Best Cloud Based Restaurant Management Software for Your Business

By Rajib Hasan -- Sunday, 01 Jan, 2023
Cloud Based Restaurant Management Software

POS stands for point of sale. Cloud based restaurant POS system means that it relies on an internet connection for any operation. There are numerous benefits of a cloud-based POS system. However, the POS system was first discovered in 1879 and was used for transactions for a bit way. Nowadays, it has been using a broad range due to its greater privileges. However, there are many merits of cloud based restaurant management software that lead to the restaurant owner using it. It is noted that there are some demerits of the best cloud based management software for your business, but these are negligible to its privileges.

What is cloud management software?

Cloud management system is the process that involves the delivery of hosted service through the internet. It is noted that cloud systems can be public or private. However, cloud-based software refers to any application or program that manages, stores, and is available through the cloud. On the other hand, the user must require an internet connection if you want to access it. However, cloud-based management software has brought an innovative change in all sectors where you need such software. Especially in the restaurant business, we know restaurant manager manages so many tasks. If they have cloud based restaurant management software, the working process becomes so easy to manage a restaurant correctly.  

Benefits of cloud based restaurant management software

Benefits of cloud based restaurant management software

Cloud-based restaurant management system means POS system that is used for the restaurant management system, and POS software is also considered as cloud based restaurant management software. POS (point of sale) is software with sufficient features to manage a restaurant successfully. However, a cloud-based POS system has the creative and most accessible process to manage the entire restaurant's crucial tasks. Cloud based restaurant management software has made an easy business process that is easily manageable for daily operations. However, let's see the benefits of cloud-based restaurant management software.

  • It is accessible from anywhere else
  • Most straightforward restaurant staff training process
  • The greater employee management process
  • Save cost and enhance productivity
  • Better inventory management system
  • The easy and quick billing process

1) It is accessible from anywhere else

Those who are software providers manufacture such software as compatible with smartphones and tablets. For this reason, you can access it from anywhere if you have an internet connection. To run restaurant management software on your mobile phone, install the mobile app and log in to the website. Now you will be able to see all the processes that you need. Inventory is an essential thing for restaurants. You can check the inventory and can see how many ingredients you have and what you need.  

2) Easiest restaurant staff training process

Indeed all the cloud based restaurant management software has become user-friendly. Cloud-based restaurant management system or cloud-based POS system is included with some options that assist you with creating the employee work schedule. This process allows you to keep employee balance and contractual obligations. You will be able to be aware of your employee and their responsibilities. You may teach them if they lack technical or non-technical skills. It is noted that restaurant managers should teach some restaurant staff so that they can handle some technical tasks instead of the restaurant manager.

3) Employee management process

Restaurant staff is the biggest asset for the restaurant. It is because a restaurant's reputation, sales, and management depend on the entire restaurant staff. If a restaurant has many employees, then employee management becomes more manageable. In this case, if you have cloud based restaurant POS then you can easily manage them and distribute their work depending on their responsibilities. Cloud based POS system for restaurants is specially designed for the restaurant management system. If you have that, then you can easily lead your restaurant.  

4) Save cost and enhance productivity

Productivity historically leads to get real income with lower inflation and enhanced profitability. Investment is a crucial factor before starting a business. All business owners want to minimize the running cost or fixed costs. The business owners want better output with low investment. The restaurant business is not except than it. If you have cloud based restaurant management system, then you can have a chance to reduce overall restaurant costs.

Suppose you need 20 restaurant staff to manage all the tasks successfully. If you make your restaurant cloud base, then you can make an employee limitation chart depending on their responsibilities. It is because restaurant point of sale software can help to recruit employees and how many employees you need. It can give you a better billing system, that's why you don't need extra employees for these responsibilities. In this case, you can completely minimize wages and enhance productivity. 

5) Better inventory management system

Restaurant inventory management is restaurant ingredients tracking process that lets the restaurant manager know how long it will last. If you have the best cloud based POS for restaurants, then you can quickly and easily maintain stock. You will be aware of the ingredients and can make an order if any elements become the end. Not only for components, but you will also be aware of the whole thing that you will integrate with it. Indeed inventory management is the combination of technology that easily monitors, maintains, and oversees the stock products. For this reason, use the best cloud POS software to update your restaurant inventory.

6) Easy and quick billing process

A restaurant that wants to make the billing process as easy and quick as possible should have a system that takes care of the process. Restaurants need to stay on top of their game to stay afloat and get more customers. One way to do this is by having an easy and quick billing process. Some restaurants have found that the best way to keep their guests happy is by not making them wait for a long time for their bills. Guests are able to pay faster and leave sooner if they don't have to wait for the server or hostess to come back with a receipt machine. Bill processing can be done with an app or directly, allowing the restaurant team members to focus more on customer service rather than running back and forth from the kitchen or bar area.

Is there any difference between cloud based POS and normal POS system for restaurant?

Cloud-based POS systems are used in a lot of ways. For example, they are used by small businesses that want to grow their business and make it easier for them to manage. Cloud-based POS systems allow them to easily manage inventory, sales, and customers without having to invest in expensive hardware or software.

The cloud-based POS is a new and innovative way of running a restaurant business. It is not only more efficient, but it also has many other benefits compared to the traditional or older POS system. However, we will show some crucial differences between clouds-based POS and traditional POS systems for restaurants. If you have a small, medium, or large shape restaurant now, you may choose any POS system for a small restaurant.

Cloud based POS system

  Normal POS system

Cloud based systems are cheaper than  traditional systems because they are less  expensive to maintain and upgrade.

 Normal POS system or traditional POS   system is sometimes called legacy POS   system that run on the closed network and   all the data is stored in the local server.

Cloud based systems are more flexible  because they can be accessed from  anywhere with an internet connection and  they don't require installation on your  computer.

 If you use legacy POS or traditional POS   system it means that you can only the   access data from where you set up this   POS system.

Cloud based systems can be used to run  multiple stores at once which makes them  ideal for franchises or small businesses with  multiple locations.

 Traditional POS user cannot access data   via multiple devices because traditional   POS only run on the local server.

Cloud based systems offer more features  like inventory tracking, customer loyalty  programs, and point of sale reporting which  make them great for any business type or  size.

 This type of POS system need to update   manually on-site.

The cloud based POS system is a better  option for any size of restaurant businesses  because it has many dynamic options to  manage your business.

 If you would like to customize something   then it is quite difficult in traditional POS   system.


Cloud based POS software for restaurants

Cloud based POS software for restaurants

Cloud-based POS means the web-based point of sale used to manage restaurants and billing. POS stands for Point of Sale. Indeed cloud restaurant POS is a restaurant POS system that is specially designed to manage crucial restaurant tasks with an internet connection. If we talk about the POS system, why should I use cloud POS software instead of traditional POS software? Indeed, POS systems started their journey as legacy POS or traditional POS systems. But according to the updated technology and according to the time changing.

There are many privileges of the cloud POS system that we have shown above. People are looking for innovative things to complete tasks with low as possible time with less effort. On the other hand, all business owners also want a complete package that there will have available features, and they can easily do all the management tasks. Cloud POS is an innovative invention in the world. Its function, durability, data access facilities, easy billing system, skill inventory management, and many more have attracted people. For this reason, a cloud-based POS system is the best choice for most restaurant business owners.

Best cloud based restaurant POS systems 

Cloud base POS system is an innovative invention for the restaurant business. There are many cloud based restaurant software or cloud-based POS software provider. They have achieved a reputation through their service and some other criteria. However, such POS software can be used from any internet-connected device. If you become a POS software user, focus on specific requirements like features, budget, durability, authentication, etc. However, we are going to discuss some reputed and the world's best cloud based restaurant management software providers based on world statistics. Now see which management software goes better with your restaurant management successfully.

  • Foodice POS system
  • Toast POS system
  • Posist restaurant POS
  • Lightspeed restaurant POS system
  • Restora POS

Foodice POS system

Foodice POS system

Foodice POS system is a restaurant management system. It is specially designed for restaurant management based on cloud technology. It offers a better solution for all food services, such as restaurants, food truck businesses, cafes, fast food chains, and others. It is compatible with iOS and Android. This POS system also helps to track sales and employees through real-time intelligence and inventory management. It can be the right tool to grow your restaurant business. However, let's see some crucial features of Foodice POS system.

  • Dynamic dashboard
  • Easy user interface
  • Menu engaging system
  • Real-time reporting and offering actual data
  • Better inventory management system
  • Attractive purchasing and supply management
  • Promotion, discount, and time events

Toast POS system

Toast POS system

Toast POS system is one of the best and most well-known POS software specially designed for use in any business platform (small, medium, and large scale). Toast POS software is highly responsible for managing your restaurant with skill. You can run a single restaurant platform that works better together. However, its many comprehensive features attract you to use it in your restaurant.

  • Users can deliver secure, faster, and authentic service
  • Streamline takeout with curbside payments
  • Servers get alerts from Toast KDS when orders are ready
  • Better support 24/7
  • It is fully integrated and offers contactless payment
  • Easy to use and user friendly
  • Dynamic dashboard and separated with a specific option

Posist restaurant POS

Posist restaurant POS

Posist restaurant POS system is a cloud based restaurant management software. It was specially designed to manage a large-scale restaurant. It offers a robust platform with more than 150 integration with world food aggregation. The Posist restaurant POS system user can see the product list, product category, pricing, place of operation, promotion, etc. Its popularity is increasing rapidly, and more than 12000 restaurants are satisfactorily using this restaurant management software to manage their restaurant. However, numerous advantages attract users to use it. So let's see some features of it.

  • It is user-friendly and has a dynamic dashboard
  • You will get secure data backup
  • It has a multi-language system, and you can select any language whatever you want
  • It has a robust integration ecosystem
  • It has a dynamic dashboard that easily attracts the user
  • Posist POS restaurant management system

Lightspeed restaurant POS system

Lightspeed restaurant POS system

It is cloud-based restaurant POS software that understands your need on the restaurant floor. The restaurant manager can automate and track restaurant inventory with essential ingredient management tools that let you save money, time, wages, and other. The restaurant manager will be able to manage restaurant staff with built-in hospitality tools. The user of this POS system is increasing arithmetically due to its attractive features. Let's see what features attract the customer to use it.

  • Lightspeed restaurant POS system harness the power of data to enhance profit
  • This tool offers a restaurant booking system for the customer
  • It has an easy stock count process
  • Users can minimize loss due to spoilage and the user is able to know how much restaurant ingredients were purchased
  • Wherever you save your cost of goods sold, you can quickly identify that
  • Managers can create smart monthly and weekly sales report

Restora POS

Restora POS

Restora POS is a cloud based restaurant POS system that is used for restaurant management. Restora POS software is specially designed for the restaurant. This software act as a restaurant manager by monitoring all the activities. It can be used for small, medium, and large-scale restaurants. There are a bunch of features of this cloud-based restaurant POS system that compel people to use it to manage their restaurants. However, there are numerous features but look at some innovative features of them.

  • It has an efficient and dynamic dashboard
  • Smart POS billing system
  • Online ordering system
  • Attractive website and app integration
  • Restaurant table reservation system
  • Contactless payment and QR scanner
  • Inventory management system
  • Multiple delivery systems
  • Human resource management (HRM)
  • Advance and multiple payment gateways

Final thought

The cloud based restaurant management software is designed to be an end-to-end software solution. It assists the user in running their restaurant successfully. The cloud based reservation management system allows the restaurant manager to control every single aspect of the restaurant property. However, we have shown some best POS systems for restaurants, and we have also shown some features of them. You can decide which cloud based restaurant POS software goes better for you.