How to Make a Website for Restaurant? Follow the Creative Way

By Rajib Hasan -- Thursday, 26 Jan, 2023
how to make a website for restaurant

A website is a platform that contains web pages and content. The website is identified by a specific name called the domain, and all the website data is stored in a web server called hosting. Indeed websites are created for any specific purpose, such as business, news, service, education, entertainment, and others. There are many platforms to create a smart website, such as Wix, WordPress, Weebly, Squarespace, Shopify, etc. on the other hand, and you can create a smart website by coding or programming. However, we will talk about how to make a website for restaurant and which features you should use in the restaurant website.

How to Make a Website for Restaurant?

Everybody wants a smart website. Most people visit the website before obtaining any service. For this reason, everyone expects a smart and good-looking website. However, the restaurant is a well-known word for every single person. Most of the businesses and large-scale restaurants have a website. The smallest restaurant also has a restaurant to perform better in this modern era. The website works better for online ordering purposes. However, there is some process to create a smart restaurant website, and let's follow how to make a website for restaurant. In this case, there are some steps, and you should follow such steps to make a website for a restaurant.    

  • Choose a Domain name to relate to your business
  • Pick a Platform and Hosting where you want to store your data
  • Build your own restaurant website with a smart and skilled hand  
  • Restaurant Website Menu and eye-catching home UI/UX
  • Make content plan
  • Set up an online ordering process
  • Establish your online service and integrate a payment gateway
  • Social media integration
  • Make sure your website is responsive or mobile-friendly (SEO optimized)

Choose a Domain Name Relate with Your Business

Choose a Domain Name Relate with Your Business

The domain is a specific name or identity of a website. For this reason, if you would like to open a website, you must require a domain from any domain provider agency. You should choose a domain name related to your business or service. Suppose you have a restaurant and serve different food types to the customers. In this case, you may choose the best domain name based on your restaurant service to let them understand people easily.

Pick a Platform and Hosting Where You Want to Store Your Data

Pick a Platform and Hosting

After choosing a domain name then, you need hosting. It is because you have to store your website data, but how will you store your website data? Very simply, whenever you post something or write something, all the information becomes stored in a place called Webhosting. Indeed you must need Webhosting to store website data.

Your data will be stored on a local server if you don't use web hosting. In this case, world people cannot find you. But if you have Webhosting, it means you are around the world. Everyone can find you if they have internet access. For this reason, you must require web hosting. That's why to choose the best web hosting provider, choose your hosting plan and use it to store your website's crucial data.  

Build a Restaurant Website with Smart and Skill Hand  

Build a Restaurant Website with Smart and Skill Hand 

Skill is required to build a website. A website can be designed in different ways. We have been told that some free templates or premium website design templates are enough to create a smart website. You may get help from a professional person with the vast skill to create website themes or templates. On the other hand, a website can be created by computer programming. In this case, you may get help from someone with vast programming or coding knowledge.

It is a lengthy process, but it is more secure, and you can decorate your website however you want. By using coding, you may create an attractive menu section and service section, and if you have any restaurant reservation app then you can also refer to it and include it anywhere on your website. You can also make this process easier by using a website template. So, if you want to get rid of the stress of making a website for a restaurant, hire a skilled person to create your smart, professional, and good-looking restaurant website.         

Restaurant Website Menu and Eye-catching Home UI/UX

Restaurant Website Menu and Eye-catching Home UI/UX

The menu is mandatory for every website. It is because those who visit a website always focus on the menu and try to find what this website is for, what type of service you provide, and many more. For this reason, a website menu carries a great sign for a website, and it may enhance your revenue more than your expectation. Indeed, restaurant website menus are also responsible for enhancing sales. That's why we create a smart and eye-catching menu so that people love and look at a glance.

Designing a menu is not difficult. Suppose you use a readymade template and computer software programs that help you to make an attractive menu. On the other hand, you can show all the dishes in your galleries with high-quality photography. You can also put some description about your dishes that may charm the customers. The overall consideration of creating or designing a menu depends on customer interest. The best way is to see your leading competitor (those who are getting more customers) and design a menu like themselves.  

Make content plan

Make content plan for restaurant business

Content is the key to any website. It is one of the best ways to attract customers by providing crucial information. Suppose you have a website, but you don’t have content. In this case, you seem to have a beautiful room without furniture. So, content is like that, and content is highly responsible for getting ranked in search engine result pages (SERP). That’s why people can easily find you online and be aware of your business. I am not talking about only the restaurant business; content is mandatory for all websites. So, whenever you design your website, make sure the content font size, content structure, content outline, etc. So, try to make it attractive to the audience.   

Set Up an Online Ordering Process

Set Up an Online Ordering Process

The online ordering process is optional. It is because many restaurants don't offer online orders. For this reason, if you want to keep the online ordering process, then you may design it by yourself, such as where you want to place it, how you want to show it to the customers, if you have any online food ordering app then you can also use this logo. You may also use a short description that you have an online food ordering app that accepts online orders and offers an online food delivery service. So, you can set up an online food ordering service wherever you want.

Establish Your Online Service and Integrate Payment Gateway

Establish Your Online Service and Integrate Payment Gateway

Restaurant online service means online food delivery service. In short, if you accept a food order online and provide it to the customer location, which is called online food ordering service. In this case, you may have two components: food delivery and a restaurant website. You can integrate the food delivery app into your restaurant website. If people make an order, you will get the notification and make your food to deliver to the customer. In this case, you have to provide your contact information so that any customer can easily contact you.

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

Social media integration means that you have integrated social media, Instagram. YouTube Facebook. Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, and LinkedIn are on your website. We know all those who use at least a smartphone. They also use social media to communicate with others. If you have social media integration in your website, then you may have a great chance to drive social media traffic.

There are many benefits of social integration. Suppose you brought a new food item and added it to your menu. If you have social media followers or subscribers, then you can easily let them know about your creative and delicious food menu. So, you must keep the social media integration system whenever you design a website.

Make Sure Your Website Responsive or Mobile Friendly (SEO Optimized)

Make Sure Your Website Responsive or Mobile Friendly (SEO Optimized)

A responsive website means those websites are mobile-friendly. A responsive website means to design a website that can adapt to the size of the visitor's viewport. If your website becomes visible on smartphones, tablets, and computers without any issues, then it is responsive. It is a very significant part of any website. It is because millions of people use smartphones. If your website becomes mobile-friendly, then you can drive more customers. If I talk about SEO (search engine optimization), then a responsive website is helpful to get ranked in the search engine. You should not forget that a better responsive website enhances the browsing experience and is better for your content and navigation.

What should be on a Restaurant Website?

What should be on a Restaurant Website

Creating a website for a restaurant is relatively easy today but making it professional and user-friendly is the main thing. Some common and creative things compel the users to your restaurant. There are some common features all restaurant business websites should have. So, let's see what should be on a restaurant website.

  • Contact address
  • Put the social media link
  • You can offer gift card
  • You may highlight your loyalty
  • Encourage email sign up

Contact Address

Contact address carries a website authentication and helps to get more leads. Contact information also gets much priority. But what should you refer to in your contact address? You should use your phone number, email, and location. You should insert this contact information where audiences focus first. You must integrate it into your home page and keep it in your footer section so that every page contains this information. In the same way, if your restaurant has different locations, list them all and put them in your address line. So, whatever you do, focus on the customer's intent.

Put the Social Media Link

Nowadays, there is a great chance to get more audiences from social media. Because millions of people use a smartphone and are connected to social media, you may have a great chance to drive more traffic to your website if you have a social media link. Indeed restaurant business depends on the customer. That's why you must connect with social media and put the social media link on your restaurant website.   

You Can Offer Gift Card

The gift card can be another attractive option for your restaurant website. Gift cards are easy to drive more revenue and can be the easiest way for your loyal audiences to show their interest in your restaurant. The gift card significantly serves as a microloan for immediate cash flow; you may calculate on that audience to come back another time. In this case, you have to ensure that you have promoted the gift card center and front of your website to make it easy to find. You must integrate it into your website homepage.

You may Highlight Your Loyalty

A loyalty program may be the key to training casual guests into consistent regulars. Besides the online order and gift card, you have to make sure that you have a sign-up option for loyalty in the center and front of your website. To attract the customer, you may introduce a package that if someone makes an order for a certain amount, then they will be our loyal customers, and they will get this reward. It is an example. If you become a restaurant owner, you may offer in your own way.

Encourage Email Sign Up

Email is the best way to build a better relationship with audiences. If someone would like to get more traffic, then email marketing has no comparison. Include an email sign-up option on your website where the customer may have a high customer touch point. When you design a restaurant website, keep in mind the email sign-up option to drive more customers.

How to choose the best restaurant website builders?

If you ask a question to yourself, how can I build a website for my restaurant? In this case, you may accept website builders. The website builder is a readymade platform where the audience gets a drag and drop interface that makes it easy to create a heartbreaking website. It sounds good to hear that if you don’t need to know how to code. Website builders allow you to integrate storage for photos, and videos, options for adding a custom domain, hosting capabilities, and many more.

It also allows you to add many features, such as a shopping cart, lead capture tools, etc. If you would like to see your website intelligent and eye-catching, then there is no comparison of website builders. However, let’s see and figure out the best restaurant website builders for restaurant website design. Basically, there is no magical size and approach to choosing the website builder, but you may compare price, popularity, features, etc. There are many website builders, but we have given the five most popular website builders where we get the most users around the world. So, take a look and start once again which website builder is the best to make a website for a restaurant.

  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Squarespace
  • WordPress
  • Shopify


Wix restaurant template

Wix is one of the most popular website builders. It offers a drag and drop option to create your smart website. There are more than 200 million users around the world. Whether you are a photographer, restaurant owner, businessman, designer, or developer, it does not matter. You will get sufficient features, and the Wix website builder can be your future wealth. It has smart restaurant website templates, and you may get these opportunities to create the best restaurant website.

  • Founded year: It was founded in 2006
  • Number of users: More than 200 million
  • Attractive features: Faster loading, better SEO, a Smart security system, resilient infrastructure, and many more.
  • Wix website builder plan: free plan with a limited template and premium plan
  • Country of origin: Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel


Weebly restaurant template

Weebly is a renowned website builder and hosting provider. Weebly helps people create smart, good-looking, professional websites by drag and drop. Many reasons make it popular around the world. It has more than 50 million active users all over the world. Weebly allows users to create a website by clicking background, customizable images, beautiful color backgrounds, and some other elements you need.

  • Founded year: The founded year 2007
  • Number of users: More than 50 million
  • Attractive features: Create a beautiful website with drag and drop option, powerful design tools, an SEO tool that lets you connect with wide audiences, and many more.
  • Weebly website builder plan: Free plan, pro, and business plan
  • Country of origin: Headquartered in San Francisco USA


Squarespace restaurant website template

Squarespace is an American website builder provider and provides web hosting. Squarespace is one the oldest website template providers. It offers software as a service for web hosting and website building. It also offers a pre-built website template. You may use its template for your blog, local business, service, restaurants, and personal uses. It has many features that attract people to use it to create a beautiful and professional website.

  • Founded year: It was launched in 2004
  • The number of users: More than 3 million active websites and more than 4.2 million unique subscriptions.
  • Attractive features: Pre-built layouts, duplicate pages, and content, photo uploading from mobile, sufficient design tools, and other features.
  • Squarespace website builder plan: Personal, business, commerce (basic), commerce (advanced). It also offers monthly and yearly packages. Users can use the free trial if they take any package after the free trial.
  • Country of origin: New York, USA


wordpress restaurant website template

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows one to build and host a website. There are numerous plugins and themes, and you may design your website fancifully by using those plugins and customizing the theme. It is a principal source to build a website, and more than 810 million websites are on the web. So, create your custom website with intuitive editing, powerful features, and flexible design tools.   

  • Founded year: It was founded in 2003
  • Number of users: 810 million websites on the web (43% of all websites in the world)
  • Attractive features: Simplicity, flexibility, publishing tools, publishing with ease, user management, media management, and many more.
  • WordPress website builder plan: It is free.
  • Country of origin: American


Shopify restaurant website template

Whether you are, no matter what it is. Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce company. It is best to manage an online store. It is available to build and customize an online store, including mobile, web, in-person, pop-up shop, and others. Shopify is a famous website builder around the world. You will be happy that more than 65% of Shopify stores in the United States of America will be happy. It is noted that Shopify offers an easy solution for the restaurant business to sell their meals online.

  • Founded year: It was founded in 2006
  • The number of users: It has more than 2.1 million daily active users around the world. 
  • Attractive features: It has automated store email, more than 70 top-notch themes, an SSL certificate, and many more.
  • Wix website builder plan: You can use a 14-day free trial, but you have to take a plan and provide your payment details. On the other hand, you can also sign up for a 90-day free trial, but you must be considered for a plan. It has three main plans, Basic, Shopify, and Advanced.
  • Country of origin: Ottawa, Canada

Does Having a Website Increase Sales?

Indeed business success depends on the customers. Websites are one of the smart and easy ways to drive more sales. If you want to operate a business locally, you may have a different option to pull the customer. After that, you should focus on the website because those mobile users can be aware of it.

Suppose you have a restaurant business, and if you bring a new food item or offer a discount, you don't need to announce it individually. In this case, if you have a website and restaurant app integration, connected people can be easily aware of your food item and discount. In this case, you have a great chance to get more sales. Not only for the restaurant business. All the business platforms should have a business website to get more benefits.  

Final Thoughts

How to make a website for a restaurant? Creating a restaurant website is relatively inexpensive and easy today. You should remember that you can easily create a beautiful restaurant website with less expense. You can use many website templates that we have given restaurant website examples to create a beautiful, innovative, and good-looking website. However, we have shared some crucial ideas on how to make a website for restaurant. So, keep focusing on the essential steps, and you can add some techniques if you have one. So, get in touch with us and get innovative things.