Restaurant Inventory Management Software

Minimize Your Wastage, Maximize Your Return

Restora: Restaurant Inventory Management Software

Manage, Monitor, & Track the Heart of Your Eatery

Restora- Restaurant inventory management software is a digital technology to manage the inventory of a restaurant that drives you to reduce food waste,cut additional costs, keep up the seamless kitchen operations, and optimize the stock levels.

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Restora POS Software: A One Man Army

Integrated Restaurant Food Inventory Management System

The restaurant inventory management system is a complete package. Because you can integrate it with your restaurant POS software.Restora- restaurant food inventory software provides you a remarkable scope to manage your inventory as well as your entire business.

Now you can manage your orders, sales, employees, kitchen, inventory, and other essential activities through a single system. So our inventory software is a one-man army.

Control your restaurant’s front side

Front of Your Eatery

Restora will cover the forefront of your restaurant. Every individual task you have to continue in your store’s front side that will be covered by restaurant inventory management software.

Offline Orders
Restaurant Billing
Restaurant POS

Behind the Scene

Maintain your back end operations with the Restora POS software. Restaurant inventory management software works the backside of the restaurant too. So you don’t need to think of it additionally.

Kitchen Operation (KDS)
Inventory Management
Food Menu Card
Operate your restaurant virtually

Virtual Restaurant Operation

The restaurant business is not only focused on the physical process but also covers the virtual operations nowadays. Restora- food inventory management software helps the restaurant professionals to grab the virtual marketplace.

Online Orders
Contactless Delivery
Online Payment Gateway

Chef & Workforce Corner

Restora POS inventory system offers you a considerable scope to manage your workforce efficiently. So you can Improve the performance of your chef, waiter, and other staff.

HR Management
Schedule Management
Payroll Management
Control your business with mobile

Mobile-Friendly Technology

Now your business operation can be controlled through your mobile apps. Nowadays, the customers of restaurants greatly depend on the online-based service. Besides your staff want to conduct their job in a friendly manner.

Customer App
Kitchen App
Waiter App

Service Improvement

When you provide the opportunity to share your service status, the customers experience is the best option you have to consider. In this case, listening to the objections of the customers about your service quality will be the best way.

Customer Feedback
Loyalty Program
Customer Support

Utilize Your Resource with Business Intelligence

Best Way to Optimize Your Stock

Restora POS is a modern restaurant management software. Your resources are the asset of your business. Food inventory management software focuses on the ultimate utilization of your restaurant stock.

Manage your food recipe

Simplify Your Recipe Management

The inventory of a restaurant is a warehouse of your essential food ingredients. Organize, manage, and monitor the status of the ingredients in front of you anytime without vising the food inventory.

Calculate your food cost digitally

Digital Food Cost Calculator

Restaurant inventory management software gives you the time to time COGS report. So you can compare your food cost percentage. Calculate the exact costs and earn through advanced food cost formula.

Introduce a digital food menu

Engineering the Food Menu

Restora POS software helps the restaurant professionals to get control of your Food menu. If you add any item of your Inventory, it’ll automatically add to your digital menu. On the other hand, If the item is not available, your menu will show you the unavailable status.

Get update your stock status

Automatically Update Stock Info

When your customer places an order and You confirm the orders to deliver it or serve it to the service users, the inventory of your restaurant will be updated automatically.

Get Notified Your Inventory Status Anytime, Anywhere

Turn on Real-time Notification System

The restaurant kitchen inventory management system offers an extended facility to oversee your stock status. The inventory alert system helps restaurant owners to get real-time data and information.

When an item is not available in your inventory, you will be notified. Besides, if you add a new item to your stock, in this case, you’ll be notified automatically through the Restora- restaurant inventory management software.

No Matter You Walk Slowly or Speedly But Carefully

Evaluating something practically is better than taking more time to research unrealistic. Request for a free trial and enjoy 21 days with a digital system.

Tack Care of Your Inventory, Drive Sales

Biggest Scope to Assure Return

Bars and restaurant inventory management system creates a marvelous opportunity to ensure your sales. Restora POS software comes with a vision to grow your business.In this case, your task is to take a look at your restaurant’s inventory.

When automation software can manage your entire business, what are you thinking about? The inventory management system is designed for every type of restaurant. Now you can manage your inventory in the cloud.

Link Between Sales & Inventory

Restora POS food inventory system creates a bridge between your sales and inventory. As the orders have a connection with the stock, it’s essential to build a flow. Automatically maintain the stock-flow with Restora.

Stock Level Optimization

Food inventory management software helps the restaurant business owners to manage the flow of stock in and stock out. So it’s time to optimize your inventory.

Strengthen the Supply Chain

Supply chain management is crucial. Now the automation system helps the restaurant professionals to track this lion part of the business. Restora food inventory management software establishes a connection between you and your suppliers.

Maintain the Cash Flow

Restora billing system helps the foodservice business owners to maintain all transactions. It’s interconnected with your Inventory. Suppliers’ info, order placing, and electronic exchange pricing all are controlled in one single system.

Fix the Errors & Count the Loss

Restora POS inventory management system provides a digital inventory solution. Identify your waste, detect the theft, count the comps and voids, minimize the errors.

Keep Up a Balance Between Stock In & Stock Out

Maintain Your Inventory Flow

The restaurant inventory management system is designed to continue a restaurant business operation entirely. But the most important part of managing a food inventory is to control the flow of the stock in and out.

Restora- food inventory management software provides a dynamic way to manage the back office of a restaurant. In addition to this, when you can track every single activity in your inventory, it helps you to avoid awkward situations while serving the customers.

Restora POS Offers What is Imperative for Restaurant Inventory

Decorate Your Individual Task with Specific Module

Restora POS is a cloud-based restaurant inventory management software. So you can operate every single task in the cloud with flexibility and security.Our restaurant inventory management system focuses on the entire business operation and connects every single operation within a single platform.

In this regard, the restaurant owners don’t require additional software to maintain the other operations. From the order processing to the delivery, the whole operation can be conducted through this restaurant inventory management software.

Integrate POS system with inventory

Restaurant POS System

Managing and processing the online and offline orders, pending and canceled orders, billing or transaction processes, connecting with KDS etc. vital operations are handled in this POS module. Restora POS is responsive and well organized.

POS Invoice

List of Orders

Pending Orders

Complete Orders

Kitchen Dashboard

Counter Dashboard


Online Ordering System

Restora- food inventory management system offers a well-designed order management system. The entire operation from the order receiving to the delivery, ordering system helps teh restaurant owners to conduct it smoothly and perfectly.

Order List

New Order Notification

Pop up System

Order Confirmation

Manage your online orders perfectly
Track your kitchen operation

Kitchen Management System

Now your back of the office is under your control. Restora POS gives a KDS to manage your kitchen operation and receive the confirmed orders from kitchen.

Kitchen Dashboard

Pending Orders

Processing Orders

Kitchen Application

Accounts Management System

Manage your all accounts and finance-related tasks through Restora POS. The accounts management system of our inventory software is professionally designed. Every single required part of the accounts is conducted accurately without any error as the automation system will assist you.

All Accounts Report

All Voucher

Entire Payments

Trial Balance

Profit & Loss Estimation

Maintain your accounts accurately
Introduce multiple payment gateways

Multiple Payment Gateways

Restora POS restaurant inventory system offers multiple payment options. It makes our software more convenient to the customers. Our software offers almost 15 types of payment gateway.


SSL Commerz





Card Payment


Purchase Management System

Add all required information and data of every purchase through the Restora- food inventory Management software. The purchase date, expiry date, payment type, invoice no., item information, quantity, purchase details, etc. all are included in this module.

Add Purchase

Purchase Item List

Purchase Return

Return Invoice

Store all purchases information
Control your recipe cost

Supplier Management System

The supply chain of a restaurant business is crucial. Restora- food inventory management software helps the restaurant professionals to manage the suppliers and establish a strong relationship between the supplier and the business professionals.

Add Supplier

Supplier Manage

Supplier Ledger

Food Management System

Restora POS offers an enriched food management system that includes all essential sub-modules. Now you can categorize your food items and check the available status of your listed food items.

Food Category

Food Variant

Food availability

Menu Type

Efficient management of food
Manage your entire production

Production Management System

Our inventory management software is developed considering the exact requirements of the restaurant business. It includes the scope to add your production list with the production unit and setting option.

Production List

Add Production

Production Unit Set up

Real-Time Inventory Tracking System

Every restaurant has a store to preserve the required food based on the daily needs and demands. We ensure your seamless inventory operation by including the real-time notification and tracking system. Now it automatically informs the restaurant owners about the status of the inventory.

Stock Status

Stockout Notification

Tracking System

Menu Update

Get real-time reports for every operation
Minimize the waste of food

Coms & Voids Management System

Reduce the wastage of your food inventory. Restora POS inventory software provides a marvelous feature to minimize your wastage of food. In this case, you can categorize and enlist your coms and voids items separately. It’ll help you to calculate your food cost properly.

Waste Management System

Modify Orders List

Canceled Orders List

Free Meal for Loyal Customers

Recipe Cost Management System

Restora- restaurant inventory management system helps the restaurant owners to reduce the costs in every aspect. Our software tracks which menu items are highly demanded. So you can manage those items’ ingredients and supplies. It cuts additional costs and ensures a fruitful recipe Management.

Set Cost Per Plate

Add Ingredients

Stockout Ingredients

Forecast Your Future Menu

Control your recipe cost
Integrate both Android and iOS app

App Integration System

How convenient your system is!!! The technology is updating and comes with a mobile-friendly interface. So our Restora POS- food inventory management system also considers the mobile app integration system. Now you can control your business and monitor your inventory from anywhere and anytime.

Kitchen App

Customer App

Waiter App

Mobile-Friendly UX

Inventory Report & Analytic System

Restora POS alters the traditional restaurant management system into a digital system. So you don’t need to spend more time preparing the monthly or yearly report. Our restaurant inventory management software gives the advanced reporting system to get an error-free data of your business.

Purchase Report

Stock Report (Product & Kitchen Wise)

Sell Report

Cash Register Report

Track your inventory digitally

What Makes You More Fascinated about Restora POS!!!

For Every Type of Foodservice Business

Think More, Learn More, & Get More

Identify the Best Inventory Management Software

At present, you’ll get a ton of restaurant management software in the marketplace. But the question is what will be the best for you? In this case, you have to know more about the restaurant inventory management software. Besides, you have to identify the exact requirements of your business.

Restora POS restaurant inventory management software is not only designed for managing the inventory of a foodservice business, but also an entire business solution.Different restaurant management software provides specific unique features. But it’s better to choose the complete package than to consider unique features.

A complete restaurant management solution saves time and costs. In addition to this, you don’t need to use any other software to manage every operational unit of your restaurant.

Manipulate Your Back Office with Restoa POS

Adopt the Desired Restaurant Inventory Management Software

Restaurant food inventory management system is inevitable for restaurant business owners nowadays. It’s high time to get controlled your inventory efficiently.

In this regard, complete restaurant inventory management software will be the best option for you.

The Best isn’t Always Best If It Doesn’t Suit You

Choose the most suitable software that is the appropriate one for your business type. Let’s try the free trial and examine your needs once again.


Restaurant inventory management software is a modern technology to organize, manage, monitor, and track all essential operations in an inventory of foodservice business. Besides, you can control your whole business activities through this automation system including order management, employee management, sales management, reservation, supply chain, and so on.

In addition to this, the restaurant kitchen inventory management system helps the restaurant owners to operate the kitchen operation smoothly with an integrated KDS system.

Restaurant inventory software is a dynamic solution for restaurant owners. It helps business professionals to manage the stock of a restaurant by automation software.

  • Saves time and additional costs
  • Controls the stock-in and stock-out flow
  • Enhances the performance of the employee
  • Increases the operational activity
  • Manages orders
  • Track the Sales
  • Helps to understand the Business growth
  • Predict the future of restaurant
  • Assists to manage the restaurant suppliers
  • Accurate accounts management

Food inventory management software helps restaurant professionals to make the desired profit. In this case, Restora POS ensures the return on investment.

  • Let’s check how the food inventory software helps to grow the profit.
  • Reduce the wastage of food
  • Included the comps and voids
  • Maintain a strong relationship with the suppliers
  • Save the time so it saves additional costs
  • Automation software is accurate and time-worthy
  • Track the inventory from anywhere and anytime
  • Manage the business both online and offline
  • Increases the satisfaction level of the customers
  • The sales will be higher
  • Identify the actual reasons for the loss and fix the problems
  • Recognize the higher sales items
  • Increase the activity of the employees

Successful restaurant business owners always focus on modern technology. Because modern technology comes with a modern and smart solution for the restaurant.

Nowadays the smart restaurant professionals think if any restaurant owners want to ensure the success of the restaurant business, they must save time and costs.

In this case, digital technology helps remarkably. So it’s high time to adopt the best and time-worthy restaurant inventory management software.