Bars & Breweries Management Software: 24*7 Solution for Your Cosy & Luxuries Bar!

Restora POS provides exclusive cloud-based bars and breweries management software that allows gaining entire control to speed up and automate your service.

Smart & Exhaustive Package for Your Bar & Brewery Business

A smart solution and complete POS package to keep a seamless flow of your bar and brewery business.

bars and breweries POS software

Transform Your Perilous Business Into A Profitable Structure with Bar Management Software

maintenance tools for bar business

Maintenance Tools

To manage your bar & brewery business, you will get all the necessary tools in this bar management package. You can automatically handle the overall activities from purchasing bar items to delivering them to your customers.

effective tracking for bar business

Effective Tracking

Restora POS software has an effective tracking system to ensure the reliability and authenticity of your business. You can observe all the activities and get a precise and concise report through this bar management software.

tangible revenue of bar business

Tangible Revenue

The ultimate target for all businesses is to gain outstanding revenue. This bars and breweries management software enhances the remarkable profit of your business by providing all essential features and making it transparent and computerized

Cover Up Your Business with Restora POS - Bars & Breweries Management Software

We always think of our customer’s comfortableness. To manage your bar and brewery business, you need to integrate some essential features that will give the automation and estimation.

website for bar management software

Upscale Website

To enhance the visibility and reach globally, you must choose that system where you will get a dynamic website. A website can help to increase the online presence of your bars & breweries business. Restora POS provides a website that allows customers to take online orders and complete the payment process.

POS Billing System

To automate the billing process of your bars & breweries business, you definitely need bars and breweries management software. You can resolve such kinds of difficulties through the Restora POS software. It allows multiple payment gateways, a quick checkout process, and print a detailed invoice that will be time-saving and cost-effective.

inventory management for bar POS software

Inventory Management

If you want to maintain a continuous flow of your sales, you need to keep track of your stock. But it would be very time-consuming and grievous if you manually checked all items. In this regard, Restora POS provides an automated inventory management system to resolve these issues through the bars and breweries management software.


Order Management

This feature will act as the pillar of any restaurant, bar, and brewery business. An effective order management system will play the role of a virtual assistant to complete the entire order handling process. If you do not handle the order managing system properly, you will not gain the expected revenue.

table reservation system for bar software

Table Reservation System

Considering the flexibility of your customer, you need to have a table reservation system. Restora POS gives you a table booking system with this bars and breweries management system. Customers can reserve their preferred table before going to the bar through this feature. So, it will create a positive appearance in the minds of your customers.


CRM System

In your bars, pubs, or breweries business, you may have to deal with a myriad of customers. It will create an extra advantage if you want to keep a record of the preference or demands of your customers. According to this record, you can provide showcase your cocktails, citrus juice, mixed drinks, and other bar items.

menu management for bar management software

Menu Management

This one is one of the essential features of any bar management software. Restora POS software offers a customizable menu management system to conduct a smooth ordering process. You can get an updated menu that will be changed in real-time based on your stock through this bars and breweries software.

Shift Management

You can efficiently handle your bar and brewery business with this bar POS software because it has an effective shift management system. This feature can allow assigning your staff to any specific shift, and assist to monitor their activities. So, it provides a clear report on which department your employees are working in your venue.

Enlighten The Inner Mechanism Of Your Bars & Breweries Business


multiple payment gateways

Multiple Payment Gateways

centralized database system

Centralized Database

data backup system

Data Backup System

price scheduling system

Price Scheduling

QR ordering system

QR Order Scanning

check splitting system

Check Splitting

cash management system

Cash Management

inventory tracking system

Inventory Tracking

receipt management system

Receipt Management

theft prevention system

Theft Prevention

card payment system

Card Payment System

apps integration system

Apps Integration

SEO analytics

SEO Analytics

communication tools

Communication Tools

Pre-authorization system

Pre-authorization System

loyalty and gift programs system

Loyalty & Gift Programs

Restora POS: Flawless Managerial Process of Bar & Brewery Management Software

Now, you can visualize the entire working process of your bars, pubs, or breweries business. This bar and brewery management software can efficiently handle the overall mechanism and assist you to operate your bars or nightclubs effortlessly.

installation of bar software

Hassle-free Installation

Just subscribe to our service, and install it on your desktop or laptop. No need to face any extra hassle for installation. It’s easy to install and operate.

setup modules in bar management system

Modules Orientation

We always serve you based on your demand. Pick all necessary modules which you will need, and build a complete bar management solution according to your needs and requirements.

order receives by bar software

Receives Order from Customers

After that, you can receive orders from your customers just using your fingertips and few clicks. No need to conduct any paper-based activity to receive orders and further processing.

generates POS invoice through bar software

Generates POS Invoice

Save your time and increase productivity through automated the overall activities of your bars and breweries business. It allows making a complete POS invoice quickly and spontaneously.

checkout system of bar management software

Quick Checkout System

Fast and precise checkout process. To eliminate the dilemma of completing the payment process, you will get the smoothest feedback through this bars and breweries management system.

shipping method selection of bar software

Shipping Method Selection

Restora POS provides the opportunity to build an organized form of delivering your bar items to the customers. You can utilize any delivery method to deliver your drink items.

monitoring and reporting system of bar software

Monitoring & Reporting

This brewery management software allows continuous monitoring to observe the performance. Finally, it can be able to generate an accurate and detailed report of your business.

Pivotal Points of Bars & Breweries Management Software

Business is yours but technology is ours! Just focus on your bars & breweries business and your business strategy, we are back and forth with you to provide technological establishment.

flexible in use of bar software

Flexibility in Use

This provides the operator with a wide range of modules and functions. You can pick any features according to your needs or requirements, and easily integrate any specific features with your business.

secure transaction of bar software

Secured Transaction

This bar management software can be able to provide multiple payment gateways and receives payment on credit cards. It will minimize the payment-related hassle and ensure enough security in the transactional process.

minimizes errors of bar’s business

Minimizes Errors

It ensures the utmost accuracy and transparency through the various automated functionalities. From stock monitoring to checkout, everything you can maintain in your bar with this bar and brewery software.

smooth interaction of bar’s business

Smooth Interaction

This software can arrange virtual communication between the employees, waiters, and customers. Restora POS provides a bar counter dashboard that will ensure an easy and effective interaction between waiters and customers.

ensure correlation of bar’s business

Effective Correlation

All features and functions are interconnected in this bar management software. It will automatically transfer the entire mechanism one by one and no need for any manual intervention to do it.

third-party integration system

Third-Party Integration

Restora POS allows you to integrate any third-party delivery app like Zomato, Swiggy, DoorDash. Uber Eats and so on. This system can assist you to fulfill your customer’s demands anytime and anywhere.

Concise & Precise Reporting of Bar & Brewery Management System

Our continuous system can be able to reduce your workload by building a dynamic shape of your bars and breweries business. Around 99% of the time will be saved and costs will be minimized by producing trilateral reports.

stock reporting system

Stock Reports

Now, you can oversee the current situation of your stock from anywhere and anytime. You will be notified when any bar ingredient does not exist in your stock. According to the availability of the bar items, you can easily make the supreme decision on which items you need to be purchased.

purchase reporting system

Purchase Reports

How easily you can be informed about the latest update of your stock! Yes, this bar and brewery management solution makes the report preparing task so easy and effective. You can control the overall purchasing activities and will get comprehensive reports to evaluate the growth of your bars and brewery business.

sales reporting system

Sales Reports

You can compare the bar and brewery items sales over time, as well as you can get a data filtering system to filter date-wise sales reports according to the invoice no, customer ID, waiter name, sales type, and third-party commission rate. So, it will provide a concise and precise sales report.

user friendly and elegant website

To Expand Online Presence Have a User-friendly & Elegant Website

multiple payment methods

To Provide Multiple Payment Methods for Ensuring Secured Transaction

third-party delivery system

To Ensure Soothing Delivery Have a Third-Party Delivery System

self-ordering kiosk system

To Minimize the chaos allows integrating self-ordering kiosk


We Buckle down the Perfection with Bar Management Software

We not only think of our client’s demand and satisfaction. We also think of your customer’s needs. Considering the flexibility of your customer, we offer various key aspects that will give an extra dimension to your bars and breweries business. Restora POS serves all necessary features and functionalities to enhance your user’s experience.

Restora POS: Virtual Weapon To Grab Success!

Your success is now hanging on the door of your bars, you just need to open your eyes and click to subscribe to our constructive packages based on your requirements. Hopefully, our bars & breweries management software can be able to provide a smart managerial solution.


Get Ready to Furnish Your Bar with this Bars & Breweries Management Software?

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Bars and breweries management software is an automated tool and complete computerized package to manage the entire activities of any bar and brewery business. In the bar management software, you will get all essential features such as a customer management system, inventory management system, online & offline order management, staff management, POS billing system, reservation system, customize menu management, shift management, and so on.

These features can assist you to operate the overall activity of your bar and brewery business. So, the bar and brewery management system allow the operator to handle all aspects automatically and spontaneously without any manual interventions. Restora POS provides such kinds of bar management solutions to build a smart and dynamic bar.

To ensure success and reduce errors, you must automate your business activities. In this regard, you can integrate a bar management software that will give the following dimension to grow your business.

  • Save your valuable time and reduce errors and cost
  • Provides better flexibility, scalability, and accessibility
  • Helps to enhance communication and collaboration among employees
  • Builds a smooth customer relationship and satisfaction
  • Allows to access any data to ensure the safety and security
  • Provide an accurate and effective financial management

There is a lot of bar management system available such as Restora POS, TouchBistro, Bar Cop, Lightspeed Bar POS, Toast Bar POS System, and so on. Before choosing any bar management software, you need to consider some factors that will assist you to choose the right bars and breweries management software for your business.

  • Pricing packages and policies
  • Customization system
  • Technical assistance and support
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Features and functionalities
  • Mobile app integartion system
  • Third-party delivery system
  • User-friendly interface, and so on.

A cloud-based bar and brewery management software will be the best solution for your bars, pubs, and breweries business. Here, I would like to describe some major reasons that will help you to understand why cloud-based bar management software will be the best decision for your business.

  • Easy to install and manage
  • Easy to deploy and update
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Increased data security
  • Flexibility & mobility
  • Allowed data backup & restore system
  • Reduced both hardware and software maintenance cost

Restora POS is the best bars and breweries management software because you will get all the essential features that will need to operate your bars, pubs, and breweries business. Also, this software offers flexible pricing packages that will assist the owner to subscribe to any package according to your requirement.

Most significantly, you will get some incredible features such as order management, employee management, CRM system, stock management, reservation system, financial management, POS billing system, menu management, and more.

So, the Restora POS will be the best and absolute bars and breweries management software or bars and breweries management system for your bara, pubs, and breweries business.