Pizza POS Software: Digitalized Your Pizza Shop with a Time-worthy Solution

From order taking to payment processing everything, you can handle in your Pizzeria’s with Pizza POS Software. It will ensure a flexible and scalable system to enhance the growth of your pizza shop.

Pivotal Points to Choose Restora POS for Your Pizza Restaurant

Restora POS can be able to build a complete automated solution for your pizza restaurant. You can easily create a milestone by integrating this pizza online ordering system with your business.

Improve usability through POS software

Maximize 80% of Usability

  • Low maintenance cost
  • Low subscription fees
  • Easy installation & set up
  • Easy to operate & use
Minimize dependency through POS software

Minimize 90% of Dependency

  • Automatic management
  • Better engagement
  • Smooth collaboration
  • Effective operation
Maximize ROI through POS software

Maximize 70% of ROI

  • Accurate reports
  • Effective analytics
  • Real-time Data
  • Enhance productivity

Our Aspiration, Your Perfection

Move Your Pizzeria into the Next Level with Pizza POS Software

Restora POS provides a complete solution for your pizza restaurant through this pizza online ordering system. You can build an automated structure to conduct the overall aspect of your pizza restaurant. It helps to reduce manual intervention and human errors. So, you can organize the overall aspects of your pizza restaurant through this single package.


Restaurant booking software makes the restaurant services more convenient. Now, if anyone wants to book a table at a restaurant, the restaurant table booking system or dining reservation system assists in doing this smoothly and accurately.If you look at the previous restaurant booking process, you can easily get the benefits of the online restaurant reservation system.

Let’s see how the table booking software works.

Receive orders through pizza POS

Enlist Orders

You can take both online and offline orders by putting in some required information such as customer name, type, waiter name, table no, and so on.

Receive payment through pizza POS

Receive Payment

After finalizing orders, it’s time to receive the payment from the customer (except online orders) specifically the pizza delivery POS software can be able to automatically calculate the payment.

Generate POS invoice

POS Invoice

The pizza POS software can be able to generate a complete invoice including order and payment details as well as allow you to print the invoice.

Accept order through pizza POS

Accept Orders

Send the orders to the kitchen through our Kitchen App. After accepting the orders, the users of the kitchen app will be able to update the food status.

Kitchen dashboard of pizza POS

Kitchen Dashboard

After that, the order details will be transferred to the kitchen and through the kitchen display system (KDS) it will be shown the order details and time.

Notify food status through pizza POS

Notify Food Status

After receiving the order, the users of the kitchen app will be able to update the food status to “Processing”. Also, they can change the status to “Complete”

Counter dashboard of pizza POS

Counter Dashboard

The food statue is shown in the counter dashboard including the table no, order number, order time, remaining time as well as allows you to include notification sound.

Delivered order through pizza POS

Delivered Order

Finally, it’s time to deliver the order to your customers. When the food status shows “Complete” in the counter dashboard, you can serve it to your customers.

Track your inventory digitally

You Slice Up Your Pizza!!!

We Slice Up Your Activity with Technological Favor of Restora POS

This pizza POS software is the best online order management platform because it can assist you to operate the overall activities from order taking to delivering everything which you need. Also, it will ensure a smooth billing process when you take offline orders as well as generate a complete POS invoice.

Core Aspects of Point of Sale System for Your Pizza Shop

To manage any restaurant spontaneously, you must need an automated solution. Similarly, if you have a pizza shop, you need a pizza delivery POS software system that will assist you to manage the entire activities of your pizza place.


POS touch screen monitor

Kitchen display system

POS printer

Cash drawer

POS barcode scanner

EMV Card Reader

Tablet POS

Counter display system


Order Management System

Inventory Management System

Customer Management

Food Management

POS Billing System

Table Reservation System

HRM System

Delivery System

Make Your Pizzeria’s Sales System More Optimistic with Restora POS

This Restora POS - pizza online ordering system is not only limited to the above modules but also has some remarkable features, such as:

Offline Ordering System

Offline Ordering System

POS Invoice System

POS Invoice System

Kitchen Dashboard

Kitchen Dashboard

Counter Dashboard

Counter Dashboard

Notification System

Notification System

Order Customization

Order Customization

QR Scanner System

QR Scanner System

Table Mapping

Table Mapping

Sound System

Sound System

Multiple Payment Methods

Multiple Payment Methods

Technical Support

Technical Support

Centralized Database

Centralized Database

Data Filtering System

Data Filtering System

Advanced Tax/GST

Advanced Tax/GST

App Integration System

App Integration System

SEO Settings

SEO Settings


Definitely, you have understood the essential aspects of a point of sales system for your pizza restaurant. But it will be very expensive and time-consuming if you purchase all of these separately.

Our Restora - Pizza POS software is a complete one-stop solution for your pizza restaurant. If you purchase this pizza delivery POS software, you need not buy any features separately. So, it will be cost-effective, time-saving, and ultimately the best decision for your pizza place.

Build a Smooth POS System in Your Pizza Restaurant Through These Modules

Excited to know which module will you get into this system? Okay! Let me explain. Here, you will get to know which modules we will offer in this software.

Online Ordering

This software provides a complete order management system that can allow you to take online orders and offline orders as well. Through this module, you can receive online orders and get a comprehensive list of all orders.

Moreover, you can easily oversee the pending orders as well as cancel orders. Most significantly, you can get a detailed list of all complete orders including order ID, customer name, type, waiter name, table no, order date, and amount through this module.

Online ordering system for pizza POS
Menu management for pizza POS

Menu Management

If you want to launch a pizza restaurant, it will be very tough to manage the menu manually because when your customer places online orders, they do not get which pizza will be available at that moment.

In this regard, you must need an automated menu management system that will be updated in real-time. This module can be able to sync updates in your entire in-house menu as well as online menu. So, it can save your time and help to manage the further process smoothly.

CRM System

Customer relationship management is the key factor of any business and you need to keep records and nurture all of your customers. Definitely, these tasks are not possible without involving any automation system. To resolve such kinds of issues, we have integrated a complete CRM system in our pizza POS online ordering software.

Moreover, this software will help to keep a record of all customers and allow you to specify the types of each customer. Also, you can save your customer’s taste habits through this system that will be very impressive for your customers.

Inventory management for pizza POS

Inventory Management

Worry about handling your inventory? Every attempt will fail without managing and ensuring the flow of raw materials in your inventory. When you serve various types of pizza in your pizza place, you must ensure your raw materials will be stored in your inventory.

In this software, you can easily keep a record in your inventory as well as it helps to observe real-time updates. Thus, it’s necessary to track your inventory every single time. You can easily do such kinds of activities through this module.


Delivery Management

If you want to make your online pizza business complete, you must need an efficient delivery management system. When you offer an online ordering system, an effective delivery system can enhance more customer engagement with your business.

This software can allow you to connect various food delivery platforms like Foodpanda, Pathao, Uber Eats, Zomato, and more with your system. Also, you can get a detailed list including shipping method name, date, and time.

Loyalty program for pizza POS

Loyalty Programs

If you provide various types of promo codes, discounts, points, and offers to your customers, it will build a positive impression in your customer’s minds. Moreover, this strategy can assist to increase your business sales but you need an automation system to maintain such kinds of service.

The pizza POS software has another exclusive module that can allow you to give some points to your favorite customers as well as generate various types of coupons to provide your customers. So, it is one of the significant modules that can play a role to enhance your sales.

Sales Reports

There is no alternative to preparing a well-defined report to know the current condition of your business. But it will be very time-consuming if you prepare the entire report manually. To resolve such kinds of difficulties, you just need to adopt an automation system.

If you purchase this pizza POS system, there is no need to integrate any reporting system separately because you will get a built-in sales reporting system. This module can be able to provide a complete purchase report, stock report, as well as sales report.

Make Your Order Handling Process More Convenient with Pizza POS Software!!!

It’s not an easy task to manage the entire order handling the process by hand. In this circumstance, you need to upgrade your existing system or purchase a complete restaurant management software that will assist you to manage such kinds of tasks easily and smoothly.

You Focus on Your Dough, We Endeavor the Digital Transformation of Your Pizzeria!!!

It’s time to forget all of your operational hassles and reshape your pizza restaurant with an automated structure.


Pizza POS software is a computerized system that can allow the business owner to track raw ingredients, EMV compliance, sales, inventory, cash flow, online & offline ordering, and delivery system. The pizza POS system provides an easy way to input personalized pizza orders as well as to ensure to deliver it to the customers efficiently.

Moreover, a complete pizza online ordering system can allow you to manage everything you need from A to Z in your pizza restaurant. Also, the point of sale (POS) refers to a place where customers can complete their transactional activities.

When you launch a pizza restaurant, you need a complete pizza online ordering system that will assist you to manage the entire activities of your pizza place.

For this purpose, you can use this Restora - Pizza online ordering system to automate your order handling process. This software can allow you to manage both online and offline orders as well as the shipping process. So, it will be the best pizza delivery POS software system for your pizza restaurant.

This Restora POS Software has a lot of essential features and numerous remarkable modules. Moreover, these features and modules will ensure to provide some benefits in your business. These are:

  • Easy to install and set up
  • Allows both online & offline ordering
  • Easy to enhance customer engagement
  • Generates accurate reports
  • Provides a cost-effective solution
  • Integrated with real-time dashboard
  • Effective tracking system and more!

To set up a sound notification system, you need to go to the admin panel. After that, you need to go to the Manage Order option. Then, you have to click on the Sound Setting option and you need to choose a file to set up a sound notification.

First, you have to go to the admin panel, then go to the Human Resource module. After that, you need to add employees through the Add Employee option. Now, you need to go to the Role Permission module and create a role for kitchen employees. Finally, you need to assign the role to the specific users to operate the activities in the kitchen.

To reset the password, you have to open the Admin Panel, then go to the Profile Settings and click on the Password Reset option.

You can offer some additional items like cold drinks, french fry, pastry, and so on with your pizza. This software can allow you to manage an add-ons section easily and efficiently.

To manage the add-ons, you need to go to the Food Management module, then click on the Manage Add-ons option and here you can add add-ons, get a list of all add-ons as well as you can assign it with your pizza items.

Yes, you will get an invoice printing option in this software. If you connect this software with a POS printer, then it will be able to print your invoice, just you need to click on the Print button.

First, you need to go to the Admin Panel, then go to the Food Management module. After that, you have to click on the Manage Food module and go to the Food Variant option. Here, you can add your pizza variant and specify the price according to the size of the variant.