Control & Boost UP Restaurant Business with Restaurant Manager POS System

Manage and control a restaurant conveniently with a restaurant manager POS system. This restaurant POS software is referred to as Restora POS that offers all in one solution with simple finger trips.

Manage a Restaurant with a Quality Restaurant Management POS Software

All the managing and controlling systems are super easy. All the features and privileges have made this software unique and updated in the modern technological era. By using this restaurant management system a restaurant manager is able to find out all the things and progress as well.

Restora POS provides the perfect solution for customization, security, and better management. However, a restaurant manager can use this software free trial for one month to prove how efficient the restaurant management system is. So, get in touch, use a free trial, get proof, and go for a long run.

Grow a Restaurant Business with Restaurant Manager POS System

Get an appropriate restaurant POS system with sufficient cost. The restaurant manager POS price limit will never cross your budget. Restora POS is a low-cost & complete restaurant management software that contains extensive features to perfectly handle a restaurant business. So, let’s see some common features of it.

Sales report tracking

Sales Report Tracking

Eye catchy menu

Eye Catchy Menu

Management Food recipe management

Food Recipe Management

Easy billing process

Easy Billing Process

Table reservation

Table Reservation

Staff management

Staff Management

User management

Individual User Management

Online ordering

Online Ordering

Inventory tracking

Inventory Tracking

Website integration

Website Integration

Waiter app

Waiter App

Ktchen app

kitchen App

Make a Restaurant Well Managed & Operative with Restaurant Manager Point of Sale

Are you tired of managing a restaurant manually? Use the best POS system for restaurants and optimize your restaurant business for the long run. Take a look at a glance of a few services that you can offer for crucial customer privileges.

Food Delivery

Food Delivery

In most cases, food delivery service is applicable for a few persons who order using a mobile app to get food in their location and drive-thru. But using the restaurant manager point of sale system a manager can successfully do that.

Food Ordering

Food Ordering

Order collection is a crucial part. There is a waiter app and a kitchen app. Customers can digitally browse menus and place orders. On the other hand, restaurant waiters collect the order through the waiter app and send it to the kitchen app.

Table Reservation

Table Reservation

Table reservation service is an essential thing for a restaurant to avoid no show. However, a person can reserve a table online without coming to the restaurant. This process can successfully be done using restaurant manager POS.

Staff Management

Staff Management

Managing restaurant staff is an essential thing. The CRM system is integrated with this software. It manages employees schedule, attendance, arrival time, leaving time, leave management, and others. It is known that good staff management ensures better restaurant service and growth.

Sales Report & Analytics

Sales Report & Analytics

This module can perfectly track and analyze restaurant sales data (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly), invoices, supply management, and others. This module helps you to filter the prior data and give you a smart data visualization. A manager can filter a restaurant opening and closing balance also.

Inventory Tracking

Inventory Tracking

A restaurant manager can track the food ingredients and kitchen ingredients. Whenever a manager purchases something then the manager can select the item quantity to get notification about the minimum ingredients level. So, it’s the easiest process to track inventory perfectly.

Start Your Restaurant Business And Pick Up At The Optimum Level With Restaurant Manager POS Software.

This complete restaurant management system will help you in various ways to tailor any kind of food service, such as fine dining, bakery shop, pizza shop, home made food delivery service, and others.

This best restaurant software can offer standard management solutions for all the types of restaurant. So, feel free to use that and make your restaurant business modern and updated according to the current era.

However, there are numerous crucial modules for restaurant manager POS. So, let’s discuss a few of them.

Restaurant Manager Dashboard

This dashboard gives a smart view to the super admin. A POS system may have different users. A super admin can give access to the different sub-users to implement specific tasks. But the manager or super admin can successfully manage them. Managers can track other users, sales, performance, and other working activities.


Menu Design and Management

Menu management is a crucial thing in all the counters. Because customers will make an order by looking at the menu. It has an attractive menu management system. The restaurant manager can perfectly design the menu section using this module. The specific user can track their selling items and customer orders as well.


Website and App Integration

Website and app integration modules create a collaboration between the app and the website. In that case, website traffic can be redirected to the app. A restaurant may have different kitchen and POS displays and different users to manage different tasks of a restaurant. In that case, this integrating system becomes more useful to collect data from different sources.


Restaurant Waiter App

The restaurant waiter app provides a complete solution to collect orders from customers. In that case, a waiter can collect an order from the customers online and offline. Let’s check at a glance what types of work are managed by waiters using mobile apps.

  • Help the customer to select the menu.
  • Accept orders from customers.
  • Handle new order notifications.
  • They accept payment.
  • Send the order to the kitchen.
  • Orders can be canceled using waiter app.

Restaurant Kitchen App

The restaurant kitchen app is specially designed to manage the kitchen. After accepting the customer's order then the waiter sends it to the kitchen chef. The chef gets a notification and confirms what will have to be prepared for the customers. So, take a look at a glance at which features are available in the kitchen app.

  • Accept orders from the waiter.
  • Kitchen display monitor.
  • Kitchen display monitor.
  • Notify the waiter about the delivery time.

CRM System

CRM refers to customer relationship management. This module is specially designed for restaurant audiences. CRM modules can keep track of the audience's data and also provide real-time data. It shows how many people come to the restaurant, the type of customers, customer history, and others. This module plays a crucial role for the busy restaurants.


Powered by Restora POS

The restaurant manager POS system quick service POS system. It is powered by Restora POS. Restora POS is a leading and customizable and best restaurant management software.


There are massive privileges to using this POS software. It may contribute from the start to the closing of a restaurant. The above features and options are last but not least, see in short why you require this high-quality restaurant management software.

  • Speedy transaction to avoid customer hesitation.
  • Quick ordering system.
  • Automatic price scheduling.
  • Staff management in a convenient way.
  • Trained restaurant staff in a short time.
  • Back office reporting process.
  • Inventory control and specific stock counters.
  • Third-party ordering process to grow revenue.

Yes, of course, Restora POS is a smart restaurant POS system. It is compatible with iOS, Android, tablet, and computers. It offers an extended range of functionality from receiving order to billing stage. These processes can be done through different devices, like tablets, POS screens, or computers. So, don’t worry about its compatibility.

May be not. If you find the best and popular restaurant software to manage a restaurant. Such POS systems may have different functionality to manage a restaurant from different aspects. Restora POS is one of them and it is customizable and any module can be added with that, and a bunch of features and functionalities are available. That’s why the price limit is not higher than other restaurant management POS software.

Get in touch with Restaurant Manager POS. Go inside and find you needs that you are looking for.