Importance Of Social Media For Restaurants Business Promotion

By Fatma Humayun -- Tuesday, 23 Aug, 2022
Social media for restaurants

The restaurant business is trendy because people need food to survive and like food. And most importantly, people want to fulfill their cravings of trying different cuisine on different days of the week by placing online orders from restaurants or visiting the restaurant. Because before visiting a restaurant or finding a particular cuisine, people often search for them on the internet. Even if the customer finds a decent website, they often find that restaurant on social media and look at live reviews and ratings of other customers. Then they decide or decline to visit that restaurant. That's why social media for restaurants is crucial.

Sometimes, customers visit a restaurant because they have seen a fantastic post about that restaurant on social media. Especially the Millennials and Gen Z rely on social media reviews. And they also spend more time on social media. So if you want your restaurant to be a crowded place, then existing on social media is an option. It's something you must have.     

Importance Of Social Media For Restaurants Business Promotion

Importance Of Social Media For Restaurants Business Promotion


Social media is a platform where you can grow your brand recognition and increase customers' footsteps in your restaurant. And if you are new in the restaurant business or have a small budget for your restaurant's promotion. Then social media is a great alternative. So let's look at the importance of social media for restaurant business promotion and get a better view of why restaurants need social media and also how social media helps restaurants.

01. Social Media Creates Better Image

Social media is where you can share your restaurant's menu and add images of dishes. Social media does the job of visual marketing when you upload images of delicious food from your restaurant. When you have a social media profile, customers can visit your profile and better understand the quality of your restaurant. Many customers search for restaurants' social media profiles and inquire about them in a good measure to decide whether they want to spend their time and money on them or not. Therefore, you might lose a lot of potential customers when you don't exist on social media.

02. Direct Messaging      

Communication is essential for every business. Social media allows you to have excellent communication with your customers. Social media allows your customer to send you messages directly and get in touch with you. Perhaps they need to know something about your restaurant, or they want to discuss something with you.

For example, 

What if a customer is having difficulty finding your restaurant location? As the customer has never been to your restaurant before. The customer lost their way. They can instantly send you a text. And you can help him, or her find the way to your restaurant.

A direct messaging facility makes the bond between you and your customer even stronger than before. Customers feel connected. Also, customers realize that customers can reach you when they need you, and you will reach them back. 

03. Social Media Is Affordable

Social media is not only affordable but free. Social media is a free platform for promoting your business. Of course, you have to spend some money if you want to run ad campaigns. But social media advertising for restaurants is way cheaper than any other form of advertising. So why not take the opportunity and grow your business? You have nothing to lose.

04. Social Media Generates More Revenue

Social Media Generates More Revenue

Social media generates more revenue. Yes, it does. Wanna know how? Let's look at some numbers. 

  • More than 4 billion social media users are available in the world.
  • An average internet user spends more than 2 hours on social media every day.

That is a vast number. It means you can connect with about 4 billion people. Indeed it doesn't guarantee you will get the same number of customers. But you can bring a lot of potential customers to your restaurants. In most cases, restaurants don't get many customers because people don't know about them. So, promoting is a must if you want your restaurant filled with customers.

Of course, your restaurant will get a lot of customers if you serve tasty food and have good service. But promoting your restaurant and enlarging the customer number can bring considerable revenue. So promoting your restaurant business on social media is an excellent choice as social media helps you reach many customers. And increase the number of customers in your restaurants. More customers mean more sales. At the same time, more sales mean more revenue. So you can use social media to generate more income from your restaurant.

Besides generating more revenue through social media, you can save a large amount of money and increase your restaurant's revenue by reducing costs in different sectors of your restaurant.

05. Send Immediate Updates To Customers

Social media allows you to let your customers know the immediate updates.

For example, 

You can share news like the launching of a new flavor of a dish that the majority of customers have been asking you for a long time or a new menu update, temporary off hours due to maintenance, promotions, seasonal off, or seasonal new item included in the menu, etc.

06. Social Media Helps You Become Better

Social media helps you to upgrade your restaurant in every aspect. Whether it is the food or the dining area, or the service. Yes, you heard me right. Now, if you are wondering how social media does that. Let me tell you. Customers share what they liked and didn't like in your restaurant on social media.

For example, 

One of your customers loved the food. The taste and everything else were terrific. But the customer thinks the quantity was slightly less than the price. Or another customer feels that your service is not good, but the food is fantastic.

You can bring changes into your restaurant by taking your customer's advice or simply by understanding what problems your customers are facing. Then, you can come up with a solution that is both cost-effective for you and helps you give a better experience to your customers when they come to visit your place. 

Besides social media, you can get a POS system to become better. 

For example, 

You can manage your entire restaurant effectively and give excellent service to your customers with a POS system.

07. Social Media Creates Online Presence

Social media makes it easy for customers to find you on the internet. Social media creates an online presence, and it's free. Unlike a website, you don't need to spend a penny to create an online presence with social media. In addition, you can share a lot of information on social media. Like the menu, location, information about other branches, opening and closing time, etc.

You can also create an online presence with an online food ordering system.

08. Customer Can Provide Feedback

Customer Can Provide Feedback

Social media lets your customer give both reviews and ratings. You can use these reviews in a good way. You can reply to your customer's positive review with thanks. And you can also use your customers' negative reviews in a lovely way. Instead of ignoring or deleting negative reviews, you can reply to them in a sorry tone and promise them to upgrade on the spots where customers had terrible experiences. Customers will get suspicious if they see only positive feedback while visiting your social media profile. But if they see negative feedback and your professional way of responding to the negative feedback. It will amaze them and make them feel safe to visit your restaurant. Because now they know they can also complain about their bad experience. And when they do, they will be heard. 

09. Social Media Builds Brand Advocacy

When your existing customer shares feedback with long or short texts or maybe shares feedback with images or videos, these work like firecrackers. Because these are shared by other people claiming you are good. A potential customer will get a lot of positive information and visit your place at least once. This way, social media helps you get new customers and also helps you create brand advocacy.

10. Engage With Customers

The most significant benefit of social media is that you are showcasing your restaurant and interacting with your customers. Social media allows you to share everything exclusive and inclusive in your restaurant. But, at the same time, you can connect with your customers.

People trust strangers and their opinions just on a platform. That is the feedback and review option of a business page. People also notice how you react or interact with positive and negative reviewers. Are you kicking the butts of those who gave you bad reviews, or are you deleting nasty comments? The best practice is to say sorry for the lousy service, promise to upgrade your service, and invite them to revisit your place. Offer sales or free services to make up for them. Then, instead of getting scared of negative comments, you can use those comments to create a good impression on your audience.

11. Easy To Use

Social media is not too difficult to use, and you don't need any IT knowledge or training to use it. As you use social media for your personal purpose, you can use it for professional work promoting your restaurant business. Promoting your restaurant on social media is not a difficult job but a fun thing to do. You can humanize your social media by sharing funny memes relevant to your brand. As a result, your visitors will have a good time and feel more attached to your brand.

13. Improved SEO

You can improve your SEO with the help of social media. Firstly social media creates profile backlinks for your website. Secondly, social media helps improve local SEO. Furthermore, social media drives more visitors to your website. And helps your website gain more authority.

Best Social Media Platforms For Restaurants 

Best Social Media Platforms For Restaurants 

There are a vast number of social media available on the internet. More than 100 social media platforms are available. But it's not possible to maintain that many social media profiles. And to be honest, most social media is not even widely used by customers. So you should know which platforms are best for you and can help you reach your potential customers. The best social media for restaurants are Facebook and Instagram. Other platforms are good for promoting your restaurant business. Let's look at the list.

i) Meta [Facebook]

Facebook evolved a lot from a site to share photos and exchange messages. Now Facebook has become a large platform with many excellent marketing tools. Facebook allows its users to share a lot about themselves. And businesses like restaurants can use that information to run an effective ad campaign. Facebook allows you to target your audience by customizing your targeted audience precisely. You will get a business account to run paid ads. The most important thing is that running a paid ad campaign is affordable on Facebook. It's also easy at the same time. You will also get access to the statistical analytics tool to monitor your ads. Facebook is one of the top social media sites for restaurants.

ii) Instagram

Instagram is another fantastic platform to promote your restaurant business. Instagram is a platform famous among young people for having unique filters and image editing tools. It will help you create appealing images and videos. You can use these features to capture a better image of your restaurant and food items. Also, you can take small videos and share them on Instagram for better engagement. Instagram also offers paid ad campaign facilities. Instagram is another best social media platform for restaurants.

iii) Pinterest

Pinterest is another fantastic platform to promote your appealing images. It allows its users to "Pin" their favorite image. It also has a paid ads campaign facility. With more than 400 million monthly active users, Pinterest can boost your online marketing to a new level and increase the number of customers in your restaurant.  

iv) Twitter

Twitter is another remarkable social media to promote your restaurant. Twitter is not all about sharing images like Instagram or Pinterest. It's also a lot different than Facebook. This social media focuses on sharing short messages. But you can always jazz up your short messages, which are called tweets with delicious food images. It will attract more eyes which will turn into footsteps in your restaurant.

v) Youtube

Youtube is a platform for sharing videos. So you can share almost everything about your restaurant on this platform. 

For example, 

You can make videos of your restaurant to showcase how unique the decoration is and much more. But be careful as Youtube is a product of Google. And it also follows the algorithms of Google strictly. So make sure to follow the right SEO metrics while using Youtube.  

Wrapping Up

If you want to attract more customers to your restaurant, you should look where your customers are. Social media is the right place to look for new customers. You can turn your visitors into regular customers with the right restaurant social media strategy. The benefits of social media marketing for restaurants are uncountable. Social media is a cost-efficient way to promote your business. At the same time, it is a great way to build connections with your customers. Therefore, times demand is that you must have social media.