How to Start a Cloud Kitchen in Dubai, UAE | Complete Setup Process

By Rajib Hasan -- Wednesday, 31 May, 2023
How to start a cloud kitchen in Dubai

Cloud kitchen was traced back to the early 2010s when a significant shift began to take place in the food industry. Online food delivery platforms gained popularity after COVID-19 when the world faced a pandemic situation. Nowadays, entrepreneurs and restaurateurs started exploring new ways to meet the growing demand for delivery-focused food options. Cloud kitchens are also known as virtual, ghost, or dark kitchens. Cloud kitchens are professional food preparation kitchen without any dine-in facilities. It is designed exclusively to fulfill online orders and delivery. However, there are some strategies to start a virtual kitchen. Here we will let you know how to start a cloud kitchen in Dubai and what documents you need. So, start a happy journey with us.

How to Set Up a Cloud Kitchen in Dubai?

Dubai is a business hub. There are plenty of resources in Dubai. Many people perform there to do anything. For this reason, setting up a business in Dubai is not so easy. Cloud kitchen is a type of restaurant and it is a virtual restaurant, where there is no place for the customers to sit. Any business person can make online orders or pick up the food from this type of kitchen. In this case, an entrepreneur should focus on some crucial factors to set up a cloud kitchen in Dubai.

1. Make Sure You Have a Business License

Do you require a food license to have a cloud kitchen? Yes, you must need a food trade license if you would like to start a coffee shop business in Dubai, food truck, a restaurant, or any virtual kitchen. Opening a cloud kitchen in Dubai is a profitable business venture. However, you require two licenses to start a cloud kitchen in Dubai.

  • Trade license
  • Food license  

If you choose a business location, you must get both licenses from the local municipality. Trade licenses allow you to trade in Dubai, and food licenses permit you to serve food authentically.

2. Choose a Business Structure and Location

Location plays a crucial role in all aspects. Location can drastically change the business structure. The best way to choose a location for a cloud kitchen in Dubai is to find an office, industry, and some other business sector and place your kitchen beside them. It means those who work in corporate offices, industry, and some other business sectors. So, you should focus on such people. Most of them require a meal for their breakfast, lunch, and somebody also needs dinner. In this case, you may have a better chance of getting plenty of food orders, and the food pick-up ratio may enhance than your expectation.  

3. Get Insurance from any Bank, NGO, or donor

Can I start a restaurant business with no money? Absolutely not. But if you don't have money, then you have a way to open it. How can I open a cloud kitchen without money? In this case, take a loan or borrow money from some other. Insurance will protect you from any liability claims that may happen in any unexpected situation. There are several types of insurance policies you may consider.

  • Property insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Product liability insurance
  • Workers' compensation insurance

On the other hand, the bank loan will give you the money to open a kitchen based on your business property and ability. You may also find some other authentic sources, like any trusted NGO that offers low-interest loans. You may also search for some merchants who are looking for a partner. If you have someone like that, then it may be the best way to run a food-serving business.

4. Choose a Delivery Service

Suppose your cloud kitchen is running. Now it is the best time to decide about the delivery system. It means how you want to deliver the food, packaging, online ordering process, and others. Therefore, find the delivery man who is able to provide the food to the customer area at the exact time. In this case, decide how you want to deliver the food. However, we have given a few crucial options for food delivery service.

  • Use your selected delivery staff (if you have your own person, you may be responsible for him).
  • You may work with a joint venture with some other delivery service provider.
  • Allow the customer to pick up the food from your cloud kitchen restaurant. Open an online platform and announce a food pick-up system.


5. Promoting Your Cloud Kitchen

Business promotion is a great thing before or after starting a business platform. Business promotion carries sustainability in the long run. There are several ways to promote a cloud kitchen, but online is the best and fastest way to reach 100 thousand people in a short time. In recent years, we have been living in a technological era. 

We don't need to go door to door with the customers. So, no need to make banner festoons and placards and distribute them to the people. You will do the same thing online. However, most people use a smartphone, and it is rare to find someone who doesn't use a smartphone and is involved with social media (Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

In this case, if you use social media and target your audience, then you may have a better chance of getting more responses from customers. For this reason, we highly recommend you use an online platform for business promotion. 

On the other hand, you can use a creative formula, Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In this case, you have to optimize your content (articles, cloud kitchen images, food items, short videos, etc.). If you can fully optimize your content and get ranked in Google, you can get more orders online. You may follow this strategy with the help of any SEO specialist.

6. Delivery Logistics and Partnerships

Establish partnerships with third-party delivery services or consider building an in-house delivery. Ensure that your delivery process is efficient and timely to maintain customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is a key factor for the food-serving business. You may involve delivery logistics or partners to ensure appropriate food delivery service so that they can engage them to deliver the food on time.  

7. Quality Control and Customer Feedback

After opening a cloud kitchen in Dubai, you should implement quality control measures to ensure consistent food quality, taste, and presentation. Encourage and collect customer feedback to improve your offerings and address any issues promptly. You should focus on the customer's interest. What do they want? If you can meet their demand by providing food service, it can be a way to rise up in your glorious future.   

8. Continuous Evaluation and Adaptation

Regularly assess your cloud kitchen's performance, monitor key metrics, and adapt your strategies to stay competitive and meet customer demands. You should remember that regulations and requirements may vary based on specific locations in Dubai. So it's essential to consult with relevant local authorities and seek professional advice when setting up your cloud kitchen.

What Technology is Needed for a Cloud Kitchen?

Dubai is a suitable place for business. Different categories of people come to Dubai. For this reason, cloud kitchen startups should be different. Get in touch with technology. It means you have to come out of the manual process. Make your cloud kitchen restaurant in Dubai smart and digitized. There are available restaurants in Dubai. If you have a cloud kitchen for sale in Dubai, then you must have technological touch in your kitchen. However, we are explaining innovative, popular, and renowned technology.

Restaurant POS System

The restaurant POS is a combination of software and hardware that is used for billing purposes. It is suitable for small, medium, and large restaurants. It was designed to make an easy billing process. Nowadays, many systems have integrated it. What can you manage with this smart system? You can manage your entire restaurant or cloud kitchen by using it. There are many features of the restaurant POS system. Take a look at a few of them.

  • POS Billing System
  • Online/Offline Order Management
  • Website & App Integration
  • Table Reservation System
  • QR Scanner or Contactless Payment
  • Account Management
  • Inventory management
  • Human Resource Management System
  • Multiple Payment Gateway
  • Online ordering system

How can you choose the best restaurant POS system? Very simple, see the features, pricing based on your requirements, authenticity, easy process, all-time support, etc. Don't worry, and you may choose RestoraPOS. It is a restaurant management system. It offers all-in-one solutions to manage small, medium, and large shape restaurants or kitchens. 

Does RestoraPOS is in Dubai?

Yes, RestoraPOS or the restaurant POS system in UAE. It is good news that all the restaurant business solutions are in one package. Wait, there is lucrative news for the POS users. Any new user can use it for 21 days without money. If you feel better, use it permanently and make your cloud kitchen or restaurant digitized. So, feel good and contact us to use the RestoraPOS restaurant management system. 

Why Do You Want to Open a Cloud Kitchen?

Why Do You Want to Open a Cloud Kitchen

There are many advantages of opening a cloud kitchen in Dubai. You know that Dubai is a business hub in the world. Many people come to Dubai for different purposes. However, the restaurant business relies on the customers. So, you may get the chance to open the cheapest cloud kitchen in Dubai. However, take a look at some key factors to open a cheap cloud kitchen in Dubai that may be worth your start-up.

  • Cloud kitchens require low space compared to a restaurant.
  • These virtual kitchens require a low investment compared to a restaurant business.
  • Virtual kitchens require low staff. In this case, salary and wages cost is minimized.
  • Experimentation and scalability and reduced operational complexities.

Is Cloud Kitchen a Virtual Kitchen?

Yes, cloud kitchens are virtual kitchens or ghost kitchens. Cloud kitchen describes a food service operation that operates exclusively through delivery or takeout orders. But it is not a traditional restaurant. Cloud kitchens do not have a physical dining space for customers. Instead, they focus on preparing and cooking food in a centralized kitchen facility, relying on online platforms and delivery services to reach customers.

What type of Equipment Do You Need to Start a Cloud Kitchen?

To start a cloud kitchen, you will require various types of equipment to facilitate food preparation, cooking, storage, and packaging. So take a look at some essential equipment required for setting up a cloud kitchen

Cooking Equipment

  • Range or cooktop
  • Oven
  • Griddle or grill
  • Fryer
  • Salamander or broiler
  • Microwave
  • Steamers
  • Commercial blenders
  • Food processors

Refrigeration and Storage Equipment

  • Walk-in refrigerators or reach-in refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Prep tables with refrigerated compartments
  • Shelving and storage racks
  • Food containers and storage bins
  • Cold storage for perishable items

Food Preparation Equipment

  • Stainless steel worktables
  • Sinks and dishwashing stations
  • Cutting boards and knives
  • Mixing bowls and utensils
  • Measuring tools

Packaging and Delivery Equipment

  • Food packaging materials (containers, boxes, bags)
  • Heat sealers or packaging machines
  • Labels and stickers for branding and product information
  • Food delivery bags or thermal containers to maintain food temperature during transport

Safety and Cleaning Equipment

  • Fire extinguishers
  • Grease traps
  • Hand washing stations
  • Cleaning supplies (detergents, sanitizers, mops, brushes, etc.)

Can I open a restaurant business in Dubai?

Yes, of course. The restaurant business is familiar in Dubai. Most entrepreneurs may think about how to start a restaurant business in Dubai and most of them become frustrated. Indeed it is a bit difficult to open but follows the massive and comprehensive strategy that we have referenced in another section on how to start a restaurant in Dubai. In this case, you have to mainly keep the focus on two things

  • The first one is a Trade license
  • The second thing is a food license in UAE

But some other things rely on you. So, follow all the rules and regulations to open a restaurant in UAE, invest money, reach your future, and earn profit.

Final Thought

Starting a cloud kitchen in Dubai is a challenge. In this case, guidance plays a crucial role. However, we have shown some strategies and cloud kitchen examples of how to start a cloud kitchen in Dubai. If you compare your cloud kitchen with the best cloud kitchen in Dubai, then you will see that they obey such a strategy. So, follow the actual direction, manage your trade license and food serving license, digitize your restaurant, and invest in the right way. Definitely, success will be in your hand. So, get in touch with Restorapos and get the ultimate innovative information for your business start-up and some other things.


Do you Need a License to Open a Cloud Kitchen in Dubai?

In Dubai, starting a cloud kitchen typically requires obtaining the necessary licenses and permits to operate a food business. These licenses are regulated by the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) and the Dubai Municipality. The specific licenses you may need can vary depending on factors such as the type of cuisine you plan to offer and the location of your cloud kitchen.

What is the Suitable Place to Start a Cloud Kitchen in UAE?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) offers several suitable locations to start a cloud kitchen, depending on various factors such as target market, competition, and accessibility. We have referred to a few potential places in the UAE that you can consider for starting a cloud kitchen.

  • Dubai
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Sharjah
  • Ajman
  • Ras Al Khaimah
  • Umm Al Quwain
  • Fujairah

Is Cloud Kitchen Allowed in Dubai?

Yes, cloud kitchens are known as ghost kitchens or virtual kitchens. These are allowed in Dubai. The Dubai government has recognized the growing trend of online food delivery platforms and has introduced regulations to support the operation of cloud kitchens in the city. In Dubai, cloud kitchens operate under the framework of the Dubai Municipality's Food Code and Guidelines. These guidelines outline the requirements and standards for food safety, hygiene, and operations that cloud kitchens must adhere.