How to Choose the Best Restaurant POS in Saudi Arabia

By Riajur Rahman -- Tuesday, 19 Sep, 2023
best restaurant pos in saudi arabia

Saudi Arabia, the land of sand. Saudi Arabia is also a restaurant business hub. It is the competitive landscape for a retail business. To run a successful business in the competitive market, you need to stay updated with recent technological developments. Customers of today expect a unified buying experience across many platforms and touchpoints. Many POS system providers guarantee a consistent customer experience. That’s why choosing the Best Restaurant POS in Saudi Arabia is challenging for business owners. 

When you choose the POS software, make sure that the POS must have appropriate integrations and data synchronization capabilities. However, we have tried our best to give the direction and ideas to choose the Best Restaurant POS system in Saudi Arabia.

What Is A Point Of Sale System (POS)?

POS system is the short form of Point of Sale System. POS system is the system where hardware and software are used to process transactions like checkout customers, make sales, and accept payments by retail customers.

The POS system is equivalent to a cash register. It enables transactions such as barcode scanners, cash drawers, credit card swipe bars, and receipt printers. The use of POS systems is increasing rapidly in the different types of business sectors.

It has multiple features that influence users to monitor restaurant inventory and buying trends. This system can also track pricing accuracy and collect marketing data to enhance production and analyze the business market condition.

How To Choose The Best Restaurant POS In Saudi Arabia

There are millions of POS systems in Saudi Arabia. Choosing the best restaurant POS system is  a crucial part for business entrepreneurs. The features of POS software helps to choose the best one. Let's see those features.

Make Sure The POS system Is Integratable 

If you want to open a restaurant business in Saudi Arabia, you must choose a POS system that is integratable. The POS system will help you analyze the behavior of the customer's regular patrons and identify their spending habits on demographic data to track your marketing campaigns. So, integrated POS software in Saudi Arabia is very important for the restaurant business.

Cloud-based POS Software

In the Business sector, cloud-based technology is very popular. Cloud POS systems are more flexible and easy to use. Using cloud-based technologies can save your data when your internet connection is unreliable. You can access your business information from anywhere on any device using cloud POS technology. 

Numerous Key Features

For choosing the best restaurant POS in Saudi Arabia, you must remember that your POS system has numerous key features, such as inventory management, employee management, easy billing process, QR code scanning, etc. These key features will make your restaurant business comfortable and profitable. 

Ease Of User Interface 

One of the most important features of restaurant management software is the ordering system. Make sure your POS system has a user-friendly interface. A flexible user interface ensures secure ordering, and letting users view the entire menu on a single screen. These features help in delivering excellent customer service. 

Generates Detailed Reports 

In the business sector, generating reports is crucial to understand the business's operational performance. A POS system provides real-time report analysis that is very important for a retail business. Restaurant owners in Saudi Arabia should invest in a restaurant POS that automatically generates reports and simplifies business operations.

Cost And Pricing 

It is one of the most sensitive elements for starting a business. Every business owner wants to get the maximum profit out of software at the lowest possible cost. It is crucial to compare different pricing models and discuss the cost implications.

07 Best Restaurant POS Software in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is one of the most eye-catching marketplaces for business entrepreneurs. Many new business entrepreneurs are moving to Saudi Arabia to start their businesses. They need a smart solution to manage their restaurant business. Here, we discussed some of the best Restaurant POS systems in Saudi Arabia. So that you can choose the best POS system for your restaurant business.

01. Toast POS

Toast POS

Toast POS can be the best POS solution for the restaurant management system. In 2012, in Massachusetts, Steve Fredette, Aman Narang, and Jonathan Grimm created Toast POS.

Toast POS can manage your restaurant effectively. It is a multi-location POS system. Using Toast POS, you can manage multiple locations from one central location.


  • Toast POS has an inventory management feature that tracks what items are in stock and which need replenishment.
  • It supports multiple currency billing systems.
  • Toast POS has an advanced cloud-based report and staff management system. 
  • It has Top-notch hardware components and a kitchen display system.

02. Restora POS

Restora POS

Restora POS is an amazing, flawless POS system with unique features that fulfill all your restaurant requirements. Restora POS has an automation system that manages every aspect of your business. It offers the best features to build your restaurant POS system. 


  • Restora POS has a QR contactless order management system.
  • It has table reservation management and an advanced reporting system.
  • Restora POS has a multi kitchen management system with KDS and customer waiting display along with an order processing system.
  • It has 3rd party food delivery management and online payment gateway Integration.
  • Restora POS has a multi-Language management system and waste management system.
  • It has a waiter mobile app, kitchen mobile app, customer mobile app, and android mobile /tab POS (extension).

03. Foodics


Foodics is one of the best restaurant management systems. In Saudi Arabia, foodics is very popular. In 2014, Foodics was first established in Saudi Arabia. Foodics has so many unique features that restaurant owners can manage every aspect of the business using this single software. Foodics headquarters is in Saudi Arabia. 

It has offices in Kuwait, Egypt, and the UAE. Foodics now serves in more than 17 countries and has over 22,000+ restaurants. Foodics is a POS system with service management, kitchen management, menu creation, inventory, marketing, and many other services. Foodics POS system supports multiple languages like Arabic, English, and French.


  • Foodics has an amazing sales and order management system.
  • It provides multiple payment methods.
  • Foodics provides 24/7 customer support.
  • It has an integration for productivity and employee management systems.

04. Aloha POS

Aloha POS

Aloha is a cloud-based restaurant POS software in Saudi Arabia. It is considered one of the best POS terminals in Saudi Arabia. 

In 1879, James Ritty created the first cash register. John H. Patterson acquired the business after becoming interested in it. It is designed for a variety of restaurant enterprises, including fast-casual, fine dining, and casual eating establishments.


  • Aloha POS has a customer loyalty program with gift cards.
  • It has advanced table service options along with Streamlined payment processing.
  • Aloha has training options and a customer loyalty program with rewards points.
  • It provides high security and real-time alert services.

05. PosBytz


You may find many POS systems in Saudi Arabia. But if you are looking for a POS that fulfills all your requirements, that is PosBytz. It is a free and cloud-based POS system loaded with features that make data analysis a breeze. 

It is an ideal partner to scale your effort. It accepts all kinds of payments and manages all aspects of your franchised business–from inventory and pricing to stock and franchise commission.


  • PosBytz can manage orders across all channels using one POS software.
  • It has a table management system and waiter apps that help to manage your restaurant's dining.
  •  PosBytz has a free online store integrated with a free delivery app solution.
  • It works offline, even without the internet.

06. Square POS

Square POS


Square is a POS system with smart technologies. In 2009, Jack Dorsey and Jim McKelvey invented the software.

Additionally, Square offers businesses a range of products and services to assist them in completing sales transactions, using marketing strategies, and controlling their funds, inventory, and personnel.


  • Square POS can easily accept credit card payments and track sales. 
  • It provides discount options, sales reports, and online ordering.
  • Square POS has an advanced, user-friendly interface with a kitchen display.
  • It provides tipping and fast order integrations.

07. TouchBistro 

07. TouchBistro 

TouchBistro is an advanced POS system that works on any computer, mobile, or tablet. It is simple to implement and immediately accessible to managers and employees when they need it.

Alex Barrett developed TouchBistro in 2010 in Toronto.TouchBistro is locally installed; therefore, you don't require any internet connection while using it.


  • TouchBristo has a digital menu management system that can update menus and split tickets.
  • It has payroll, staff managements, table mapping and ordering system.
  • TouchBristo has a display system to face the customers.
  • It has a reservation system along with a smart card payment method.

Do Restaurants Use POS Systems?

Yes, restaurants use POS systems.A point of sale or POS is very important for the restaurant business. But how does POS help restaurants?  A POS helps restaurants by processing transactions between a restaurant and its customers. POS systems are the central hub of information for restaurants. Restaurant POS systems can run the entire restaurant business

How Do You Evaluate A POS System?

Evaluating a POS system is very important for a retail Business. Point-of-sale systems are essential services for businesses.

Several criteria should be checked to Evaluate a Point of Sale System or POS system.

  • Pricing 
  • Features
  • Integration
  • Technical Support
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Service
  • User Reviews 

How Do I Set Up A POS System For A Restaurant?

Choosing the best POS system for your restaurant business is very important. After choosing a good POS system, it is very important to install and use it correctly. The installation and using process is easy. So, you need to follow some procedures to set up a POS system. 

Installation process

To set up a POS system for your restaurant business, You need to install the software on your device first. Choose the device where you want to install the POS system. After choosing the device, you need to download the app or install the software.

Login Process

After installation, you must login and enter your credentials. In that case, you must give your email address and set a password to login.

Listing Process

After login, you need to list your menus. When the menu list is ready, add them according to their categories. Listing is one of the most crucial things in the restaurant business. You can also add images on your food items to promote your business. While adding images to your food list, you must briefly describe your food menu.

User Setting

Setting up users is another important part of a POS system. More than one person can use the POS system, like the manager, the admin, and the cashier. You can choose whoever you want to give access to.


After installing the software, you need hardware. Hardware varies according to your preference and requirements. This hardware includes card machines, QR codes, scanner devices, cash drawers, etc. 

Integration Process

Suppose you utilize any apps or software for your company, such as accounting or third-party delivery software. To ensure that all of the data is synced and accessible. In that case, you need to integrate them all with your restaurant POS system

Data Export Process 

Using a point-of-sale machine is rather simple if you are switching to a new POS system. For easier and more seamless use, export all your data from the old POS and sync it with the new one. They are simple to store and transfer to CS files or an Excel sheet. At the end of that, your restaurant's point-of-sale system is ready to go.

Is there POS Software In Saudi Arabia?

Yes, In Saudi Arabia, POS software is widely used. Do you know how many POS terminals are there in Saudi Arabia? In Saudi Arabia there are more than 1.4 million POS terminals. The retail industry mainly uses POS software in Saudi Arabia. 

Statistics show that until August 2022, Saudi Arabia's total POS transactions were worth SR56.4 billion. This demonstrates how increasingly interested customers are in using online tools to monitor their accounts and make cashless payments. 

Over the projected period (2022-2027), the POS systems market is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 7.7%.

Final Thought 

The POS software in Saudi Arabia is designed to keep restaurant business requirements in mind. You may find many POS systems in Saudi Arabia, but choosing the best POS is very important. 

A perfect POS system can change the style of your restaurant and can grow your business over time. We have discussed the best Restaurant POS in Saudi Arabia; now it's your choice which one you will pick for your business.