Restaurant POS System in UAE

Boost your restaurant business with the all-in-one solution. Restora POS is a restaurant management system that offers a full-pack restaurant management process. It is quick to learn, even easier to use and quickly manages the entire system.

Why Do You Require Restaurant POS Systems?

Did you ever think that you really need restaurant POS systems? Maybe not, but it is a real story that you have to use technology to fit in the competitive marketplace. Indeed everything will be changed with respect to technological expansion. Restaurant POS system is a part of modern technology. It may highly change your restaurant's management system. So, take your restaurant off from physical management and move on to the digital management system.

Why Design Your Restaurant with Our Massive Raw Features?

Restora POS has a bunch of features that compel users to continue. This restaurant management system has taken a leading role around the world. It is a lucrative and scarce The best restaurant management system. So, use it and enhance your restaurant business with time. However, we are going to share some features that can snatch your heart.

Attractive & Dynamic Dashboard

Attractive & Dynamic Dashboard

Online & Offline Order Management System

Online & Offline Order Management System

Responsive Website & App Integration

Responsive Website & App Integration

Smart & Multiple Food Delivery Process

Smart & Multiple Food Delivery Process

POS Billing System

POS Billing

QR or Contactless Payment

QR or Contactless Payment

Smart Payment Gateway

Smart Payment

Dynamic Account Management

Dynamic Account Management

Advanced Inventory Management System

Advanced Inventory Management System

HRM (Human Resource Management) System

HRM (Human Resource Management) System

Select Multiple Languages

Select Multiple Languages

Advance Table Booking Process

Advance Table Booking Process

Are You Looking for the Best Restaurant Management System in UAE?

Restora POS is in Dubai right now. This best restaurant management system is specially designed to manage the restaurant's crucial tasks. There are a bunch of privileges to it. So, let's see a few of them.

Dynamic Dashboard

Dynamic Dashboard is a personalized, real-time, and multi-user platform that enables adding, depriving, and existing data seamlessly. Restora POS has an interactive Dashboard to compare your sales or cost with a graphical presentation.

Kitchen Management System

Kitchen management is an important thing for a restaurant. It is a prospective food preparation station. It is the heart of a restaurant and manages it properly, like ordering food preparation, kitchen stock management, monitoring kitchen ingredients, and many more. You may get it done in one system.

Online Food Ordering through Mobile App

Some restaurants accept online food orders. People can easily make an order online through the mobile app. Online order is also possible through the website. In this case, a restaurant management system can be the best choice. It is because Restora POS is integrated with the website and mobile app.

Cloud Based Inventory Management System

Are you worried about minimizing your restaurant wastage? No, worries, Restora POS has brought an advanced cloud-based inventory management system. Easily save, monitor, and track ingredients. It may be good news for you that you may integrate it with Restaurant POS software, and we call it all in one package.

Online Table management System

Do you want to avoid a no-show at your restaurant table? We know a no-show is a type of hesitation and heart-burning situation. Suppose a customer comes to your restaurant and hears that there is no available table for them. It is really heart-burning news. So, offer an online table reservation system, allow the customers to feel better, let them choose a table, and avoid no shows.

Employee Management

Employee management is a process by which employee performance is measured. This process can be easily done through HRM (Human Resource Management). A restaurant owner can easily track and evaluate restaurant staff. In this case, HRM may play a crucial role.

Website & Mobile App Integration

Do you want to make your restaurant smart? If you say yes, then you should use the website and mobile app. Website and mobile apps both are powerful integration. These two powerful integrations enhance online visibility, therefore helping to furnish your brand image. These are also highly responsible to make your restaurant smart and enhance productivity, revenue, and popularity with time.

Online Support

Support is an important part of every sphere. We are ordinary people who strive hard to develop extraordinary solutions, and we are engaged in providing you with the best support to solve any issues. Our active team is able to solve any software or function error (if an error occurs) as soon as possible. If you face any problem, contact our support team for a better solution.

Now restaurant POS system in United Arab Emirates.You are obtaining all the things in one package. So, be hurry, get the Restora POS restaurant management system and build a successful restaurant business.

Does Restora POS Allow Free Trial?

Yes, of course, the Restora POS restaurant management system offers 21 days free trial. Before using it permanently, you may get an opportunity that can help you to improve how much is suitable for your business. You can make a free trial for 21 days. You may go for a subscription or premium package if you feel better.


Frequent Answer Question (FAQ)

Restora POS is a new-generation restaurant management system. Websites and mobile apps are integrated with it. It has many advanced features that attract customers to continue using it. We have been performing for more than a decade. That's why we know about customer demands, and the Restora POS restaurant management system has been designed based on customer demand. So, a restaurant owner can easily manage a restaurant successfully.

We have been told that we understand customer demand and are specially designed for them. Therefore customer satisfaction is our major concern. For this reason, the price is not a big deal. But we charge a limited amount, but the price is not more than its features and privileges. However, let's see, the Restora POS system cost will never cross your limit.

  • Freshly-Mild: $25/month
  • Hot-Spicy: $35/month
  • Bomb-Spicy: $55/month
  • Blast-Spicy: $99/month

You are looking at fluctuating pricing, but each price category contains specific features.

Many companies are performing in Dubai, but there are some ways to choose the best restaurant point of sale systems. In this case, follow some crucial stages, such as

  • System features.
  • Pricing or subscription fees.
  • Which function do you need? Are these available or not?
  • How long have they been performing?
  • See the customer review.

If everything matches your restaurant's requirements, then you may choose the best one.

Yes, the Restora POS restaurant management system offers a 21 day free Trial. In this case, nothing will be deducted from your balance. If you feel better, then you may run for the premium plan. There are four main subscription plans. If you don't want to use the 21 days free plan, then you can directly choose any flexible plan.

Yes, the Restora POS restaurant management system is cost-effective. You may save your investment. How can you save it? Basically, this management system has numerous crucial features, and these are commonly needed to manage a restaurant. You will be glad to hear that you are obtaining a website and mobile app, and these are integrated with the restaurant POS system. If we compare them, we can clarify that Restora POS is a low-cost restaurant management system. So, Restora POS is in Dubai and takes advantage of every chance to get it for restaurant management.

Yes, the POS system is integrated with the website and mobile app. The mobile app is compatible with Android and iOS. Anyone can make an online order through this website and app.

Yes, you can check sales reports on your mobile phone. In this case, you can sign in to your mobile phone from anywhere else and check the details of your sales report.

Of course, Restora POS supports multiple payment methods and allows contactless payment, cash payment, credit card, debit card, etc. We are pretty sure that you will be satisfied with our payment process.

Yes, why not? This restaurant management system has been designed for small, medium, and large-scale restaurant purposes. It is the best POS system for small restaurant business. It is also a top restaurant POS systems for medium and large restaurant management.

The importance of POS system in restaurant is immeasurable. If you would like to bring your restaurant business to the supreme level, then the Restora POS restaurant management system can be inevitable. So, think innovative, use better things, and fulfill your dream. Get in Touch with Restora POS and bring your restaurant business to a supreme level.

Yes, you can easily generate sales, inventory, and other key metrics. Don’t worry we have brought restaurant POS system in UAE to provide you the complete restaurant management system.

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