An In-Depth View of Restaurant Billing Software

By Mahmuda Akter Isha -- Monday, 04 Jul, 2022
restaurant billing software

Do you have a restaurant business? Want to integrate a restaurant billing software with your restaurant business? To automate the billing procedure of your restaurant, you need to adopt restaurant accounting software. 

However, it will be very effective if you learn in-depth about restaurant management software before integrating it with your business. In this regard, this article will act as your helping hand because you can easily understand the core features and significance of a restaurant billing system

According to a statistic, 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is projected around 44.1 million users has been used the food delivery apps and applied the online food ordering process. 


Definitely, you have realized how crucial the restaurant management software is. Go through this article to find out the core aspects and working mechanisms of restaurant software.    

What Is Restaurant Billing Software?


Restaurant billing software refers to a computerized system that can allow the users to conduct the overall activities such as online order management, POS billing, online table reservation system, inventory management, and so on. A restaurant billing system can assist to operate and maintain the entire activities automatically within a centralized database. 

Moreover, the restaurant billing software is a complete package. It can not only help to manage the transactional processes but also handle the overall aspects like kitchen order tickets (KOT) and bar order tickets (BOT) of your restaurant business. So, the restaurant billing software is also known as restaurant management software or restaurant POS software.      

How to Choose the Best Restaurant Billing Software?

To choose the best restaurant billing software, you have to ensure some features. A variety of features will be included in the restaurant POS software. If you decide to use a specific restaurant billing software, you should have the list available.

However, the most in-demand features are all included and accounted for in modern billing software. Here, you will get an outline of some of the key features that your billing software must have.

1. Online & Offline Order Management

This one is one of the significant features of the restaurant billing software. You can handle both online and offline orders through this feature. 

Restaurant owners loathe having to check several devices to see how their orders are progressing across channels. It's annoying and challenging to control. You may now manage the online orders submitted through your restaurant billing software with the use of modern POS systems and technologies. 

The restaurant software provides an easy-to-maintain billing system that would include simple integrations with third-party aggregators. Therefore, your billing tool will display the online food orders from Zomato, Swiggy's, and Uber, as well as your own online meal ordering system. 

It will be easy and convenient. No more complaints from eateries that struggled to track information from several channels.

2. Inventory Management

The inventory management system is another exclusive feature to ensure the smooth operation of your restaurant business. You will get a real-time update of your stock that can assist in observing which items are limited or out of stock. 

Therefore, you can easily identify true food costs as well as ensure the accuracy of your stock. In order to plan purchases, comprehend food costs, and prevent material waste, restaurant inventory management requires keeping track of both raw and processed commodities. While some restaurants continue to use the outdated pen and paper method, digital techniques have gained popularity.   

3. Website & Apps Integration

One of the most crucial features of any restaurant management software is to have a website and apps integration system. You can add a dynamic website to your system through this feature. This feature allows you to receive orders and provide a real-time update to your customers. As a result, your customers can easily place their orders from anywhere and anytime. 

On the other hand, the mobile apps integration system is another exclusive feature of any restaurant billing software. Moreover, this feature helps to create a good impression on your customers and they can easily conduct their food ordering process.   

4. Online Reservation System 

You will get a distinct point of comparison for all of your incoming data. Only ticketing, issuing receipts, and billing could be handled using the conventional billing software. 

However, you can now manage your online reservations using a single system. This feature allows you to receive and handle all online table reservations so that customers can easily book or reserve their desired table before going to the restaurant. 

5. POS Billing System

To ensure a quick and smooth order receiving process, you must require a POS billing system with your chosen restaurant POS software. This feature allows you to receive orders easily and smoothly. 

You just need to select the food items, then the system is completed the overall billing process. Moreover, this feature will save time and you do not need to calculate the total amount of bills manually. You can automatically get the POS invoice through this feature as well.    

6. Multiple Payment Gateways

Your billing software should be adaptable enough to permit clients to pay using their preferred payment methods. Your restaurant billing system should be able to handle all of that, whether it comes via cash, payment wallets, or debit/credit cards. 

Therefore, your system should incorporate all current payment modules so that your restaurant workers can use them without difficulty. This feature will ensure a smooth transactional process which will be more convenient for your customers. 

7. Customer Management System

To keep an accurate record of your costumes, you have to require a customer management system. This feature allows you to manage your customers and you can keep a record of all your customers. 

By using this feature, you can acquire new customers which is essential to accelerate your business growth. Also, you can maintain the SMS or email campaign that will keep a better customer engagement and increase the chances of repeat visits. 

So, this feature helps to manage loyalty programs and create a good impression. As a result, the customers will back to your restaurant again and again.         

8. Food Management

This one is another exclusive feature to organize the food items of your restaurant. Moreover, you can manage the food categories by adding new categories and showing the existing categories. Also, this feature allows you to manage food items by adding new foods, group items, food variants, food availability, menu type, and so on. 

Most significantly, this feature assists your customers to add various add-ons as well as provides a list of all add-ons. So, it will be crucial to ensure a food management feature with your restaurant billing software.        

9. Analytics & Reporting

Data entering through your outlets and online orders both go through your billing system, which serves as the hub for all incoming data. Operations and analytics receive a large amount of data to process and analyze because data management takes place centrally.

In order to categorize your target clients, structured data can be highly beneficial for your restaurant. When data and your analytics tool are well-synchronized, you may gain insights and make more accurate data-driven decisions. Before you begin the analytics process, it is crucial that you specify a few metrics that span many functions.

10. Centralized Database

A complete restaurant billing software provides a centralized database management system. As a result, you will get a single platform to conduct the entire operation of your system. Most significantly, you will get data backup facilities to retrieve any data or information. 

Moreover, you need to separately integrate various features and functionalities to operate the overall aspect of your restaurant. Rather, the feature allows you to store, locate, and maintain all data and information from a single location.  

Why Do You Need a Restaurant Billing System?


From the previous section, you have already been informed about some significant features of the restaurant billing system. However, you will get some additional advantages if you can ensure such kinds of features. 

In addition, there are some remarkable benefits to having restaurant billing software in your restaurant business. So, you can integrate a restaurant POS software into your restaurant business to get these advantages.   

Automated & Centralized Management

The restaurant billing software provides automated and central management to maintain the overall aspect of your restaurant. You do not need to handle manually the order receiving and order processing activities. In this regard, you will get a complete automated restaurant management system that allows you to manage every single aspect from a single source.            

Improved Customer Relationships

Customers are the key asset of any business. If you want to start a restaurant business, you have to ensure a better service to your customers. In this regard, you can integrate the restaurant billing software that will help to conduct your billing activities as well as manage your customers. Moreover, you can keep a detailed record of your customers that will assist you to conduct the marketing campaign successfully.     

Enhanced Security & Services

If you choose a complete restaurant POS software, you will get a secure system with improved services. Moreover, the restaurant software helps to increase security and provide a better service to your customers. You can set up a role permission system that will prevent any unauthorized access. Also, you will get a data backup system so that you can easily retrieve all the data and enhance the security of your system.              

24*7 Accessibility

The restaurant billing software provides 24*7 accessibility so that you can easily operate your entire system from anywhere and anytime. Moreover, the restaurant management system allows you to handle the order receiving and tracking activities without sitting at the desk. Rather, you can manage the overall activities from anywhere in your restaurant, you just require a mobile device or need to connect to the internet.        

Reduce Time Complexity & Errors

When you conduct all of the activities by hand, there will be a chance to occur any kind of error or mistake. To solve such kinds of issues, you can integrate the restaurant billing system. The restaurant software helps to reduce the time complexity by performing several operations automatically. Since the entire system will be performed automatically, you will get an error-free service. As a result, you can ensure to provide an accurate service to your customers.       

GST Compliance & Setup System

It will be very time-consuming to calculate GST compliance when you conduct any transaction. But you will get the GST compliance system through the restaurant POS software. Also, you can automatically calculate the GST invoice and forward it to your customers via SMS, or email with 100% tax compliant.     

Loyalty & Feedback System

Customer account information is thrown up when you place an order using the billing system, and the status of the redeemable points ought to be shown straight away. A loyalty management system for restaurants must include this. Additionally, the billing software needs to work with the loyalty system. This will be the case by default if you utilize a common restaurant management system.

Regarding feedback, it has to be kept in the history area and shown when customers place repeat orders so that staff members may better understand who is in front of them. It also goes without saying that the billing software and the feedback data should be in good sync for your personnel to see the feedback data at the appropriate times.

Increased Productivity

A restaurant POS system with an inventory management module raises the productivity of inventory management in a number of ways. For one reason, orders are based on previous sales (or, in restaurants, ingredient usage) data rather than on hunches and hearsay, which enables inventory-purchasing decisions to be made more quickly and correctly.

Dynamic Manu Management

The POS software's restaurant menu management capability is used to build and manage the restaurant menu. You can curate and maintain the restaurant menu with its assistance because it is coupled with the billing and inventory management modules. Moreover, customers are informed about the foods served at the restaurant and their prices through the menu. Restaurant owners might advertise specific meals on the menu in prominent areas.  

Accurate & Smooth Billing

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your restaurant billing system is the first step toward improving the restaurant business. Modernizing your restaurant's invoicing system is one approach to guarantee its success. This strategy includes eliminating waste, enhancing procedures, and implementing the appropriate features. When properly implemented with an integrated payment platform, it can aid in corporate growth.

Workflow of Restaurant Billing Software  

The restaurant billing software works in a sequential process. In this section, you will get a complete workflow of a restaurant billing system. 

Workflow of Restaurant Billing Software

Working Process of SaaS-Based Restaurant Billing System

From the previous section, you have already been informed about the workflow of restaurant software. In this section, you will get a clear observation of the overall working process of a SaaS-based restaurant billing software. 

Working Process of SaaS-Based Restaurant Billing System

Build a Digital Framework to Cover Any Type of Restaurant with Restaurant Billing Software

Worry about your restaurant type??? Just relax and cool!!! The restaurant POS software will be suitable for any type of restaurant. Thus, you can use this restaurant billing software for any type of restaurant and conduct the entire operation based on your restaurant type, such as: 

  • Bar & breweries management software
  • Fine dine restaurant management software 
  • Bakery & confectionaries management software 
  • Pizza restaurant software
  • Burger and sandwich restaurant software 
  • Canteen management software 
  • Franchise management software 
  • Quick service restaurant software 
  • Catering service software 
  • Cafe or coffee shop management software 
  • Cloud kitchen management software 
  • Food and beverage management software 
  • Food truck management software, and more!

So, the restaurant billing software can be able to provide a smart framework and conduct the overall operation of any type of restaurant business. 

Around $14.70 Billion Will Be the Market Worth of Restaurant Management Software by 2030

You can easily grow your restaurant business by integrating such kinds of technologies. If you choose restaurant management software, you will get a complete solution to manage the overall activities of your restaurant.  

After the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the demand for this kind of restaurant automation system is being increasing day by day, especially in restaurant billing and payment processing software, inventory management software, and so on.

However, most restaurant owners prefer a combined solution because it will save their costs and they do not purchase separately the required features or modules. In this regard, SaaS-based restaurant management software will be one of the most prominent choices for all restaurateurs.

Save the Deployment Cost to Integrate a SaaS-Based Restaurant Billing Software

To save the total deployment from purchasing to maintenance, you can choose a SaaS-based restaurant management software. If you purchase a web-based software, you have to pay the one-time purchasing cost, installation cost, support & maintenance cost, and updating cost, repairing cost, and so on.  

Thus, it will be very expensive if you choose web-based restaurant software. In this regard, you can check out this article to know the details of the total deployment cost.    

On the other hand, the SaaS-based restaurant software will be more cost-effective than a web-based system. You just need to provide a subscription fee based on your chosen pricing package. In this case, Restora POS will be the perfect choice for any type of restaurant business.

So, it’s time to integrate a SaaS-Based Restaurant Billing Software to ensure an elastic infrastructure for your restaurant.

Wrap Up

The restaurant billing software is mainly an automated tool that will allow you to manage the entire activities of your restaurant. You will get a complete package if you integrate a restaurant POS software and you can ensure a simultaneous flow in the overall operation. 

This article provides a comprehensive guide that will help you to understand the working mechanism of the restaurant billing system. So, you can integrate a SaaS-based restaurant management software to get such kind of remarkable advantages in your restaurant business.