10 Best Food Waste Management Companies In 2024

By Fahad Arafin -- Wednesday, 27 Dec, 2023
food waste management companies

Food is the basic essential requirement of life. It provides energy and nutrition for performing physiological and metabolic functions. But now, In the current era, food waste is a great threat. Food waste is increasing very rapidly. If we do not take any steps immediately, then the management of food waste will be a great challenge for us. We should take proper steps to solve these problems. There are many food waste management software that can be used to solve food waste problems. Here, we will discuss in detail about food waste management companies so that we can get rid of these issues.

In simple words, Food waste is food loss. In brief, Food waste is food that is intended for human consumption but that is wasted or lost, and it can occur anywhere throughout the entire process, from the farm stage to harvest to households.

Types of Food Waste

Food loss or waste is something that food is not eaten. If we want to solve food waste issues, we will have to know what is actually food waste and its types. Basically, there are two types of food waste. 

  • Avoidable Food Waste

Avoidable food waste is a type of food or drink that was in a consumable state at some point before its disposal. 

Here is an example of avoidable food waste.

  • Dairy products like cheese, butter, yogurt, etc.
  • Bread
  • Milk
  • Fruits and Vegetables, etc.  

Different types of commercial kitchens, hotels, restaurants, and other types of food industries contribute to huge amounts of avoidable food waste. 

  • Unavoidable Food Waste

Unavoidable food waste is a type of stuff that we can not eat. Plenty of these food waste categories can be recycled. 

Here is an example of Unavoidable food waste.

  • Eggshells
  • Meat bones
  • Tea bags
  • Fruit skin, etc. 

This unavoidable food waste recycling is a good strategy. If we can do this, it will have a positive impact on your climate. Because our climate is changing day by day, this climate change has a devastating effect on your life. All of us should be worried about the impact of climate change. We need to take steps before climate change becomes irreversible. 

How Do You Track Food Waste

How Do You Track Food Waste

Food waste in a restaurant is a drastic issue that affects restaurants disastrously. In a restaurant, food waste has a negative impact on the restaurant environment. It is a big threat to the restaurant's financial improvement. So, if we want to solve these problems, we have to track the food waste. Most of the food waste management companies are using different types of tracking systems to calculate food waste. 

Here, we will discuss some crucial ideas for tracking food waste.

01. Use Food Waste Tracking Software

As we live in the modern era, we have invented millions of modern technologies. We can use these technologies in every aspect of our life. In restaurants, we can use food waste tracking software to calculate the amount of food that is being wasted. 

Now, most of the reputed hotels and restaurants use food waste tracker apps to make sure that their restaurant does not produce excess food waste. Maximum food waste management tracking software has amazing features and they are very effective. So, you can use this software in your kitchens to track food waste. 

02. Conduct Waste Audits

In your food business, you can conduct regular waste audits. Who can conduct in your restaurant on a regular basis to calculate the food waste? They are involved physically in your hotel and restaurant and can sort and weigh food waste. They can precisely know what is being discarded and why. It is also a very effective and popular way of tracking food waste.

03. Train Your Staff

As a part of a restaurant management system, you can take different steps to calculate your restaurant's food waste. Training your staff is another way. They can play an important role in calculating and minimizing food waste in your restaurant. You can train them in different ways so that they can handle ingredients and dishes carefully. A well trained staff can also communicate very well with the kitchen staff. 

04. Measure Plate Waste

If you are looking for the best way of tracking food waste in a restaurant, then you can measure plate waste on a daily basis. It is the most effective way. By measuring plate waste, you can get the exact result of food waste in your restaurant or food business. It enables your staff to measure the estimated percentage of food left on guest plates.  

05. Monitoring Inventory

How do you monitor food waste? In a restaurant, It is mandatory to monitor everyday activities. Effective inventory management systems can dramatically reduce cost in a restaurant. So you can keep your eyes on the inventory management system to calculate food waste.  

These are the steps you can take to track food waste in your restaurant. If you can do this effectively, it can maximize your restaurant's efficiency and profits. 

10 Best Food Waste Management Companies

The wasted food actually represents a remarkable loss of resources. This food waste contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. Studies show that 8% of total greenhouse gas emissions are caused by food waste. The average food waste is worth $230 billion (According to Boston Consulting Group). 

Due to several reasons, most of the companies are looking for permanent solutions to reduce food waste globally. In the light of this consideration, food waste management software companies are important. Here, we will discuss the best food waste management companies, so that you can get out from this remarkable loss. 

01. Leanpath


Leanpath is a very popular food waste management company with innovative food waste solutions. It has many updated features that make it more effective. Leanpath technology effectively helps commercial kitchens by tracking and analyzing their food waste data to reduce food waste in the commercial kitchen. 

It makes sure that your commercial kitchen is working well. Leanpath starts its process by measuring and recording the food waste that is produced during cooking, food preparation, and servicing. Its smart features can identify the areas where the highest food waste occurs. 

Leanpath's special features can also provide suggestions for reducing food waste. This food waste management technology has a digital platform that allows kitchen members to analyze their work progress and set the best practices for their betterment. When a commercial kitchen uses leanpath food waste technologies, they can reduce their food waste by up to 50%, which is huge money and resource-saving. 

Leanpath Website: https://www.leanpath.com

02. Rendisk


Rendisk is a tremendous food waste management company. It also provides dishwashing logistics. With its outstanding features, it has become a prominent player in the hospitality field. Rendisk is being used in a variety of sectors like hotels, restaurants, hospitals, warehouses, resorts and many other places. 

Rendisk food waste management solutions have gained popularity for their effectiveness in the food waste management sectors. It provides multiple food waste management products that reduce food waste by up to 80% by using centrifugal techniques. 

Additionally, it also provides a water management system, which can reduce water consumption by reusing water within the systems. It is also famous for liquid waste management software. Rendisk food waste management has amazing solutions like Transfer Eco. It is a pump-based system that is capable of handling greasy waste. This system can handle food waste like bones, carbohydrates, shells, coffee, etc. 

Circular composter system, an outstanding technology for recycling food waste. Within 24 hours, it can convert food waste into fertilizers. Rendisk provides services to several big companies such as Google, Symphony, Elsevier, Wellington College, etc. Furthermore, Google implemented the Rendix Flex WasteDispo technologies at their restaurants to reduce food waste, where they serve 3,500 meals per day for breakfast and lunch. 

Rendisk Website: https://www.rendisk.com

03. BioteCH4


One of the top providers of anaerobic digestion in the UK is BioteCH4. It produces fertilizer and biogas from food waste through the use of anaerobic digestion technology.  

Biogas, a renewable energy source, is produced by collecting and employing microorganisms in a digester to break down food waste. Next, the residual material is processed to create fertilizer for agriculture that is high in nutrients. Additionally, this business offers six locations for waste collection, transportation, and processing related to food waste management solutions to a variety of businesses. 

It includes local governments, food producers and manufacturers, trash management firms, garbage brokers, and food distributors. By keeping food waste out of landfills, its solutions assist these organizations in lowering their carbon footprint and lowering greenhouse gas and methane emissions.

BioteCH4 Website: https://biotech4.co.uk

04. Hungry Harvest

Hungry Harvest

Hungry Harvest is one of the greatest food waste management solutions. It is established in the concept of our ecosystem. The concept of hungry harvest is totally focused on developing a sustainable food ecosystem. 

Hungry Harvest has rules for using every part of every plant. This management system collects fresh fruits and vegetables from the farms which have been wasted. Then, they packed their collected fruits and vegetables in a small packet to deliver. 

After getting the order through the app, they deliver their food to the customers at a reasonable price. This is the way the apps play an important role in reducing food waste and saving the planet.

Hungry Harvest Website: https://hungryharvest.net

05. Food Cowboy

Food Cowboy

Food Cowboy is a food waste and hunger management technology. It is a mobile technology to help different types of food companies reduce their food waste and work for hunger management. Through the application, they contact different food companies where their food is rejected for delivery, and they want to donate the food. 

They follow the simple strategy of less waste and less hunger. Food Cowboy is a cloud-based system, and it also maintains food safety guidelines to ensure food quality. This app has unique features that send notifications and arrange for communication when any food donors want to donate their food. They charge a small commission for the food services. Food Cowboy has a widespread network with different types of food companies, charities, retailers, composters, biogas generators, etc. 

Food Cowboy Website: https://www.foodcowboy.com

06. Olio


Olio is a food waste solution that seeks to reduce the food waste that we throw away every day. It assists in the sharing of food and other necessities among the people who need them. Tessa Cook created Olio, which gives the opportunity to share your spare food without wasting it. 

In Olio, users can easily list the items which they want to share. It can be food or any other items. So, other users who need the items that have been listed in Olio just claim from the listing and collect them from the decided pick-up point. However, in the Olio the most shared items are food and surplus meals. 

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Association (FAO) claims that we can reduce food waste by a quarter if we share food with every single person in the world who is malnourished. Olio is one of the most popular names in the food waste management system, and it has secured more than five million downloads on the Google Play Store. 

Olio Website: https://olioapp.com/en/

07. Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go is one of the best food waste management companies. Its working strategy is very interesting. When the food is good enough to eat and not suitable to go to the bin, then this app suggests keeping that food in customers' shopping carts.

Both the customers and food business owners can benefit from using these apps. These apps allow the shop owner to sell their food, which is made for sale but, unfortunately, has not been sold for any reason. The shop owner can then sell their food at a discounted price to attract more customers. At the same time, customers can get the food at a reasonable price with the help of these apps.  

Too Good To Go Website: https://www.toogoodtogo.com

08. FlashFood


FlashFood is a food waste management solution that works to save money and fight against food waste. This was invented in Toronto but is now famous globally. One of the most important causes of food waste is best before and expiry dates. 

It works with grocery stores to sell food products like meats, fruits, dry products, etc, that are near to the best before and expiry dates at a discounted price. 

With the apps, you can quickly find discounted food from your nearest locations. Then, you just have to choose your discounted food items and can pay with your credit and debit cards. It helps a lot to reduce food waste and save money for its users. 

FlashFood Website: https://www.flashfood.com

09. GoodR


GoodR is a very effective food waste management company that works on a mission to end food waste. They use automatic technology to divert food waste and reach the food that needs it most. It provides 24/7 services to pick up excess food from different food services and send it to other nonprofit organizations. 

It considers hunger not as a scarcity but as a coordination issue. Most of the food industry ends up with a lot of leftover food, and they need more time to donate the food. Finally, they end up with the leftover food in landfills. So, in that case, GoodR allows food companies to pick up leftover food and donate it to manage hunger. 

GoodR Website: https://goodr.co/

10. FoodForAll

Food For All

If we really want to reduce food waste and save our environment, we need to find out the actual reasons for food waste. So, from different analyses, we can see that surplus is one of the major reasons for food waste. Surplus is an amount of something leftover while all the requirements have been met.  

In simple words, you can describe surplus as an excess of production or supply. FoodForAll is an app that comes with the concept of surplus. So, by using these apps, restaurants can sell their excess food at a major discount to the customers. 

With the help of the FoodForAll app, customers can select the fresh surplus food they want to take. After selecting the food they can make the payment online through the app and pick up the food at a decided time as take away. Along with the management of extra food, the app also sources affordable meals for many customers.

FoodForAll Website:


08 Ways To Reduce Food Waste


Food waste is the biggest problem in the current world. Statistics show that nearly one-third of all food that is produced on the earth is wasted. And the total amount of wasted food is almost 1.3 billion tons per year. 

If we are not aware of these issues, they will go beyond control in the future. So, we need to take initial steps to solve these problems as early as possible. Now, we will discuss eight effective ways to reduce food waste. 

01. Better Planning

Which is a method used to manage food waste? Better planning can effectively reduce and manage food waste. When you have better planning about your food business, then you can dramatically reduce food waste by planning better meals or dinners. So before starting your food business, you need a proper management system and planning. 

02. Check The Date

If you want to reduce food waste, you should be more careful while purchasing items for your food business. You need to make sure that you are checking sell-by dates on everything you buy. It helps you to use your items in the long run. Checking dates before buying anything can reduce fast food waste. As per the rules of food safety, no food should not be eaten after the expiry date. Food may become poisonous after the expiry dates. So, all of us should be more careful when checking dates.   

 03. Freeze Your Food

Freezing food is the coldest thing that can be done to reduce food waste. For these, you should need a high-quality freezer. In the freezer, you can Freeze different types of poultry items, fruits and vegetables, and different types of dairy products. These types of items remain fresh for a long time if you freeze them in your freezer at a suitable temperature.

04. Store Food Correctly

As we know, improper storage leads to huge amounts of food waste. Storing food correctly can be a great step toward reducing food waste because most of the food spoils due to poor storage. Many of us are unsure how to store food correctly. For example, if we can not store fruits and vegetables properly, then they lead to premature ripening and finally get into the rotten process. 

You can separate foods that produce more ethylene gas from those items that don't produce ethylene because ethylene promotes the ripening of foods and can lead to food spoilage. Many more items should not be stored in the freezer. They are suitable for room temperature, like potatoes, garlic, onions, tomatoes, etc. You should know all of this to reduce food waste.

05. Donate A Plate

When you know that you can not finish your plate, you can donate your plates at the nearest food bank. There are lots of people who are starving; you can donate your excess food without wasting it. It is great social work also. By doing this you can reduce food waste along with meeting hunger for those who need food. 

06. Shop Smart

We tend to shop more than we need. It is a major cause of food waste. In a study, we can see that shopping methods lead to more food waste, which is reversible. To solve this problem, we have to shop smartly. We can visit the grocery shop to avoid shopping more than we need. Making a proper shopping list and we have to stick to this. This is how we can reduce food waste. 

07. Get Creative In The Kitchen

As we know, most of the foods are stored and cooked in the kitchen. So, we need to be creative in the kitchen about cooking food. When you are creative enough, you can reduce a large amount of food waste in your kitchen. 

08. Shop More Often

Shopping more often is a great way that can be taken to reduce food waste. When you shop more often, you will avoid buying unnecessary items. You can use the strategy to shop more often rather than shopping for several items at a time.

How Is Food Waste Recycled

Food waste recycling is a great way to save nature from harmful greenhouse gasses. When food waste is sent to landfills, it gets rotten and releases methane ( A harmful greenhouse gas). To get rid of these great issues, we can take several steps to recycle food waste like using recycling apps. Many food waste management companies are working vigorously to solve the major issues. Here is the way we can recycle food waste.

Anaerobic Digestion

Anaerobic digestion is a process that uses microorganisms to break down animal manure, food waste, energy crops, and slurries in the absence of oxygen inside an enclosed system. When it breaks down, it gives off methane, then it is collected and converted into biogas and used to generate electricity, heat, or transport fuels.

In-vessel composting

In vessel composting is a process that involves mixing food waste with garden waste and shredding it, then composting it in an enclosed system for around 2-4 weeks at temperatures of up to 70°C. This composting process ensures any harmful microbes are killed off. The substance is then left outside to fully develop for a further 1-3 months with regular turning and quality checks before using it as a soil conditioner.

Food waste Recycle Process: 

Final Thought

Food waste is a real problem in the current world. Globally, food waste is increasing rapidly, and it is a big threat to the future world. We need to manage this issue immediately; otherwise, our lives will fall in danger. Different types of automated food waste management companies are now contributing a lot to solving these issues.