How to Start a Burger Stand? 11 Creative Ways

By Rajib Hasan -- Sunday, 19 Nov, 2023
How to start burger stand

A burger stand is a small business establishment that can be located at any place. It is similar to the food truck business. No permanent place is required for the burger stand. Hamburgers and some other related items are the best serving items. It is a type of food-serving restaurant or bakery shop. Burger stands are available in city areas where people come to get fast food. But how to start a burger stand, what are the requirements to open it, how to start a burger business, and many more things.

How to Start a Burger Stand?

A burger stand is also called a burger joint or burger stall. However, in this section, I have arranged some comical and essential things that you may need to open it. So, you may start your essential business through these steps.

1. Decide a Better Location

Decide a suitable location where there is a high amount of foot audiences visibility. You must consider leasing or renting a suitable place where foot audiences are available. The best location for a burger stand is, where a high amount of people are present day and night. A burger stand may be placed in a residential area, business, or commercial area. So, decide on such a location and make a plan.  

2. Business Plan

Make a business plan for opening a burger stand. But how to make a plan for it? Alright, target your audiences, make a list of burger menus, investments, benefits, and others. You should remember that a business plan is a road map to reaching future success.

3. Investment Management

For opening anything financial management is a major concern. Before creating your own burger restaurant, you should think about investment. So, calculate investment, and profit margin for a specific time. It may be six months or one year. It is noted that at the beginning its profit margin may go against your expectations. Because a newly opened burger shop or any other restaurant takes time to give better profit.

4. Legal Requirements

Take a legal license or permit to do business in any specific area. It can include health department permits, food handler certifications, and business licenses. A business license allows one to do the business in a legal way. And food licenses give the right to serve the food. So, these legal requirements you must require.

5. Burger Stand Equipment

A restaurant may have different types of equipment. There is a bunch of equipment in the burger stands, such as grills, fryers, refrigerators, stoves, spoons, and other serving counters. In that case, you should make sure that all the equipment is hygienic and healthy. 

You know well that unhealthy things can cause food poisoning. It is one of the tricky strategies to attract customers. Because all the people like neat and clean equipment and the food serving process.   

6. Ingredients of burger

Burger ingredients are always the reason to make it delicious.  Basically, hamburgers are prepared using eggs and crumbs, onion, minced meat, mayonnaise, a patty of ground beef, and bread. 

These ingredients are placed into the two slices of bread and prepare a delicious and special hamburger in a systematic way. Make sure these are healthy and maintain food safety standards. Using such the healthiest ingredients can be the unique point to start a hamburger stand.

7. Burger Stand Menu

The menu is an attractive point for the food-serving business. Create a menu where there are different numbers of hamburgers and various burger items. You may also add other items that you serve besides burgers. Design a menu in a systematic way so that it can be clearly visual and attract customers. 

In that case, you should create a website where you can design lot a burger menu and promote it online. You may use different captions, such as do you want some burger, are you looking for a hamburger, hungry? Let’s meet up, a perfectly round quarter-pound burger, etc. Using captions is a unique marketing strategy that attracts audiences.

8. Burger Suppliers

If you have a bit higher investment, then hire a burger supplier. In that case, start a food delivery service by using a food delivery app. If someone makes an offer then prepare the food and deliver it to the customer's address by your suppliers. 

It is noted that burger supplier is not mandatory at the beginning. Because you must require publicity to get more online orders. So, you may think about it later, but it is an effective way.

9. Technological Touch

You may use the restaurant POS system. It is a billing software. Customers can make a smart payment with it. There are many options for POS systems, such as online/offline billing processes, ingredient tracking systems, online ordering, employee management, and many more things. 

If you use this complete restaurant management system then you may have a chance to reach many customers. Those are elite-class people who like this process to pay. So, you can use this management system to make your restaurant up to date.

10. Branding and Marketing

Branding is a business starting stage and branding is the best marketing strategy. Create a memorable brand for your burger stand, including a logo, business name, and food serving item. Moreover, use social media platforms for local advertising, and promotions to build brand awareness.

In that case, choose any specific social platform such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You should know how to create social media posts and the online marketing process. If you can do that in the right way then you must have a positive sign from the beginning. So, get in touch with the social media marketing process.

11. Follow Health and Safety Compliance

As a food business owner, you must follow health and safety regulations at all times. You should implement proper food handling and storage practices to ensure the well-being of your customers. So, follow the importance of food safety regulations and save yourself from any unexpected food poisoning issues. 

It is noted that you must be conscious of food safety because the food service business is potentially related to human health. But there is nothing to be afraid of, you just follow health and safety compliance.    

Are You Sure This Will Help Us Sell More Burgers?

Yes, we have shared some essential and effective ways to open a burger stand. You may implement them in a real event. On the other hand, follow the nearer competitor’s strategy who got success by applying some techniques. If you have your own strategy you may also apply that. 

I want to suggest one thing besides some others, you should emphasize online marketing from the beginning. Build better community, and branding, and spread it to millions of people.  

Is A Burger Stand Profitable?

Is A Burger Stand Profitable

Yes, of course. Burger Stand is a profitable business. Basically, the profit threshold depends on several factors, such as the size and shape of the burger stand, and the amount and quality of ingredients. How profitable is selling burgers? On average, you may have 3% to 5% profit at the beginning. 

If you apply the best strategy and meet the customer demand successfully, then you cannot imagine how much revenue you can earn from a burger stand. So, don’t be afraid about profit margin, just start this business in the right way and meet the customer's interest.     

Which Is The Best Location For a Burger Stand?

Location plays an essential role in business growth and business future. However, a burger stall is a type of virtual restaurant business. Most burger stands have no permanent location like a food serving restaurant. It is a kind of food truck business. You must design your burger stand with catchy, synch as food truck design, so that people can easily understand what you're selling. The best place for such types of stalls is where foot traffic is available. 

It may be beside a busy street, shopping mall, or any historical place, near a popular and crowded garden. It can also be placed at the parking centers where people come to take a rest. So, choose a location where there is a lot of traffic and have a potential chance to sell.  

How Will You Make Burgers More Exciting?

There are various ways to make burgers attractive, delicious, and exciting. In that case, you must follow a recipe and use ingredients in the proper way. You may hire a professional hand who has a vast reputation for making an exciting burger. On the other hand, follow some renowned restaurant recipes, such as Burger King, and McDonald’s burger recipes. 

You must know that people will come to your burger stall to their mind's satisfaction. That means if you provide delicious, hygienic burgers then you must grow up as soon as possible. But what type of ingredients should be used to make an exciting burger?  

  • Choose your minced meat (beef, mutton).
  • Shape a patty.
  • Add flavoring.
  • Bread.
  • Onion paste.
  • Eggs and crumbs.
  • Vegetables.   
  • Lettuce
  • Mayonnaise

Final Word

Burger is a well-known and popular fast food around the world. No more ingredients are required to prepare it. It can be made with some common ingredients. It is a later event but you must think first about how to start a burger stand. Basically, I have shown some crucial steps from the beginning to promotion. You may follow those essential steps and implement them to build a smart and popular burger stand.