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Restora POS Software:

A New Way to Manage a Restaurant

Restaurant POS is a point of sale system that accumulates the hardware and software to control transactions and workflow of the food industry. Restora POS is not only an online ordering system like other POS but also includes inventory, HR & payroll, CRM, supply chain, reporting, and analytics, etc.

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Restora is More than a Restaurant POS System

All in one Restaurant Management Software

Most restaurant business owners look for a single system by which they can organize, control, manage and monitor all activities of a restaurant business.

Does all in one POS system exist?

Yes, we consider the requirements of the foodservice business owners and designed a world-class restaurant POS software named Restora.

Let’s Find Out Your Restaurant Type

Our restaurant POS system is compatible with all types of foodservice businesses. Do you have a small, medium, or large size restaurant? Besides, you may have multiple branches of your restaurant.

Now, you don’t have to think once again. Restora POS is designed for every restaurant type.

Small Restaurant

Quick Service Restaurant

Medium Restaurant

Large Restaurant

Bar or Club


Fine Dining

Casual Dining

Full Service Restaurant

Digital Dining


Transportation Hub


Casino or Cruise Ship

Cloud or Ghost Kitchen

Food Truck



Restora: A Universal Restaurant Manager

Restora software acts as a restaurant manager. All activities of a restaurant can be maintained through a single system only.Besides, it can predict your business growth with its modern analytical system. As a restaurant manager, Restora will give you the guideline on how to manage your restaurant soundly. Here you’ll get upselling and cross-selling system.

On the other hand, Restora has restaurant marketing tools. It’s a multichannel campaign manager. In addition to the marketing automation system saves your time and engages more customers.

Moreover, the newsletter database helps you to create a customer database for conducting marketing campaigns.

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Principal Features of Restora POS Software

The Restaurant POS system is a new technology for the restaurant business. Now restaurant industry can provide more convenient services to the customers. Meanwhile, the restaurant owners can earn more profit.

But you have to choose the right restaurant POS software for your business. You have to consider your requirements and then you should adopt one of them.Let’s see what features are recommended by the restaurant expertise and which features the Restora offers.

Dynamic Dashboard

Restora offers a complete dashboard to restaurant owners. It helps them to summarize the current business status. Now you can easily get an overview of your business with a single tap. Besides, the most advanced feature you are going to see is the graphical view of your orders, sales, amount of total sales, etc.

  • Lifetime orders
  • Today orders
  • Today sale
  • Total customers
  • Total sales
  • Total Delivered
  • Total Reservation
  • Latest offline and online orders
  • Latest reservation
  • Pending order
  • Sales and orders graph
  • Monthly report
Dynamic dashboard of Restora POS
Manage online orders with online ordering system

Online Ordering System

Nowadays online food ordering is getting increased. Restora POS helps restaurant owners to use an online ordering system instead of a third-party ordering platform. Restora provides a creative restaurant website. Your customers can place an order from here.

  • Attractive restaurant website
  • Browse menu
  • Add to cart option
  • Online ordering
  • Delivery system
  • Online payment

QR Code Ordering System

Restora provides a digital menu. So the customers can place a contactless order. In this case, they need to scan the QR code of the particular item. As a result, you don’t need always a dedicated waiter to make an order.

  • Real-time order
  • Contactless order
  • Bill payment
  • Digital menu
  • Mobile friendly system
Qr code order system is convenient
Integrate the mobile application

Mobile App Integration System

Android & iOS App

Restora is a time-worthy restaurant management system. Nowadays the customers prefer online ordering. Mobile application is essential to build a strong workflow between the waiters and chefs.

  • Customer App
  • Kitchen App
  • Waiter App

Restaurant Billing System

Restora supports multiple payments gateway systems. Besides, the billing system Restora POS is well developed and secure. We integrate the most popular and most useful payment gateway.

  • Cash
  • Paytm
  • Paystack
  • Stripe
  • Square
  • RMA
  • SSL Commerz
  • Paypal
  • 2Checkout
  • Card
  • Razorpay
Receive the payment with multiple payment system
Control the POS without internet connection

Online & Offline POS System

Restora provides a complete order management system. Now you can manage both online and offline orders easily. You don’t require an uninterrupted internet connection to manage your POS system. It’s a convenient feature of Restora POS for restaurant owners.

  • Order placing
  • Creating invoice
  • Data synchronization
  • Invoice printing
  • Managing orders

Restaurant POS Invoice System

POS invoice system is the basic component of restaurant POS software. The online orders and the offline orders management are now at your fingertip. It covers-

  • Receiving orders
  • Online orders
  • Order status
  • Kitchen status
  • Order overview
  • Today’s orders
  • Customer info
  • Food list
  • Assign waiter
  • Table status
  • Print invoice
  • New order notification
Collect and review the POS invoice
Control the ongoing order with KDS

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

The kitchen is an inevitable part of a restaurant. Restora covers the kitchen management system. It helps the restaurant managers to control and monitor all operations in the kitchen. Besides, the KDS optimizes the kitchen operations by minimizing the required time and food processing error.

  • New order
  • Order notification
  • Order confirmation
  • Processing time
  • Prepared item

A to Z Order Management System

The Restaurant POS system is designed considering some basic requirements of a restaurant. Order management is one of the basic components of restaurant POS software. Restora comes with a complete solution for managing orders.

  • List of orders both online and offline
  • Running orders
  • Fulfilled orders
  • Canceled orders
Manage both online and offline orders
Reserve the table through table booking system

Table Booking System

The table reservation is a time-worthy choice at present. The customers want to save time So they look for an advanced table booking facility. Restora POS offers a table reservation system. In this regard, the restaurant owners can provide more flexible service to the customers.

  • Reservation
  • Add booking
  • Unavailable day
  • Reservation setting

Supply Chain Management System

The supply chain is a basic part of a restaurant. Restora helps the restaurant managers to make the purchasing department stronger. Now you can control your entire supply chain.

  • Purchase item
  • Add purchase
  • Purchase return
  • Return invoice
  • Supplier manage
  • Supplier ledger
Develop a strong relationship with your suppliers
Manage the production channel

Production Management System

Restora POS system has a well structured production management system. It helps the restaurant managers to control the entire production channel.

  • Set production unit
  • Production setlist
  • Add production
  • Production setting

Accounts Management System

Accounts maintenance is a complicated task for restaurant professionals. When Restora can maintain your whole accounts of your business, It’ll be a great opportunity. Now you’ll get an error-free calculation and real-time data of your business. Moreover, the accounts management system of Restora POS software gives you the best experience of calculating your expenses and costs.

  • Chart of accounts
  • Supplier payment
  • Cash adjustment
  • Debit voucher
  • Credit voucher
  • Contra voucher
  • Journal voucher
  • Voucher approval
  • Accounts report
Maintain a proper cash flow
Increase the efficiency of workforce

Human Resource Management System

Restaurant business needs to focus on employee Management to ensure performance and efficiency. Restora comes with a complete HR solution for the restaurant. The employee management system can assure your restaurant’s productivity.

  • Manage employee
  • Attendance report
  • Expenses
  • Award
  • Recruitment
  • Operational department
  • Leave
  • Loan

Reports & Analytics System

Restora eases the challenging task of the restaurant business. Now you don’t have to spend more time making your business report manually. Restora POS will give you the error-free business report individually and automatically. So you can predict your restaurant’s future.

  • Purchase report
  • Food stock report
  • Kitchen stock report
  • Sales report
  • Cash register report
  • Sale by date
  • Sale by table
  • Commission
Get real time report and analytics
Track the inventory status timely

Inventory Management System

Inventory is the heart of a business. Every restaurant must have an inventory or stock. Restora helps the restaurant professionals to manage, monitor, and track the inventory. Inventory management system ensures the optimum balance of your restaurant stock.

  • Manage Purchase
  • Manage Food
  • Manage category
  • Food availability
  • Stock in
  • Stockout ingredients

What Makes the Restora POS Software Exceptional!!!

Restaurant POS software is highly recommended for the restaurant business. Nowadays the restaurant startup and the existing restaurant owners are focusing on modern technology. You may have already integrated a restaurant management software or a restaurant billing software. But is it capable to manage your entire restaurant business operation perfectly?

In addition to this, modern technology is evolving based on the requirement of the users. Do you think your restaurant POS software is compatible with the upcoming technology?Restora is exceptional because it offers unique and updated features. It comes with a plethora of useful and interesting features.

Attractive website for your restaurant

Dynamic Restaurant Website

Restora POS is a reputed software

World-class POS System

Get notified the required info

Real-time Notification

Control the log in access

Role Permission System

Responsive restaurant software

100% Responsive

Store your data securely

Secure Data Management

Operate the POS both online and offline

Working both Online & Offline

Responsive for all devices

Desktop, Tab, and Mobile Friendly

Order with the QR scanner

QR Contactless Order Management

Log in with Facebook is available

Facebook Login System

Give discount to the customers

Loyalty Program

Receive your customer review

Customer Feedback System

Build a customer relationship

Customer Relationship Management

Get real time notification

Notification Sound & Pop up System

Place an order with WhatsApp

WhatsApp Ordering System

Manage the employee shifting

Shift Management System

Manage the waste foods

Waste Management System

Add your taste habit with order

Taste Habit Program

Ship the products in multiple ways

Multiple Shipping Method

Maximum support of currencies

Multiple Currency System

Get real time update of your software

Continuously Updating

Satisfactory customer service

Satisfactory Customer Support

Control your kitchen with mobile

Mobile KOT

Key Reasons Why 1000+ Restaurant Owners Walk with Us

The restaurant POS system provides a guideline on how to manage a restaurant business successfully. So we can minimize the rate of failure of the restaurant startup.In addition to this, the restaurant business professionals can directly contact our restaurant expertise for any management difficulties. Our skilled and dedicated team is always ready to solve any technical issue.

Moreover, we have an intention to hear the demand of the restaurant owners or managers, then we provide the required solution within their budget.

Be Proactive, Compete Your Rivals & Grow More

Restora: A Tram Card for Your Restaurant

Restaurant POS software is digital technology. You can cover online ordering, online delivery, restaurant billing, inventory management, branding, and other operational activities.

But you may face a challenge to find out the complete package in a single system. Restora is| developed for smart restaurant owners who look for a smart solution.

Get Ready to Grab Something Special for Your Restaurant!!!

Restora is advanced, time-worthy, unique, & responsive.

A user-friendly POS system is highly required as the restaurant professionals don’t have the coding or technical knowledge. The Restora POS system is designed considering this factor.

Besides, our restaurant POS software includes all essential operations solutions. Now you have to make sure just what you are going to serve to the customers. The rest will be done automatically.


Restaurant POS software is a point of sale system that covers all billing or transaction processes of a restaurant. Besides, it helps to manage online ordering and delivery, table reservation, inventory, employee, supply chain, reporting, and analytics, etc. However, restaurant POS software is a complete package of a restaurant management solution.

Typically, the costs of integrating a restaurant POS software vary depending on the packages. You will require a one-time installation charge and a monthly or yearly subscription fee.

The installation fee also relies on the packages. In this case, you’ll need $210 to $470. On the other hand, the subscription fee starts from $25 to $99 / month.

So you don’t need to worry about the costs of a restaurant POS system. It’s convenient for all types of restaurant owners.

It’s the 21st century and every business sector is getting digitized. After integrating digital technology, business professionals gain a lot of benefits.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of restaurant POS software.

  • Saves valuable time and additional costs
  • Helps to grow revenue
  • Maximizes the efficiency of staff
  • Eases the managerial operations
  • Increases customers and more sales
  • Expands the marketplace
  • Ensures customer satisfaction and retention
  • Helps to gain a competitive edge over the competitors
  • Predicts your restaurant future with business intelligence
  • Builds a seamless connection among waiters, chefs, and customers

Restora is a premium category restaurant POS software that leads the global market. The features of the Restora are magnificent.

Restaurant experts analyzed a long time and identified the exact requirements of the restaurant business.

Besides, we consider the budget of the customers. So the pricing of the Restora is minimum even it comes with prime features.

Every type of restaurant can adopt Restora and based on the size and type, the packages are categorized.

“Our main focus is to keep our customers satisfied as you think about your service users.”