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Restora POS- Online Restaurant Reservation System

Restaurant business activities are getting streamlined through technology like the reservation of restaurants or booking any table without going to the restaurant is not exceptional nowadays. Restora POS-online restaurant reservation system can enhance the efficiency of restaurants operations and drive your business steadily.

Manage your table with a reservation system
Get more online customers through the table booking system

Online Restaurant Booking System-An Intelligent Choice For Your Restaurant

Smart restaurant owners are proactive, dynamic and tech-savvy as they know what is trendy and what exactly the requirements of the contemporary customers. Online restaurant booking system provides a time worthy business solution to the restaurant business owners in a cost-effective way.


Online restaurant reservation is an advanced and digital table booking or restaurant reservation system that assists restaurant owners to streamline and optimize business operations perfectly.

Optimizing online restaurant reservations is significant for your business as it develops a bridge between you and your customers to continue your sales which is the ultimate goal of a business owner.


Better to Reserve a Table Online Than Traditional Phone Reservations

Restaurant booking software is a web-based platform where anytime any customer can make a reservation through a laptop, PC, or mobile phone from anywhere.

When the customers can see your restaurant’s table status by sitting at their home or any other place, they can confirm online reservations with a tap.


Restaurant booking software makes the restaurant services more convenient. Now, if anyone wants to book a table at a restaurant, the restaurant table booking system or dining reservation system assists in doing this smoothly and accurately.If you look at the previous restaurant booking process, you can easily get the benefits of the online restaurant reservation system.

Let’s see how the table booking software works.

Receive the reservation to your system

First Step

Receive Reservation

The guests visit your restaurant website and check the availability of your restaurant’s table on particular date and time.

Accept your online reservation

Second Step

Accept Reservation & Confirm

When you see the request of table booking through the online reservation system, all provided information will appear. Then you can easily confirm the reservation.

Remind the guest by notifying them

Third Step

Remind the Guest

In the confirmation stage, your guest will be confirmed by an SMS/Email. But you have to send a reminder SMS/Email to the desired guest about the booking. It’s automatically done through the reservation system.

Welcome the guest and serve them

Final Step

Welcome & Serve

After checking in, the guest can see the waitlist shows the reservation. Then the host helps the guest to take the pre-assigned table. Finally, you are ready to serve the guest.


Well, you may assume why you should adopt the dining reservation system. It’s obvious to raise the question in your mind.

Do you know modern technology gives a new life to the business world especially in the foodservice industry?

Yes, integrating the latest technology makes your business more practical and fruitful. Successful business owners look at this scenario as a new technique or strategy.

No Matter You Walk Slowly or Speedly But Carefully

Evaluating something practically is better than taking more time to research unrealistic. Request for a free trial and enjoy 21 days with a digital system.


We Focused on the User Experience While Designing the Online Restaurant Reservations.

Add Booking

You can add the reservation request by this module. The date, time, and number of person options are available.

Add your booking with Restora POS
See the list of your online reservation

Reservation List

Here, you’ll get the entire list of online or offline reservations. The guest name, table no, start time and end time, table status, etc. are present on this list.

Reservation Setting

You can customize your reservation facilities as per your requirements. The reservation setting module allows you to set the opening time and closing time of the restaurant. Besides, the person number which you allow can be added.

Set your reservation as you want
Set when you are available

Set Unavailable Day

The day when you are off, if your guest want to take a reservation on that day, it’ll be a bad experience of your guest. So now you can set the available and unavailable time through this system.

Online Payment System

The customers can pay the bill through the online payment system. Besides, multiple payments gateways are available so the guests can easily pay their bills.

Introduce multiple payment gateways
Integrate the POS with Restora

POS Integration System

The POS system is mandatory for a restaurant business. It helps the restaurant owner to ensure a smooth sales operation. Besides, the POS system acts as a heart of the restaurant management software.

Customize Table Setting

You can set the table as per your requirement based on the customer’s choice. It’s a great flexibility of our reservation software.

Arrange the table as you require
Collect the review of your customer

Feedback System

The online restaurant reservation system helps you to collect the feedback of your customers or guests. You can change the style of your service based on the choice of the guest in the future.

Multiple Communication Channels

You can contact your customers through a phone call, SMS or other communication channels. Besides, the customers will be informed through SMS when the table booking will be confirmed.

Build a communication network


Add “Table Reservation” Button on Your Website to Make Super Easy Table Booking

Now the customers can place the order in advance, and your food will be waiting for your desired service users.As the service will be more convenient and you are always ready to greet them, customer satisfaction ensures going ahead to the next expected level.

Your customers will be augmented for the classic service as well as your sales will be grown at a considerable rate. It’ll impact your revenue indeed.

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The Online Restaurant Reservation System Ensures the Growth of Your Restaurant Smartly. Maybe you are thinking about the future of your business. You have to recall your present repeatedly to find out the current status of your restaurant.

Suppose you want to know your daily sales report or monthly sales report. Restora POS-online reservation system offers you digital reports and analytics systems.

In this case, you can see how your business performs in the last month or the last year. At the end of the day, you can create a newer strategy or technique to hike your progress based on your contemporary situation.


Flexible, scalable, and high-performance computing cloud infrastructure provides a high level of security, dependability, and speed

Restora POS has a dynamic user interface

Dynamic UX Design

Integrate mobile friendly technology

Mobile Friendly

See your customer info

Customer History

Get multiple touchpoints to operate

Multiple Touchpoints

Optimize your reservation perfectly

Optimized Reservation

Manage all operations with dashboard

Well Designed Dashboard

Distribute your table as per requirement

Table Distribution

Get real time reporting system

Real-Time Analysis


Android and iOS app integration systems help you make the service more time-worthy and fit.

Nowadays, people use smartphones, and the internet makes the world so much closer. When your customers find your restaurant online, they can quickly be informed about your services.

Besides, you and your staff get notified while a visitor places an order or book a table through the mobile application.

After confirming the order, only a touch of your finger can make a deal with the customers, and your food will be waiting for the customers.

How convenient the service is! Moreover, you can save your cost as well as the customers can save their time as well.

Integrate multiple systems to Restora POS


We Love to Serve You As You Love to Serve Customers

  • No hidden charge
  • Advanced reporting system
  • No customer fees
  • Multi payment system
  • No Per Reservation Fees
  • Access from anywhere
  • Multi language accept
  • Access from Anywhere
  • Booking friendly website


When an online restaurant reservation system is your primary demand for your restaurant in this modern era, the Restora-online restaurant booking system is a time and cost-worthy choice.

An online restaurant table booking system can save your time and cost. Besides, it helps you to reach more customers to give the desired level of satisfaction certainly.

So at the end of the day, you can easily maximize your return on investment and sustain in the marketplace in the long run.

The Best isn’t Always Best If It Doesn’t Suit You

Choose the most suitable software that is the appropriate one for your business type. Let’s try the free trial and examine your needs once again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, you can personalize your pages as per your brand guidelines, add your restaurant’s pictures, deal banners, event details, and so on.

Suppose your customers don’t get the free table at the right moment. But if they see you can manage the waitlist and allocate the seat according to the booking serial, the customers will wait for your service for the next session as they know you are serving the guests.

Yes, the Restora POS-online restaurant reservation system is extremely customizable If you only require the restaurant table booking system, you can only pick it.

On the other hand, you can integrate the Android or iOS app with the dining reservation system to make it more flexible.

Restora-online restaurant booking system is a part of complete restaurant management software. So you can also get a lot if you want including-

  • Online Order Management System
  • Sales Management System
  • Supplier Management System
  • HR Management System
  • QR Scanner System
  • Inventory Management System
  • Accounts Management System etc.

At present, you will find a number of online restaurant reservation software. But one thing you must consider which suits your business type as well.

Restora POS is the best online dining reservation system that provides significant benefits to restaurant owners.

You can evaluate which one provides you with the best scope to grow your restaurant. “The best is always not the best if it doesn’t suit your restaurant type.”

But we consider the requirements of all types of restaurants so that every customer gets an optimum level of satisfaction and adequate support from us.