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Now It’s Time For Refreshment With Juice Bar POS Software

Restora POS’s motto is to serve the best POS system for Juice bars, which assist juice shop the chaotic ordering process into smart & streamlined technology.Hence can smoothly operate POS billing software and can serve customers at a faster pace.

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Restora inventory management software

Fundamental Objectives To Choose Restora POS
Get Your Chill Drink Ready With Restora POS- Juice Bar POS software

Dynamic dashboard of Restora POS

Boost-Up Your Customer Service

  • Offline Pos Billing Facilities
  • Reconcile The Customer Relationship
  • Item-Customizable Facilities
  • Responsive To Market Stimuli
Dynamic dashboard of Restora POS

No Chance For Fraudulent Transaction

  • Eliminate Human Error
  • No Or Low Maintenance Cost
  • End To End Encrypted Customer Data
  • Reliable, Intuitive And Flexible
Dynamic dashboard of Restora POS

Automate Your Juice Parlor

  • Cutting-Edge Automated Integration
  • Online Ordering Facilities
  • Instant Pos Billing Facilities
  • Report And Analytics

Make Your Smoothie As Creamy As Juice Bar POS Software

Restora POS presents the restaurant industry's best POS system specially made for juice shops. Juice Bar POS system takes over all the essential tasks and provides a technological touch; so that you can boost up your juice parlour, with faster and more efficient customer service.

Restora POS’s juice bar POS system not only smoothen the billing process but also keep the track of necessary inventory, raw ingredients, food management, loyalty programs etc.

Indeed, Restora POS juice bar POS software is one solution for juice shop owners to erase the chaos of customers and bring up faster POS billing, and smooth management works.

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Sweet, Salty, Creamy, Tangy, Milky
Features Of Juice Bar POS | Restora POS

Online and offline POS system

Inventory Management System

Accurate POS invoice

Self-Ordering System

Kitchen dashboard for Restora POS

Menu Based Inventory

Counter dashboard for Restora POS

Barcode Scanner

QR code scanner for restaurant software

Printer Integration

Data filtering system

Swift Payment System

Restora POS supports multiple currencies

Customer Loyalty Programs

Restora POS supports multiple payment methods

Ingredient Portion Measurement Scale

Commission setup system

Online\Offline Order Management

Kitchen app for restaurant software

Waste Management System

Customer app for restaurant software

Customer Management System

Waiter app for restaurant software

Customized Juice Orders

Frapped-Up Your Juice Bar With Restora POS
Benefit Of Juice Bar POS Software

Now showcasing some of the essential benefits of using juice bar POS software.

secure transaction of bar software

Personalized Orders Facilities

“Juice taste” varies from person to person. Hence a juice shop owner always has to be prepared for any kind of instant customization. With Restora POS’s juice bar POS system, you can easily record all types of customized combinations, demanded by the customer.

minimizes errors of bar’s business

Trace Regular Expense Details

Restora POS software for the Juice bar is that you can record your daily operating expense under the predefined ledgers section. And at the end of the month/yearly, a juice shop owner can check and remind, how much, where and why the expense has occurred.

smooth interaction of bar’s business

Multiple Payments Option

The Juice bar POS system of Restora POS is integrated with multiple payment getaways. With Restora POS; you can create an amazing opportunity to eliminate a time-consuming billing process and make customer service faster.

ensure correlation of bar’s business

Online/Offline POS Billing System

You can use Restora POS’s juice bar POS system both with and without internet. Hence it becomes easy for you to run your restaurant business smoothly without any interruption. And also generate invoices without any glitch caused because of the internet or electricity connectivity.

third-party integration system

Handle The Multi-Location Business

With Restora POS’s juice bar POS software you can easily operate and manage your juice shop situated in multiple locations or franchise branches. Restora POS is one management and POS billing software, which single-handled all your outlets direct from the head office.

flexible in use of bar software

Maintain A Consistent Customer Relationship

“Retaining customers” is one of the essential challenges for a Juice shop owner. Restora POS record customer’s details during the billing process.Details such as customer’s name, contact no, email. Later use that information to retain and nurture them such as sending promotional SMS and email.

Raise Your Efficiency to 3X
Significant Module of Juice Bar Restora POS Software

Juice bar POS software is not just only a POS billing software but also a restaurant management system.

Presenting some of the significant modules of juice bar Restora POS software, which only give you a technological touch but also boost up your efficiency higher

Inventory Management System

This module of the Juice bar POS system in Restora POS software plays a major role in tracking all types of inventory and raw ingredients. Moreover shows and records the raw ingredients level details along with the raw ingredients costing.

One of the unique factors of Restora POS’s Juice bar POS software is that; they keep and monitor the product usage, wastage, and order information. And also help you to remind what ingredient or inventory to refill and at what time.

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Get reports and track your growth

Reporting and analytics

Analyzing, recording and understanding the business performance is the main objectives of this module. POS billing will generate a clear and well-organized report which will include; employees performance, sales costing, product mix report, labor cost, loyalty programs, payment item and method, online/offline orders and many more.

With the help of this reporting and analytics module, you can get an accurate report of your juice parlor and assist you to decide to plan your juice shop business better.

Juice Menu Management System

The Juice shop business depends on “how much you can satisfy your customer’s taste buds”. Hence is the only way to keep the flow of the customers high and influence them to come back again.

It’s better to keep the track of ingredients and the recipe best works to drive your sale. With this menu management system, you can “save change”, and have the freedom to bring any kind of flexibility to customize your juice recipe. Helps you to serve the best juice according to customer demand.

Online food menu management system
Control the orders from the kitchen

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

A kitchen display system in a juice shop restaurant helps you to bring a great smoothness between the POS counter and the kitchen. Hence kitchen staff not only received the order instantly but also started the cooking process.

Moreover, the kitchen display system will also show the customized requirements asked by the customer. This Juice bar POS software eliminates the complexity and presents faster customer service.

Account Management System

This module keeps the record of sales analytics, report and insights, recipe costing, other kitchen equipment expense details etc. This account management system is also integrated with the financial management system and provides you with an automated ready-made year/month-end report.

Hence you can track your income inflow and outflow of your juice shop business better and bring changes into your menu card and attract and retain customers.

Manage your accounts accurately
Shelf life management system for bakery software

Shelf-Life Management system

In this restaurant niche, where you need raw ingredients, almost every day such as milk, cream, fruits, chocolate powder, milk powder, ice etc. Restora POS’s juice bar POS software is one of the best POS software because its POS billing system is integrated with the shelf-life management system.

Therefore, juice bar POS software will get an advance notification, whenever the raw ingredient is about to finish or close to the expiry date. This module can help you to maintain freshness and win your customers trust.

POS Billing System

Restora POS is a SaaS-based restaurant management software, in short, it can be called a 2 in 1 solution. Restora POS comes up with both automatic POS billing software and organized restaurant management software technology.

Certainly, Juice bar POS software’ POS billing module is one of the most streamlined and cost-saving. Moreover helps you with a faster billing process and reduces the longer query line with multiple payment processes.

Receive the payment with multiple payment system
Integrate the mobile application

Website & App Integration

Today’s generation is more obsessed with websites and apps. And integrating your juice shop with the website and app not only would automatically increase the brand value but also help you capture the mass customer base.

Restora POS comes up with a smooth and user-friendly interfaced structured website and apps. Moreover Restora POS also has three different types of app: customer app, kitchen app and waiter app; hence ensuring a smooth operation and engagement.

Customize Till Customer Satisfy

One Solution Which Smoothes Your Tailor-Made Juice Shop- Juice Bar Pos Software

Juice shops are a kind of restaurant niche, which needs the highest rate of customization demand. Hence the only way to win the heart of your customer is to understand & observe the taste bud and make the drink fulfilling those requirements.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Question

POS software for the Juice bar is specially personalized to run the operation of juice shops. Restora POS’s Juice bar POS software provides a 2 in 1 solution for Juice parlor, to cut the long story short, will get a Juice bar management system along with POS billing software.

The Juice bar POS software of Restora POS is the best POS for a juice bar, which will be your efficient technological partner by solving different management-related problems and faster your billing process. Adopting a juice bar POS software can be one of the reasons to be successful in the very short term.

Juice bar POS system is one of the significant reasons you can raise your customer number. Know the reasons for essentiality:

  • Robust billing and flexibility for customization
  • Better engagement between POS counter and KDS
  • Record the guest history
  • Higher the scalability
  • Increase the possibility of retaining customer
  • Reduce long query line

If you’re a juice shop owner, my suggestion is to choose the Restora POS juice bar POS system. Restora POS software is one of the best POS systems for a juice bar.

Wanna know why it’s best??; because the juice bar POS system comes up with an automated billing system along with a management system. And anyone can and even from a non-technical background operates this juice shop POS software. Here are 7-steps of how you can operate the juice bar POS system:

Step1: Order Receiving

Using the POS software for your juice bar; your customer can check, choose and customize their desired drink from the digital menu and the operator will receive and confirm the order.

In addition, the juice bar POS system can also work as a restaurant management system therefore record waiters can save their details such as name, contact no, the customer name they will handle.

Step2: POS Invoice

As soon as, the operator will receive the order, automatically a POS invoice will generate, payment clearance by the customer and then the operator will hand it over to KDS for the further cooking process

Step3: Automated VAT/Tax Calculation

Restora POS will complete all your manual office work such as; billing process, VAT/Tax/ service charge calculation, customer invoices, transaction details etc.

Step4: Order Hand-Over To Kitchen Display System (KDS)

After receiving and confirming the order, the operator will transfer the order details to the kitchen department for further process. The order will showcase in the kitchen display system; with all the order details.

Step5: Inventory Tracking

Restora POS also works as a restaurant management system, therefore you can keep track and record all the inventory and raw ingredients needed before starting the cooking process.

Step6: Counter Dashboard

After you are done preparing the food, the counter dashboard will showcase & notify the customer name, order invoice no, product name etc; so that customers can come and receive it.

Step7: Automated Report Generator

After you’re done with the above steps, hence Restora POS will automatically generate a report, which will help you at month/year-end.

Without any doubt, you can use juice bar POS software in your juice shop of any size or type, or even in a cloud Juice shop.

Adopting a Juice bar POS software can help you speed up the billing process, better restaurant management, higher customer satisfaction, consecutively increase revenue.

Restora POS’s juice bar POS software comes up with the most affordable price range. At a very affordable price range, you get a full package restaurant management solution with multiple functions, which enrich your restaurant business.