Effective Way of How to Reduce Cost in Restaurant Business

By Rajib Hasan -- Tuesday, 26 Jul, 2022
how to reduce cost in restaurant business

The restaurant appeared in the 19th century in France. Nowadays, it has spread worldwide. All the people are so delighted to get delicious food. We can say the restaurant is the source of delicious food. For this reason, whenever people intend to get delicious food or spare time, they come to the restaurant to get food and spend time with their family members, friends, colleagues, and partner. On the other hand, the restaurant business is increasing, and many people are becoming self-employed. In this case, an unemployed person becomes self-employed. However, the cost is a common matter in all aspects. We have seen the analytics report, and a common question has appeared: how to reduce cost in restaurant business. So get in touch with us to know how to reduce cost in restaurant business.

What is food cost in a restaurant

Restaurant food cost is a ratio of all the ingredients according to food. Food cost plays a crucial role in the restaurant business. Restaurant profit partially depends on the food cost. If ingredient pricing is suddenly higher than on previous days, then restaurant food costs will ultimately increase. If you take higher-cost food ingredients, then you have to sell the food for more than its rated price. In this case, you may face a lack of customer appearance in your restaurant. For this reason,  you should keep focusing on the menu that is low-cost and hygienic.

Operating cost for restaurant

A restaurant is a well-known place to everyone. A restaurant is a place where different types of meals are cooked to serve the people. We acknowledge that the restaurant business is a profitable business platform, but there is a great chance of losing business. Basically, it depends on the location, service, people, finance, and other factors. If you would like to open a restaurant, you need financial support because a good restaurant is made of many kits or equipment. However, if we talk about the operating cost of the restaurant, we get two main types of restaurant costs:

  • Restaurant fixed cost.
  • Restaurant variable cost.

Fixed cost in restaurant business 

Restaurant fixed costs are sometimes called restaurant running costs. Restaurant fixed costs include employee salary and wages, rent, mortgage, insurance, and loan payments. The fixed cost is also called indirect costs or overhead costs. Basically, a fixed cost is not a permanently ongoing cost. It can change from time to time but by contractual obligation in relation to the quality of production for the relevant period. For example, suppose a restaurant can have unpredictable and undesired expenses unrelated to customer service. Whenever you open a restaurant, you have to calculate this cost for your monthly, quarterly, or yearly expenses.

Variable cost for a restaurant

Variable cost means that cost varies from time to time. In short, those costs are not constant; such cost is called variable cost. Restaurant variable costs include equipment, food costs, taxes, employee salaries, etc. Employee salaries can include both because employee salaries can increase due to raising minimum wages, and taxes can vary with government policies. However, if you want to open a restaurant and bring it to the top, you must calculate fixed and variable costs. You must have a better idea about restaurant expenses, which is a technical factor, and this calculation can save unnecessary expenses.

How to reduce cost in restaurant business?

How to reduce restaurant costs? There is a familiar sentence: spend more and earn more. It is true, but you have to spend it the right way. We acknowledge that money can change a business structure, but it can be harmful to business. However, restaurant owners spend more money to open a business. Though it is a good thing, the same work can be done by investing a low amount. In this case, you need to follow some strategies to reduce restaurant costs. However, we have shown some crucial steps to let you know how to reduce cost in restaurant business. Hopefully, these can be the key point to reducing your restaurant cost. 

  • Reduce food waste how much you can.
  • Work with food suppliers.
  • Control your restaurant inventory.
  • Automate manual process.
  • Make staff scheduling.
  • Buy pre-made food items.
  • Make a food menu based on customer demand.

1. Reduce food waste how much you can

Reduce food waste how much you can

Food wasting is an ordinary matter for the restaurant. If restaurant owners understood how it is worth wasting daily food, they would never waste it. Basically, food-wasting happens whenever the restaurant chef or cooking instructor has no idea how much food needs to serve to the customer and how many people can come to the restaurant. We know that small changes can make a big difference. 

Some restaurants waste small amounts of food, but waste is waste. Basically, restaurant food is costly. In this case, the restaurant owner must calculate how many people can come to the restaurant, how much food they need to prepare, and what other ingredients. So if you would like to reduce food waste, you have to be frugal with technical calculations.

2. Work with food suppliers

Work with food suppliers

You may work with food suppliers to deliver the food. For example, suppose you arrange food for more than a thousand people, but people can fluctuate. If people come to the restaurant lower than your required limit, then your prepared meals can be wasted. To avoid food waste, you may contact food suppliers to deliver the food to the customer. In this case, create a website and eye-catching menu so that people can make an order. On the other hand, if you have a food supplier, then they can bring food how much they need. So there is no low chance of wasting food, and a door can be created to earn more profit.  

3. Control your restaurant inventory

Control your restaurant inventory

Restaurant inventory means all the restaurant ingredients will be stored in the inventory management system. Managing a restaurant inventory is important because you may get a clear report about ingredients and how many ingredients are spent daily. If you spend ingredients consciously, then you can save more money. In this case, choose a restaurant POS software. POS software can help with the different ways to manage the restaurant. By using POS software, you will be able to monitor inventory successfully. This software will let you know about ingredients storage and when you need to make an order for it. On the other hand, you will be able to control your restaurant inventory management.

4. Automate manual process

Automate manual process

The automation process is the best way to reduce restaurant costs, but how to reduce costs in the restaurant business. The answer is to use the software. If you use restaurant POS software, then you will get more benefits than the manual process. For example, if you have restaurant staff and offer a hand cash billing system, you must spend more time and need someone who will take customer bills. However, there are also other inconveniences to the restaurant's manual process. For example, software or a restaurant food delivery app can offer an online food ordering system. In this case, you may earn more profit by offering multi-restaurant service. So, automate your manual process, get more revenue and avoid food waste.

5. Optimize staff scheduling

Make staff scheduling for restaurant

Restaurant staff scheduling can be the right way to reduce costs in a restaurant. To manage staff scheduling, you can adopt the software. Restaurant POS software can be the best way to manage or optimize restaurant staff scheduling. However, suppose you don’t use software to manage a restaurant and are following a manual process. In this case, you may face mismanagement of staff scheduling, and staff working time can be minimized.

If you automate this process, your restaurant staff have no chance of mismanagement. This software can give you a spreadsheet about their arrival time and how long they have been working. Everything you will be able to know. You may automate this process by using a restaurant POS system. It has many extensive features, and it is a compact package that can be sufficient to manage your restaurant all the crucial tasks. It is noted that POS software is a bit costly, but if you think about how to reduce cost in restaurant business, then the POS system has no comparison.

6. Buy pre-made food item

The pre-made food item is one of the most comprehensive ways to reduce your restaurant cost, and it can be a safe time also. However, if you have pre-made food such as frozen French fries, sauces, baked goods, and some other pre-made food items. If you can make more, you can provide it whenever the customer wants. However, partially prepared, purchasing pre-made food and other ingredients can sometimes save your revenue. Overall, it has been proved that buying pre-food items is responsible for reducing restaurant costs.  

7. Make a food menu based on customer demand.

Make a food menu based on customer demand

The food menu is a massive zone to attract customers. Whenever people search online, then they see the food menu. That’s why you should make the food menu smarter and eye-catching. For example, suppose you have a restaurant, you prepare more food items, and a low amount of people come to your restaurant. In this case, there is a chance to waste food.

For this reason, you should find the people searching intention in your service area. If you can design a menu based on that, then you may have a chance to drive more sales and reduce waste food. In addition, it is noted that those restaurants offer multiple food services. They have a low chance of more food cost because they offer multiple food services (food delivery online, restaurant service, and others). 

How to save money in restaurant business?

Finance is key to opening a business. Every business needs finance to start. Indeed all business owners are highly interested in saving costs, but restaurant owners are not exception. The restaurant business is indeed a most profitable business, but it is also expensive. However, there are many points to reduce restaurant costs, but we have discussed some of them to ensure how to save money in the restaurant business.

1. Reduce unnecessary use

Unnecessary use means you have to be frugal whenever you use something like electricity. For example, suppose your restaurant has 50 energy bulbs, each containing 50 watts, and three pieces of 5 tons of air conditioner (AC), electric heaters, ovens, and other utilities. Those we have referred to here are the highly consumed electricity, and these are commonly responsible for the high electricity bill.

Suppose you don’t need to run three air conditioner (AC) together where two AC is enough but three AC is running. On the other hand, you don’t need to run 50 bulbs together whenever you have a low number of customers, but if you have 50 bulbs, it may cause a high electricity bill. However, many common issues happen every day or every single moment. If you can minimize those things, then you will be able to reduce unnecessary restaurant expenses.  

2. Use glass instead of plastic

Most restaurants use plastic for one-time service, which is costly. If you use glass instead of plastic, you can use it again and again, saving your restaurant expense. Though plastic is cheap, if you use more, it can be more garbage. On the other hand, if you use glass, then you have less chance for garbage, and glass is used for the long term.  

"It is noted that plastic is harmful to the environment. Using plastic products in the long term may spread toxic chemical constituents into food, drinks and water and release the toxic chemical. For this reason, we should leave plastic in use."

3. Use energy-efficient appliances.

All business firms need electricity; electricity is indispensable for all business categories. Most decent restaurants use high-power appliances whose power rating is high and consume more electricity. Though the restaurant is open till late night and electricity per unit cost is also high. That's why restaurants must pay the high cost. It may highly increase monthly expenses. To avoid this difficulty, you may use efficient appliances that are energy savers. In this case, you will be able to reduce the restaurant's monthly expenses.

4. Limited restaurant staff

Salary and wages are the most crucial for restaurant expenses. If you have a mid-range restaurant, then you have to pay more salary per month for restaurant staff. For example, suppose a restaurant requires 20 employees, 23 or 25 people are working. This situation happens due to some mismanagement. However, if you individually distribute restaurant work, then you have a chance to get rid of this situation. On the other hand, if you make a restaurant technology-based, then you don't need more restaurant staff.

In this case, you may use the restaurant POS system, and the restaurant POS system is highly responsible for managing the restaurant's crucial tasks efficiently. In this case, you don't need an extra person to manage inventory, kitchen, staff scheduling, online table reservation system, the billing process, and many more. Everything you will be able to manage by using a software that is restaurant POS software. In this case, we may suggest you use Restora POS software. You will be happy to hear that Restora POS is specially designed for the restaurant platform to manage crucial restaurant tasks. So, the software can successfully change your effort and reduce human costs.

How much does a small restaurant cost?

How much does a small restaurant cost

How much money to start a restaurant business? Indeed, restaurant business costs depend on the restaurant owner. It depends on your furniture choice, rent, staff salary, electronic appliances, and some other utilities. Startup cost of a restaurant is comparatively high due to some causes like restaurant decoration, buying restaurant components, staff cost, utility cost, etc.

However, it is difficult to specify correctly based on this cost, but we can estimate the cost range to start a small restaurant from $45000 to $60000, but we said it depends on the restaurant owner. We have seen that most restaurants attempt to keep restaurant staff costs around 25% to 30%. The quick service restaurant is at the lower end of the range, while casual dining is at the upper end. Restaurant cost becomes different based on the categories of the restaurant. 

For example, if we talk about casual dining restaurants, though casual dining has table service, it requires low cost and low amount of stuff than the other sitting restaurant. On the other hand, if we talk about a ghost kitchen, then the ghost kitchen is a type of restaurant that offers online food delivery service, but it does not allow table service. For this reason, the fixed and running cost is comparatively low. Starting a ghost kitchen is not difficult and is a low investment and low expense business. Someone can easily do that from their home with low expense. 

Is a restaurant business profitable?

Yes, the restaurant business is profitable but has a comparatively low-profit margin. Most people ask the question which type of restaurant is most profitable?Basically, all the restaurants are profitable but you need to follow the right strategy and exact road map.There are some other essential factors where restaurant profit depends on geographic location. Location highly interferes with the restaurant's profit. 

If the restaurant's average profit margin is 2% to 6%, then it is notoriously a low-profit margin. If you want to improve it, you must follow some crucial things, such as food menu, location, pricing, and others. To obtain more profit, you may offer multiple food services like online food delivery or food ordering service and pickup from the restaurant. Such services are more profitable. In this case, you don't need more employees, and you can earn more profit through a systematic approach. 

Whenever we talk about restaurant profit, a question may appear about the cheapest delivery app for food. Many online food delivery service providers offer online food services by their app that we have referred to in another section click to visit here. It is noted that all the online food delivery service providers have their own apps, and customers can make an order by using the app. Iwt is the quickest food delivery service and people don't need to come to the restaurant to get food.  


Pricing is the key to open a business and it can change the business structure. Basically, there is no limitation on how much money you would like to invest to run your business. Most of the time investment does not work due to lack of proper business strategy. You can start a restaurant business with low cost and get more profit if you have an exact roadmap. However, we have shown how to reduce cost in restaurant business and we also referred to different points to let you know how to reduce cost in restaurant business. We hope that will be the key point to reduce your restaurant cost.