How to Start Coffee Shop Business in Dubai

By Rajib Hasan -- Tuesday, 18 Apr, 2023
how to start coffee shop business in dubai

The coffee shop is a restaurant where people come to get a cup of coffee and spend their leisure time. The first coffee house was set up in England in the half of the sixteenth century. From then, coffee houses or shops became popular among the people in England. Within a few decades, the cafe was converted into café culture. After that, cafe culture spread in Europe at the end of the 17th century. Nowadays, it has spread around the world. There are some reasons for coffee shops to become popular. However, a coffee shop can be the key way to earn revenue. But how is it possible? We will literally and clearly let you know how to start coffee shop business in Dubai.

What is Coffee Shop Business?

A coffee shop is a place where people come to take coffee and spend their leisure time. In contrast, different types of coffee are served to the people, which is called the coffee shop business. Many coffee shops serve cold drinks, iced coffee, iced tea, and other non-caffeinated beverages. The purpose of a coffee house is to give you what you actually need, and it makes you feel like you can survive the day in one delicious cup.

However, this type of business is profitable. But there is one thing: most beginners do not know the right strategy to start a coffee shop business. However, Dubai is a business country. Many elite people come there. So, the coffee shop business can be the best choice there. But how to start a coffee shop business in Dubai. Let’s figure out the best way to do it.

How to Start Coffee Shop Business in Dubai?

How to Start Coffee Shop Business in Dubai

Dubai is one of the largest business hubs in the world. The Dubai government has given many facilities to perform on any business platform. The Dubai government is always ready to provide an opportunity for small, medium, and big corporations to do something better. After that, if you would like to do any business in Dubai, you must follow some rules and regulations. But what do you need to start a coffee shop business in Dubai?

If I talk about the restaurant business in Dubai, then it is a challenging business platform in UAE. Dubai is a business city and most of them do any kind of business. However, if you would like to start a coffee shop business in Dubai, then you must follow some rules that are approved by the government. So, don’t be late. Let’s see what you need to start coffee shop business in Dubai.

  • Conduct research and create the concept
  • Select your coffee shop name
  • Choose suitable location
  • Find the source of your coffee beans
  • Make a smart coffee shop business plan
  • Make a plan to invest money
  • Create smart menu
  • Make sure the café license and permits
  • Component of coffee shop

1.      Conduct research and create a concept

How to open a coffee shop in Dubai? There are some strategies to open it. But before starting a coffee shop business, the first thing is to conduct market research and make a beautiful concept. Not only for the coffee shop business, whatever you do, but you must also research the market before beginning a business. How will you research the market? In the first step, research competitors. It means, with whom you want to compete. Enlist their service, investment, business, social marketing, and others.

After enlisting them, make an overview and take an estimation to start a coffee shop business.   Sometimes it may go out of your ability. It means, suppose you are so much interested in opening a coffee shop, but market research is compelling you to leave your new journey. In this case, you may consult with any coffee shop business owner in your locality. You may get suggestions or advice from him. It may enhance your self-confidence to start your journey.   

2.      Select your coffee shop name.

The brand name is one of the major factors for a business. In this case, select a beautiful name for your coffee shop. Choose a name that is suitable for your coffee shop and easy to memorize. You can define your branding by developing your café brand. You may include your café branding like logo, business name, uniforms, etc. But remember, don’t choose any name that conflicts with some other coffee shop name. It is noted that you should use a brand name based on your business or service. So that people can easily understand your service or business. 

3.      Choose suitable location

Place selection is an essential part of the coffee shop. Indeed coffee shops are a type of restaurant business. This business relies on people who can come here and get something. For this reason, choose a place where you have a chance to drive many customers. In this case, make a list from another coffee shop, and you can calculate how many people come there in a day. On the other hand, how much space there is in your coffee shop is also noticeable. Keep the focus on the lighting and decoration.

In this case, interior design can play a leading role, and you can hire an interior designer to make your coffee shop attractive, smart, and aesthetic. So, whatever you do, you must need a customer. That’s why to find such a location where the café business has a better future. It is noted that most business owners emphasize location. It is because the location is highly responsible for attracting and significantly boosting long-term business. 

4.      Find the source of your coffee beans

Coffee is the first item for a coffee shop. Coffee beans are the common ingredient in café. However, for this reason, find a good source of your coffee beans. Most coffee shops purchase coffee beans from the coffee roaster. You can follow this way. On the other hand, if you have any authentic source, collect beans from there. 

Indeed, most coffee beans are harvested by hand, but it is impossible for a small and medium coffee shop to collect them from them. In this case, the best way is to collect coffee beans from an organization that prepares coffee beans to use by a special process. To continue running a coffee shop you must require continuous coffee beans supply from your selected coffee beans provider.

5.      Make a smart coffee shop business plan

A coffee shop business plan is an organizational outline that makes sure of a glorious future. A business plan can make your road map and give you the direction on how to go through this path. In this case, you can identify your competitors and business trends. 

Those are your nearest coffee shop, you can search them and compare. A smart business plan includes all the things like, investment, location, coffee item, employee, running cost, fixed cost, how long you want to exist in the market to reach your glorious future, and many more. So, make a smart business plan and go forward to reach your coffee shop business success. 

6.      Make a plan to invest money

The coffee shop is a type of restaurant. Investment is a major thing before starting this business. But can we start a restaurant business with no money? If not, then how much do I need to invest in starting a coffee shop business? Have you ever seen a river without water? Money is like water, and your plan, location, competitor analysis, market analysis, and this combination is a river. The river doesn't have youthful water, and the restaurant business or coffee shop business is impossible without investment.

How much money should I invest? It depends on your business strategies, such as location, coffee shop size, and the number of staff. Investing in everything is almost impossible to do. On the other hand, if you don’t have an investment plan. In this case, you may have a chance to spend on unnecessary things. That’s why all business owners should follow a sharp investment strategy. 

7.      Create smart menu

Restaurant business or coffee shop business, catering business, food truck business, or whatever else, we must require a menu. After opening a coffee shop you have to create an attractive menu where you can refer to all the coffee items and highlight them as well. So that the customer can easily understand and make an order. In this case, you should remember that you don’t need to compromise with coffee quality and pricing to make the customer happy. If you can fix them and make them equal for all the customers, you can get return customers. 

8.      Make sure the café license and permits

A business license is a permission that allows you to do business in a legal way. Most communities require a license. If it becomes the food industry, then a food license is a must. However, the license depends on what type of food you are selling. Suppose you have a coffee shop and have some refreshments along with coffee. In this case, you need permission and a license for different types of meal offerings. Where to apply?

You have to apply for general business permission to the food and beverage service regulations in Dubai for coffee and specific meals. If they approve, you will be certified to do business in Dubai. On the other hand, you also require some additional licenses, such as a trade license that is given by the Department of Economic Development. You also require a food license from the Food Control Department of Dubai municipality to make sure food safety. 

9.      Component of coffee shop

Opening a restaurant or coffee shop is not so easy. It is because coffee is the world's second most renowned drink in the world. Coffee has a major influence on our daily activities as well as our social lives. However, you can make a variation in your coffee shop for the customer. You can make your coffee shop digitalized. Use the restaurant POS system for billing purposes. 

Not only for billing, but you can also use the restaurant POS system to manage your coffee shop all the tasks, such as inventory management, payment gateway, QR or contactless payment, HRM, and others. So it can be an essential part of your coffee shop. However, let’s see some common components that you should keep in your coffee shop.

  • Automatic drip coffee makers
  • A high-quality espresso machine
  • An industrial coffee grinder
  • POS system and website
  • Curbside pickup supplies
  • Containers, pumps and storage
  • A security system
  • Milk and water
  • Industrial blenders
  • Ovens and toasters
  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Shelving

What are the Types of Coffee Shops?What are the Types of Coffee Shops

There are several types of coffee shops, and the best coffee shops in Dubai. But each coffee shop has a unique style. It is noted that you will get the most expensive variety of coffee in UAE. They offer different kinds of coffee in coffee shops that people like more. However we have given the most common types of the coffee shop these are available in Dubai, such as

  • Cafe
  • Speciality coffee shop
  • Drive-thru coffee shop
  • Coffeehouse
  • Mobile coffee shop
  • Hybrid coffee shop

1.      Cafe

Café is a small and informal shop where people get various refreshments. A traditional coffee shop that serves coffee, tea, pastries, and light snacks. It is a place where people can socialize, relax, and enjoy coffee.

2.      Speciality coffee shop

A coffee shop that serves high-quality coffee, often sourced from small-batch roasters or speciality coffee farms. This type of coffee shop uses high graded coffee beans. It is very popular due to its taste and complex flavor. These shops often focus on single-origin or direct-trade coffee.

3.      Drive-thru coffee shop

A coffee shop that caters to customers who want a quick cup of coffee on the go. Suppose you are in the car so you can take coffee through a window. In this case, you don’t need to leave your car. These shops typically have a drive-thru window and limited seating.

4.      Coffeehouse

Coffeehouse specially serve the coffee with other beverages and refreshment that actually serve as an informal club for the customers. A coffee shop that offers a cosy, home-like atmosphere where customers can linger for hours. Coffeehouses may also offer live music, poetry readings, or other cultural events.

5.      Mobile coffee shop

Mobile coffee shops operate out of a truck, van, or another mobile vehicle. These shops may serve coffee and snacks at events or in public spaces. This type of mobile coffee shop uses a coffee machine to make it quickly.

6.      Hybrid coffee shop

Hybrid coffee shop that combines elements of different types of coffee shops, such as a cafe that also serves speciality coffee or an espresso bar with a drive-thru window.

What Business Category is a Coffee Shop?

A coffee shop is typically classified as a food and beverage business. Falling under the broader category of the restaurant industry. However, depending on the specific menu offerings and business model, a coffee shop can be categorized as a speciality retail or service business.

One unique piece of information about coffee shops is that they are often considered to be third places. The first place is home, the second place is work, and the third place is a social environment where people can gather, relax, and socialize outside of their home and work settings.

Coffee shops have become a popular third place for many people. It provides a comfortable and inviting atmosphere where customers can enjoy coffee, read a book, and catch up with friends. This concept has been embraced by coffee shop owners, who strive to create a welcoming environment that encourages customers to linger and connect with others.

Final Thought

Starting a business in UAE is challenging. But it is a profitable one. If a business owner can do his business by following the right strategy, then he can earn profit from the first month. Can I start a coffee shop business in Dubai? How to start coffee shop business in Dubai? Yes, you can start a coffee shop business in Dubai, but you must follow some rules and regulations that we have referred to the above section. So follow the right strategy, start your business and get the result from the first month. We wish you a good journey.