Fold Your Restaurant with a Time-Worthy Restaurant Management Software

Restora POS provides the ultimate services for your restaurant business that allows the operator to manage each and every aspect automatically. So, the restaurant management software will act as a one-stop solution and help to operate your restaurant smartly.

Big Time To Operate Your Restaurant Under One Umbrella With Restaurant Management Software!!!

Restora POS handles offline orders

Offline Order Handling

We offer a complete POS that will assist you to quickly receive the customer’s offline orders and send them for further processing.

Restora POS handles online orders

Online Order Processing

Restora POS provides a smooth website that can create a virtual connection with your customers to receive online orders.

Delivery system for restaurant software

Delivery System Organizing

This software provides various shipping services like dine-in, takeaway, and others, so you can utilize these in your restaurant.



Increase revenue with Restora POS

To scale up business revenue

Cost-saving restaurant software

To reduce additional cost

Best quality restaurant software

For improving service quality

Best rated restaurant software

To enhance customer satifaction

Restora POS reduces mismanagement

For reducing mismanagement

Best collaborative restaurant software

To ensure a smooth collaboration

Key Features of Restaurant Management System Which Can Form a Milestone

Restora POS software is a full package of all essential features. You will get a complete restaurant management solution through these services. Feeling excited to know about the features of Restora POS software? Deep dive into this section to know about the features.

Restaurant POS Software

To automate the order-taking process, table reservation, and create a smooth communication bridge with the kitchen, you must need a POS system. It would be a very time-worthy decision to integrate a restaurant POS system with your restaurant business. In this regard, you will get this exclusive feature into our restaurant management system.

Restaurant POS system
Attractive restaurant website

Dynamic Website

Without a complete website, you can not create a better engagement with your customers. Also, the website can assist to increase your online presence and enhance your customer experience as well. If you want to receive online orders without any intervention from any third parties, the most prominent need will be a dynamic and smooth website with your system.

Order Management

Your entire effort will be failed, if you can not handle your order taking and distributing process properly. Thus, you have to require an order management system to conduct such kinds of activities. To resolve these difficulties, Restora POS - Restaurant Management Software provides an exhaustive order management system to manage both online and offline orders simultaneously.

Reservation system for restaurant software

Reservation System

Most of the time, the customer wants to reserve the table before going to the restaurant. To ensure the reservation facility, you need to maintain a table reservation system. Through this feature, you can accumulate and manage both online and offline reservations.

Food Management

If you want to ensure a continuous flow of food items in your restaurant, you need an automated food management system. Definitely, you do not serve just a single food item in your restaurant, it is a common thing that you may serve various food items. In this regard, this module allows you to manage food items, variants, and menu types effectively.

Human resource management system for restaurant software

Human Resource Management

Without handling your human resources properly, you can not increase your business profitability. To ensure the best management of your employees, you need to recruit an effective workforce and keep track of their activities. The restaurant management software provides this tool that allows you to maintain each and every aspect of your workforce.

CRM System

Customers are the prime concern for any business. For that reason, we also think of your customers. In this regard, we will provide an exclusive CRM system that allows you to keep a record of your customer details. Also, you can make a comprehensive list of third-party customers that will be beneficial for marketing purposes.

Mobile apps for restaurant software

Mobile App Integration

The most essential aspect is to ensure smooth communication between customer, waiter, and kitchen. For this purpose, we will offer three individual apps - Customer App, Waiter App, and Kitchen App that provide the opportunity to ensure smooth communication and effective service.

Financial Management

To manage any business, you must be required an accurate accounting system. Without the financial management system, you can not handle the entire financial statement. For considering such kinds of issues, we will offer an accurate and automated accounting management feature to calculate the overall financial statement.

Purchase management system

Purchase Management

Are you thinking about how can you manage the purchasing activities of the raw materials? We have already thought about that and come up with a complete solution. Restora POS has an outstanding feature that helps you to manage your suppliers and purchasing activities spontaneously.

Stock Management

Without observing your stock ambiance, you can not predict which you will need or not. But it would be very time-consuming to capture every single entity and prepare a detailed report by hand. In this regard, we have launched this feature to maintain the entire mechanism and save your time & effort.

Detailed reports for restaurant software

Real-time Reports

To observe the growth of your restaurant business, you need to compare the reports. A report is not only a document that expresses how much you will buy or sell but also it will assist you to find out your weakness or limitations. Our software has an exclusive feature that can be able to generate real-time reports automatically.

Ensure a Smooth Operation through Your Fingertips!!!

Some Additional Features of Restaurant Management System

Online and offline POS system

Online & Offline POS

Accurate POS invoice

POS Invoice

Kitchen dashboard for Restora POS

Kitchen Dashboard

Counter dashboard for Restora POS

Counter Dashboard

QR code scanner for restaurant software

QR Code Scanner

Data filtering system

Data Filtering System

Restora POS supports multiple currencies

Multiple Currency

Restora POS supports multiple payment methods

Multiple Payment Method

Commission setup system

Commission Setup System

Kitchen app for restaurant software

Kitchen App

Customer app for restaurant software

Customer App

Waiter app for restaurant software

Waiter App

Ingredient management system

Ingredient Management

Social login system

Social Login System

Loyalty program for restaurant software

Loyalty Program

Shift management system

Shift Management

Tax and GST management system

Tax/GST Settings

Waste management system

Waste Management

Role permission system

Role Permission System

Coupon management system

Coupon System

Menu setup system

Menu Setup System

Database backup system

Database Backup System

Item optimization system

Item Optimization System (SEO)

SMS and email configuration system

SMS & Email Configuration

Restora POS: Restaurant Management Software


Now, it’s time to operate your restaurant and track the entire activities from anywhere and anytime. You will get full flexibility in our service to manage your restaurant. To manage your restaurant, you just need a smartphone, and if you don’t have any desktops or laptops, you can manage or track the overall process through our mobile app.

Customer app for Restora POS

Customer App

Enhances Customer’s Satisfaction & Visibility

Kitchen app for Restora POS

Kitchen App

Ensures an Effective Communication with Kitchen

Waiter app for Restora POS

Waiter App

Improves Productivity & Order Handling Process

Shape Your Restaurant Business Into A Modish Form with Restaurant Management Software!!!

You have already been informed about our supreme services. Definitely, you have realized which one will need to automate your restaurant or which one will give some extra mileage to grow your business network.


Incredible Success Is Waiting!!!


Forget about the managerial hassle! You can manage every single activity through our restaurant management services. We offer flexible pricing packages for considering your convenience, you just need to subscribe to any package according to your requirements.

Now, you can relaunch or newly launch your restaurant business with a few clicks and no need to face installation and hosting hassle.

No Matter You Walk Slowly or Speedly But Carefully

Evaluating something practically is better than taking more time to research unrealistic. Request for a free trial and enjoy 21 days with a digital system.

Restora POS: Ultimate Destination for All Restaurateurs!!!

Restora POS software can be able to provide a smart and digital solution for your restaurant business. Without adopting an automation system, you can not digitize your business activities. If you want to automate your business activities, the Restora POS software will be the best decision.

Let’s Take a Glance at Massive Significance of Restora POS

ensure Maximum revenue icon

Ensure a Maximum Revenue

Restora POS can be able to provide all essential features which will make sure an effective and accurate operation. As a result, you can magnify your profitability.

amplifies restaurants popularity icon

Amplifies Restaurant’s Popularity

We are not only limited to our service for managerial purposes but also provide marketing facilities through some remarkable features.

allows simultaneous Operation icon

Allows Simultaneous Operation

The most prominent advantage of this system is that it can allow the operators to manage various tasks simultaneously.

easy to access Operation icon

Easy to Access & Operate

If you do not have any technical knowledge, you can easily operate the entire system. So, anyone can manage the overall process.

customize design icon

Customize Design

Though it's a complete package, we will also offer customization facilities. According to your requirements, we will customize it.

24/7 technical support icon

24/7 Technical Support

Our main concern is to satisfy our customers through providing continuous service and our dedicated support team is always ready to serve you.

Decorate The Inner Mechanism Of Your Restaurant

The inner mechanism is as much more important for your restaurant as the exterior decoration. The exterior outlook helps to create a positive impression on your customer but the interior mechanism will increase your satisfaction by ensuring accuracy. So, it will be effective if you integrate these services into your business.


From Soup to Nuts Everything You Will Get in Restaurant Management Software !!!

Restora POS provides the opportunity to get all-inclusive functionalities into one single bundle.To manage any restaurant business, you need to require various managerial functions. But it would be very expensive and time-consuming to integrate and operate when you have individual systems to manage your restaurant.


The Best isn’t Always Best If It Doesn’t Suit You

Choose the most suitable software that is the appropriate one for your business type. Let’s try the free trial and examine your needs once again.


A restaurant management software is a computerized tool that can be able to provide all essential features to manage your restaurant’s activities. Moreover, the restaurant management system can assist you to take orders from customers, manage the entire order handling mechanism, as well as deliver the food items to the customers. The restaurant management system can be able to ensure a smooth POS billing system, order management, table.

reservation system, customer management system, human resource management, financial management, app integration system, centralized database, and more.

Also, the restaurant POS software can be able to provide inventory management, food management, purchase management, online & offline order management, waiter & kitchen management, delivery management, and so on. So, the best restaurant management software will be the complete solution for managing your restaurant activities automatically.

In this regard, Restora POS will be the best choice for you because it can be able to provide such kinds of essential features to manage your restaurant efficiently.

The restaurant management system can be able to organize your restaurant’s managerial activities. Also, it has a lot of remarkable advantages which will ensure a smooth workflow of your restaurant.

  • It will help to increase both customer and employee satisfaction
  • Save the maintenance time and reduce managerial cost
  • This automated system can be able to reduce errors and ensure accuracy
  • It can be able to increase the productivity
  • It provides detailed reports that assist to track sales
  • This system can enhance customer relationship
  • It will ensure an effective supply chain management
  • Helps to increase your business ROI, and so on.

It's a very easy process if you want to purchase this service. You just need to contact us and give us your detailed requirements. According to your needs, we will customize this service and you will get your desired system.

Remember, Restora POS is mainly SaaS-based software, so you can not purchase it for a lifetime. You need to provide monthly or half-yearly subscription fees according to which package you have purchased.

So, you can see the details of our pricing packages to pick your desired one.

We always consider our customer’s flexibility. For that reason, you have developed this service for small, medium, and large size restaurants.

If you want to start a small restaurant, you can adopt this service in your small restaurant. Also, if you already have a medium-size restaurant, this software will be suitable for that. On the other hand, when you have a large-size restaurant, the Restora POS software will be easily compatible with your business.

Moreover, we provide four individual pricing packages which will give you enough flexibility to choose any package according to your requirements.

Restora POS software provides a smooth billing system with POS invoicing. It can allow both online and offline order management with the help of some dynamic features.

When you conduct offline order, you just need to go to the manage order section, and then you can select the food items from the visual menu list. After that, this software can calculate the total bill including vat & tax.

Also, this restaurant billing software can be able to manage the overall billing process from order taking to checkout for conducting online orders.

Yes, you can integrate a delivery management system with your restaurant business through this restaurant software. Also, if you have any additional requirements, we will customize it according to your demand. So, contact us and make your restaurant dynamic and profitable.