What is a Catering Business (5 Types of Delivery Services)

By Rajib Hasan -- Sunday, 31 Mar, 2024
what is a catering business

Have you ever thought about what is a catering business? The catering business is a type of restaurant business. It is involved with food delivery for specific persons or events. People also ask, what is a catering service? Catering service means preparing food and delivering it to the customer locations for a long duration or any specific event. In the 4th millennium BC catering started in China. 

After that, it spread into Greece and was established in their culture. Nowadays it has spread around the world. It may be considered in the top list of low investment food-serving businesses. However, let’s discuss in detail what is a catering business, types of catering, full catering services, catering tips, and many more. So, here we go

What Is a Catering Business & Types?


The catering is a low-investment food delivery business. Suppose you have contacted an organization to deliver the food continuously for a specific time. This food delivery system is considered the food delivery service and this business is called the catering business. 

On the other hand, if you contact someone to provide the food on any occasion. In that case, we can consider your business as a catering service business. But what type of catering service is provided? There are different types of catering businesses. Take a look at some popular catering businesses.

  • Event Catering
  • Food Truck Catering
  • Corporate Catering
  • Office Delivery Catering
  • Takeaway Catering

1. Event Catering

Catering is an integral part of a party or an event.  Event catering is a preplanned package that is prepared for delivery and served for a specific occasion small, medium, and large occasions). This event catering on the occasion is not only involved with food. It also involves menu planning, food preparation, food presentation, food presentation staffing, etc. 

Event catering directly or partially works with clients to understand their specific needs, preferences, dietary requirements and ensure a hygienic culinary experience. This environment can create more organizers they can offer for their next event. 

In that case, the caterer should focus on the quality of food, quality of service, and others. There are different types of catering events. Small event catering is one of them, where catering and services are given to manage the entire event. 

2. Food Truck Catering

The food truck is a large motor vehicle. It may be a food serving station. Food is cooked, prepared, and served from here. Readymade food or homemade food is also available here. There are also various dishes and most food trucks offer traditional street food that people love more. Food trucks offer traditional catering services for any occasion or any party. They prepare meals with different menus and also take responsibility for serving food.

Food trucks offer diverse menus depending on the client's requirements. A food truck catering system may be the best for small and medium-sized parties. The food truck is very popular for any special party or dinner in any location. Because it can navigate in various locations, (corporate events, weddings, festivals, or private parties) bringing the dishes directly to customers.

3. Corporate Catering

Corporate catering is a food-serving business in the corporate area (company or industry events, meetings, conferences, and other professional gatherings). In most cases, a corporate catering business engages for a short time or a long-time food serving business. The main goal of a corporate catering service is to provide high-quality food while maintaining food safety standards.

The corporate caterer offers some essential services with their main services such as event planning, staffing, and rental coordination to ensure a seamless experience for their clients. The corporate area may be the best choice to spread out the catering business. Indeed, many aristocratic people attend such events. If they once liked their food service then, there is a great chance to get more catering orders.

4. Office Delivery Catering

If food is delivered dedicatedly in any office for a specific number of office staff it is called an office delivery catering service. Office delivery catering involves diverse menus for a specific time (lunch). In most cases, the office catering menu may have variations depending on the day and occasion. It is the best practice for the caterer who wants to service for a long time on the catering platform.

Most caterers try to grab the corporate marketplace. Office or industry is a part of the corporate market. Most of the well-educated people are there at the corporate level. In that case, make sure of food quality if you would like to survive for the long term. In the corporate area. So, it’s a profitable food service for caterers and they will never miss out on grabbing that market.           

5. Takeaway Catering

A takeaway catering service is a food service. Where there is no sitting area and people make an online food order through the mobile app or over the phone call and collect the food from the catering station. It is a bit difficult to establish a takeaway service if you become a new caterer. In that case, you should work for public awareness using some social media platform. 

On the other hand, you may use a food delivery app to make online food orders. If once it’s established then you may have a better option to grow your business faster. In that case, make sure of a few things, such as better food quality, on-time delivery, various menus, etc.

What Is Full Service Catering?

If the caterer handles multiple services, such as menu management, food preparation, decorations, food serving, and cleaning, this catering service provider is called full-service catering. It is quite different from the regular catering service providers. This is because full-service catering requires a large investment, many skilled staff for food serving, a bunch of food-serving equipment, and a large kitchen area.

What Licenses Do I Need To Start a Catering Business?

Catering is a food-serving business. Starting a catering food delivery service requires licenses. If anyone would like to do business in the right way he/she must require a license. A license is a document that carries authentication and allows one to serve food. But what type of license is required for the catering business? In this section, we will talk about those things.

  • Business License or trade license.
  • Food serving license (that carries health and safety regulations).
  • Seller permit (if you sell taxable goods).
  • Fire safety permit from nearer fire safety department.
  • Social event permits (if you provide food for weddings or corporate events. In that case, you need special event permits or licenses from the venue or local authorities).

How to Grow a Catering Business?


If you would like to grow a catering business, you must require a smart business plan. Let’s see the five main strategies that will help to bring a catering business to the ultimate level. So, implement that idea and grow your catering platform faster than others in the catering market.

1. Make Your Website Menu with Variations

Websites are a crucial thing in the modern world. It is because millions of people perform on the internet. That’s why a website may be the easiest way to reach people. Now it is time to decorate catering menus on that website. 

Try to use various menus and include them with photos of the item. You should remember one thing, try to menu differently than other caterers. So that people can easily see and understand your catering food items. So, decorate your catering menu with a deep search.  

2. Share Catering Item Videos or Photos on Social Media

Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) is the right way to spread out catering items. In that case, hire a professional food photographer and designer who can take high-quality food photos and make them good-looking for social posts. Whenever you prepare a new item then take a photo or make a video of it and share it on social media platforms.

If you have a local catering business then you may emphasize on Facebook and Instagram. Sometimes boost any special item for an event and party by targeting audiences. Always focus on social media (that is popular in your locality) and grab the customer.

Besides that things create a Google My Business profile. It will give a green signal to the local business. You may use Google's business profile for local use. This will help you to get the local traffic. If people search for any specific term about catering then they may find you in front. So, don’t miss out on that thing.

3. Become a Partner with Restaurant

Becoming a partner with a restaurant is the crucial thing to building a catering business platform. You have to build a collaboration and communication chain with the restaurant owner or restaurant manager. Many people come to the restaurant to get catering service. However, most restaurants do not offer such service. In that case, find a renowned restaurant that does not offer this type of food service.

Contact them, if people are looking for catering so that they can send them to get your catering service. In this case, you may pay the cost, commission, or profit share with the restaurant owner. But it may be the best way to get a large number of customers. 

Restaurant kitchen equipment may be used for catering service. A new caterer may also get catering business tips from the restaurant manager. So, building a better relationship or partnership with restaurant owners may be the best way to get better leads.

4. Collect Reviews from the Customers

Customer reviews establish trust in a business. Collect customer reviews about your food, catering service, pricing, food quality, and catering management. But how to get the reviews? Take a look at some steps to collect customer reviews.   

  • Make a user-friendly review section on your website where customers can easily write their reviews.
  • When offering food to the customers then encourage them to share their experiences by offering discounts for their participation.
  • Follow up with customers after their purchase and request to share their experience about service, food quality, etc.
  • Keep focus on the customer’s reviews (positive or negative). Because negative reviews may be the improved way and positive feedback may be the inspiration.

Collecting customer feedback will give you a better idea to improve your catering products. And build stronger relationships with your customers. So, it may be the best way to spread out your catering food delivery service over the area.  

Pros and Cons of Catering Business

Starting catering can be an exciting business. It may be considered a high-profit business with low investment. However, like some other businesses, the catering business has some advantages and disadvantages. So, let’s see some pros and cons of the catering business.



This business requires low starting costs compared to other conventional restaurants.

Those are event types of catering, their order may fluctuate according to season.

This business includes different parties, events, and occasions to serve food.  

For new caterers, the catering business may be challenging such as food preparation, transportation, staff management, setup for events, and others.

By serving at different parties and events, building better relationships with many people, and creating new order sources. It effectively works for business expansion.

Following the food safety standard, requires time, cost, and skilled staff which can be difficult for new catering starters.

Catering allows for event scheduling flexibility, which can be advantageous for those who prefer non-traditional work hours.

Obtaining new clients can be challenging for new and home-based catering service providers. They need more awareness to get clients.

It creates great earning opportunities and leads to long-term careers.

They have limited earning sources due to limited menus compared to other commercial restaurants.

What Does a Caterer Do?

A caterer is a person who provides food service to any events, organizations, and parties. They carry a crucial role in food serving and managing all the tasks. The caterer closely works with the clients to receive client orders, fix the menu, decoration, food serving process, and budget. The caterer is considered the catering staff. This business success potentially relies on the caterer.   

Final Thought

Catering is a food-serving business. You may start catering business from home, commercial restaurants, and anywhere else. It is a low-invest and high-profit food-serving business. We have discussed catering tips for beginners, catering types, differences, and many more things. It can be a tricky way for beginners and professionals. So, enjoy the above thing, and build a successful catering business that can give you a charming future.