Restora POS Quick Service Restaurant Software

Make Your Quick Service Quicker

Restora POS is an advanced restaurant POS software with all essential features including an online ordering system, Billing system, mobile POS, CRM system, and so on.

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Restora inventory management software

A Quick Solution for Your Quick Service Restaurant

Restora POS Quick Service Management Software

Now serve your customers with your enthusiasm to fulfill the desired level of satisfaction. Quick service restaurants are popular nowadays. So, define your food service to the service users in the most convenient way.

As You can Serve More, You’ll Get More

Quick Service POS Software Increases Your Serving Ability

Restora POS software is a time-worthy development for the quick-service restaurant business. Now you don’t need to spend more time managing your restaurant. The quick service software will help you to ease the overwhelming activities.

Boost Your Sales & Revenue

Run Your Restaurant with Quick Service POS Software

What Restora POS Brings on Table for You

A Complete Quick Service POS Software

The quick service restaurant software makes your business digital and smart. Our QSR POS software is a world-class quick service restaurant POS system.

Restora inventory management software

Quick Service POS System

Responsive POS

Online POS

Offline POS

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Restora inventory management software

Online Ordering System

Receive Online Orders

Accept Online Orders

WhatsApp Ordering System

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Restora inventory management software

Order Management System

Manage Online Orders

Offline Order Management

Ongoing Orders

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Restora inventory management software

Dashboard of Restora POS

Today Orders

Total Orders

Pending Orders

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Restora inventory management software

Sales Management System

Today Sales

Total Sales

Daily Sales

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Restora inventory management software

QSR Billing System




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Restora inventory management software

Kitchen Display System

New Order

Processing Time

Order Notification

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Restora inventory management software

Online Table Reservation System

Online Booking

Add Booking

Table Arrangement

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Restora inventory management software

Production Management System

Add Production

Production Unit

Production Setlist

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Restora inventory management software

Accounts Management System

Cash Adjustment

Debit Voucher

Credit Voucher

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Restora inventory management software

Staff Management System


Shift Management

Employee Reward

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Restora inventory management software

Supply Chain Management System

Suppliers contact

Purchase List

Purchase Refund

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Restora inventory management software

Inventory Management System

Stock In and Out Info

Notification System

Manage Food

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Restora inventory management software

Digital Reporting System

Real-time Report and Analytic System

Daily Report

Monthly Report

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Restora QSR POS Software: Time & Cost Saving Machine

Restora POS Software is a perfect solution for quick service restaurant business owners. This modern POS software helps to manage all operations through a single system.

Besides you can control your restaurant business operations digitally. In this regard, you can save more time and money.

Get a Digital Menu & QR Code Ordering System

Quick service restaurant management software provides a digital menu. Now your customers can get your food items and menu list online.

In addition to this, the QR code scanner system allows your customers to place orders sitting on the table. Quick service POS system helps the quick service restaurateurs to make the service digital and convenient.

Control your restaurant’s front side

Why Restora POS Quick Service Restaurant Software is Worthy

QSR POS Software Creates a Better Opportunity to Grow

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Control your restaurant’s front side

Manage Your Quick Service Restaurant Digitally

Restora POS is a digital software that helps to manage quick service restaurants. Now your foodservice business operations are not overwhelming as quick service POS software makes your all operations smoother.

Monitor All Restaurant Activities Remotely

Quick service restaurant management system will monitor the operations of your restaurant from anywhere anytime. The mobile POS system makes it happen in reality. Besides, you can track the employees’ activities of your quick service Restaurant.

Operate your restaurant virtually

Create a Communication Channel

Quick service restaurant management software helps to make a good communication network among the employees of the restaurant. The proper cooperation in the workplace creates a better work environment within your quick service restaurant. Besides, the quick service POS system assists restaurant owners to maintain productive communication with the suppliers of their foodservice business.

Understand Your Customers’ Demand

Quick service restaurants has to serve a lot of customers. Customer retention is one of the main focuses of food service owners. The quick service management system directly assists the customers to identify their needs or expectations. Restora POS has a well-developed CRM system that allows you to collect the customers’ feedback.

Mobile Applications for Your Quick Service Restaurant

Both Android & iOS Apps Available

The mobile applications make the foodservice operation quicker. Restora POS quick service management software provides three applications that ensure the

Restora inventory management software

Customer App

Restora POS quick service restaurant management software provides Customer App. Now your customer will find your foodservice easily from anywhere. They can place orders from this customer app.

  • Create Brand Awareness
  • Get Online Orders
  • Food and Service Review
Restora inventory management software

Kitchen App

The kitchen app is a special gift to the Quick service restaurant owners. Restora POS QSR offers this app to maintain a smooth connection both front and back sides of your restaurant.

  • New Order Notification
  • Order Acceptance
  • Cooking Status
  • Processing Time
Restora inventory management software

Waiter App

The staff of your restaurant directly serves your customers. So we designed a waiter App by which your employees get notified the service status of the quick service Restaurant.

  • Receive New Orders
  • Order History
  • Confirmed Orders
  • Canceled Orders

A Dynamic Website to Create a Virtual Quick Service Restaurant

Quick Service POS Software

Quick service management software provides a great benefit to restaurant business owners. You will get an attractive and responsive website with our quick service POS software.

The integration system of Restora POS makes it easier to integrate the website with quick service software.

Build a Modern Quick Service Restaurant with QSR POS Software

Integrate the Restora POS Quick Service Software

The quick service restaurant business owners handle a lot of customers as well as different food items. If an automation system can manage your customers, how will it be?

Besides the integrated system makes the software more flexible and customizable.

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Quick service POS system is a modern and advanced foodservice management software that helps you to manage your all business operations including customers, orders, sales, accounts, employees, kitchen, suppliers, production, and so on with a single automation system.

Quick service restaurant software is a time-worthy choice for business owners as it saves your time and ensures your maximum return.

The quick service restaurant management system comes up with the latest technology to make the food service business more convenient and flexible.

Nowadays, customers want to get online-based services. In this case, the restaurant owners tend to adopt the automation system to fulfill the customers’ demands.

Here are the advantages of quick service software.

  • Create a virtual restaurant service
  • Get more customers including online and offline
  • Manage your overwhelming tasks easily
  • Understand your customers’ requirements
  • Introduce food delivery service
  • Save additional costs and time
  • Handle the production channel perfectly
  • Communicate with the suppliers anytime
  • Balance the inventory flow including stock in and out
  • Fix the service issue and increase the users’ satisfaction level
  • Grow the profit margin
  • Predict the long term goal of your quick service restaurant

The quick service restaurant POS system is a complete solution for restaurant business owners. Now your restaurant business operation is not complicated as the traditional restaurant owners are facing.

The technology is getting updated and the foodservice business owners should keep pace with the present world.

So integrating the best quick service software is a smart choice for quick service restaurant owners. As it comes with great advantages and the restaurant owners can gain a competitive edge over their rivals, the quick service POS software is the best option for you.

Our software is developed based on the demand for quick service business professionals. So it's world-class software with note-worthy features.

Besides, the Restora POS focuses on all types of restaurant business owners so that you can get all functional units to do with a digital system.

Restora POS is the best because it suits the quick service restaurant business as well as other types of restaurant businesses perfectly.