, the delivery men deliver the food to the doorstep of the service users.

Dark kitchen or cloud kitchen is a new business model. When the restaurant business professionals realize the modification of the foodservice, they consider the needs of the customers.

Most of the time entrepreneurs face a fund issue while introducing a new business. The Cloud kitchen concept comes with a different idea. If the minimum investment can contribute to a better outcome, then why not?

The cloud kitchen model helps the business owners to spend less and get a satisfactory return. Besides, nowadays the customers love to order food items from home or online. It can be a great scope for cloud kitchen owners.

Cloud kitchen software is a modern kitchen management system where you can manage and monitor your orders, sales, inventory, chefs, supply chain, and other essential operations through a single system.

Restora- cloud kitchen management software helps to predict your business growth and ensures profit by minimizing the time and costs.

Cloud kitchen software is a digital technology to manage your kitchen operations smoothly. As you don’t have any physical store to serve the customers in the cloud kitchen concept, you must require to get orders online.

Cloud kitchen system provides you a website and customer app by which the customers can place an order. Then you get the order and deliver the item to your customer.

Cloud kitchen management software is inevitable for your cloud kitchen. It

  • Saves your time
  • Saves your costs
  • Increases customers number
  • Enhances sales
  • Ensures profit margin
  • Reduces additional expenses and so on.

The cloud kitchen is one of the most profitable restaurant types. You can start this business with a minimum budget. You don’t need any real estate to conduct the food service.

You have to hire only a small room for cooking purposes. And the cloud kitchen software helps you to get online orders.

Cloud kitchen is undoubtedly a profitable business type at present.