How to Start a Restaurant Business in Kuwait?

By Rajib Hasan -- Saturday, 23 Dec, 2023
how to start a restaurant business in kuwait

People must have a goal. All people have different ambitions. Most want to become an entrepreneur and some others may have different goals. However, for those who want to become an entrepreneur, I am here to let them know some crucial business start-up ideas. The overall consideration (popularity, easiness, low cost, standard) I prefer the restaurant business. I will explain here for a specific country but these ideas will be effective for all the country's restaurant business hubs. So, take a look at how to start a restaurant business in Kuwait conveniently, how can you maximize it, and many more things.

How to Start a Restaurant Business in Kuwait?

There are different strategies for opening a restaurant business. Starting a new restaurant requires careful planning and smooth restaurant setup ideas. In that case, you should take some crucial steps to open a restaurant similar to all types of restaurants. So, let’s go and figure out the crucial ideas of how to start a restaurant business in Kuwait.

01. Select Restaurant Type

The first step is opening a restaurant business in Kuwait. Selecting a perfect location is the best way to start a restaurant. Selecting a restaurant type is a crucial thing. But what type of restaurant are you looking for? Food truck business, catering business, dark kitchen, fine dining restaurant, etc. Choose the restaurant type where you have much interest. In that case, you may keep focus on a few crucial things to running a restaurant business  in Kuwait.

02. Cheap Cost Restaurant Starting Plan

Cost is a major factor in starting a business. An entrepreneur knows well how much is required to open a restaurant. If you have a low-limit budget then choose a restaurant type where you can have sufficient investment. On the other hand, you may think about third-party interference. 

Many people want to take part or shareholders. Find them and make a big budget to invest from the beginning. But in which profitable restaurant business can you invest?

2.1) Food Truck

The food truck business is the best and low-budget investment area. If you would like to launch a food truck then no more hesitations are there, such as renting or buying land, collateral for land, restaurant furniture, restaurant decoration, and others. 

You just need to choose an area, Grants to open a restaurant from the local municipality and a food safety license. Food truck start-up cost depends on some crucial factors. In the United States, an average of $100,000 is required to start.  

2.2) Catering Business

The catering business is another popular and demanded restaurant business. Indeed, food is served in remote areas, offices, industry, weddings, parties, and other locations. In that case, an entrepreneur can successfully start a new journey with a minimum investment. In that case, start a food delivery business from home and it is profitable.

Another privilege is that there is no sitting place there. For the catering business, food can be cooked at home. In that case, renting and collateral costs can be completely saved. So, a catering business can be the best choice if you have a low limited budget.

2.3) Ghost Restaurant 

A ghost restaurant or ghost kitchen is a type of restaurant where there is no sitting space for the customers and food is prepared to be delivered in the customer area. You may deliver the food by using a third-party food delivery app. 

That can be the smart way to start a restaurant business. Kuwait is the world richest and an expensive country in the world. So, if you do not have a sufficient amount to start a restaurant then you may think about a ghost kitchen.

03. Find Partner

Kuwait is the strangest country in the Middle East. If you become a foreigner and want to become an entrepreneur, then it will be a bit tough journey for you if you don’t have a Kuwaiti citizen reference. In short, if someone (a foreigner) would like to open a food business or open a restaurant business (start a virtual restaurant, bakery, coffee shop, juice bar etc.), he/she must require a Kuwaiti partner. 

The Kuwaiti partner will hold at least 51% business share according to their law No.8/2001. Not only a single person but foreign company branches are not permitted to set up in Kuwait except a Kuwaiti agent.

04. Sketch a Smart Business Plan

Whatever you think about starting a restaurant business, almost the same strategy is required to apply. Planning is a crucial part of opening a restaurant. Now set a business idea, this is a suitable time to set your roadmap by which you want to reach your destination or future. Take a look at some essential restaurant business ideas

  • First of all, decide the restaurant type.
  • Execute restaurant summary (restaurant name ideas).
  • Competitor analysis (target market).
  • Location to set up a restaurant (it may be home, in a city area).
  • Business organization plan (staffing and customer service policies).
  • Financial projections for the beginning and one year (investment and funding plan).

05. Decide the Best Location for Business Growth

Location is a key way to achieve success or establish a business. Do you believe location can make and break your restaurant business? Yes, it is true in a real sense. That’s why you should be careful about location selection before starting a restaurant business. 

But what requirements should you keep in mind whenever you are going to choose a location for a restaurant? Basically, it depends on what type of restaurant you are going to open. However, suppose you want to start a medium size restaurant. In that case, keep in mind those things.

  • Accessibility for the people if your restaurant location is near the highway.
  • Avoid direct competitive locations.
  • Evaluate competitors before finalizing a location.
  • Give priority to safety for the restaurant customers from unexpected things.
  • Make sure a sufficient place or space (garage) for vehicle parking.
  • Keep focus on your affordability, and how much ability you have to manage those things.

06. Map Out Eye-Catchy Menu

The menu is a creative step and is greatly included in the restaurant opening process. Depending on the business category, the menu is important to build brand awareness. The restaurant menu clearly shows that you are serving these foods. To design a food menu, search for strong, established, and the best food sale restaurants and see their menu designs.

So, whatever you design, remember that you must keep all the items visual and use high-quality real images. Design your restaurant menu in such a way, so that items can be changed according to the occasion. Mapping the menu is a simple and easiest task that just requires a few tricks to make them visual at a glance. However, I have given here some essential ideas that you should keep focus on ‘’menu pricing factors’’.

  • Cost of goods you have sold.
  • Food cost refers to the cost of every single item.
  • Shortly explain sales forecasting.
  • Inventory management.

07. Take Restaurant Permits and Licenses

A license is a document that permits one to do business legally. It may be obtained from a local city or county health department. In that case, an inspection team will come and inspect your restaurant. If you follow all the health safety and food standard policies, then you will be eligible to serve food. 

A Food license is obligatory, for starting a fast food restaurant. But from where to get approval for a food serving license for opening a restaurant in Kuwait? To obtain a restaurant license in Kuwait follow the below guidance.

  • You must be approved by the Kuwait Municipal Service Department.
  • Get approval from the Health Department.
  • Get approval from the local fire service Directorate to ensure fire prevention.

It is noted that, if you would like to open a cafeteria in Kuwait, you must get approval from the Kuwait Commerce Ministry.

08. Budget of Your Restaurant

Kuwait is a world rich and fastest-growing country in the world. There are many Kuwaiti traditional and famous foods in the Middle East. The restaurant is a renowned business in Kuwait, and a bit expensive in the beginning. 

Restaurant start-up cost depends on several factors, such as restaurant type, size and shape, location, number of employees, and others. However, the average cost to obtain a license is around 5,000 KWD. But you have to register your restaurant. In that case, you must pay the charge. 

09. Design Your Restaurant Layout and Space

Design a restaurant with the help of a professional interior designer or professional restaurant fit-out contractors. Before designing a restaurant choose a location and design it from an architecture however you want. After constructing a restaurant or renting a room, design it aesthetically with the help of an interior designer.

Restaurant design or decoration makes the customers charm and attracts them to come and sit in the restaurant. Indeed, starting a take-out restaurant can be designed with the help of a well-trained designer. If you have a small restaurant business plan, like a fine dining, food truck, bakery shop, and others. In that case, you may decorate or design them with the help of designers.

10. Hire the Skilled Restaurant Staff

Restaurant staff carry a major responsibility to manage the restaurant besides the restaurant manager. Whenever selecting restaurant staff keep the focus on a few things, such as well-trained, polite, and technical knowledge to handle the customers and others. Chef, you should hire a professional chef for kitchen management smoothly.

The experienced chefs bring creativity to the kitchen and prepare delicious dishes that enhance the taste buds. A dedicated and efficient kitchen team, composed of sous chefs, line cooks, and kitchen assistants, is essential for maintaining a smooth culinary operation. However, I have referred here to some crucial restaurant staff positions. If possible then fill up that position from the beginning.

  • Restaurant Manager
  • Bartender.
  • Food Server.
  • Busser.
  • Cashier.
  • Executive Chef.
  • Sous Chef.
  • Line Cook.
  • Dishwasher.
  • Food Runner.

11. Restaurant Marketing Ideas

The restaurant marketing idea is a preplan. It means which steps you will follow to promote your restaurant and enhance sales. In that case, choose an online food service business plan. It is an effective method to grow a business faster. To perform on social media is also the best food promotion idea.

However effective restaurant marketing is essential for attracting new customers, retaining existing ones, and building a strong brand presence. I have given here some creative restaurant marketing ideas to help you stand out and attract more customers to your restaurant. 

  • Social media engagement (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter). The social media campaign is also good for new fast food business ideas.
  • Build collaborations and partnerships with local businesses for cross-promotions.
  • Encourage satisfied customers to give positive reviews on popular review sites like Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Google.
  • Create special promotions (special offers, and discounts) for specific days of the week.

Reason for Choosing Restaurant Business


There are many reasons for choosing a restaurant business. Choosing to start the restaurant business can be influenced by various factors. And individuals may have different reasons for pursuing the future goal. Take a look at some fabulous reasons why people choose to start a restaurant business.

  • Passion for food and hospitality to the people.
  • An entrepreneurial spirit and it is the best way to become an entrepreneur.
  • Customer interaction and feeling better with serving food.
  • Cultural and culinary exploration.
  • Maintain a family tradition.
  • Community Impact and build vast relations with the mass peoples.
  • Potential for profitability and liquid money.
  • Personal branding and popularity.
  • Love for the industry lifestyle.

List of Things to Do Before Opening a Restaurant

Indeed, there are many components required in the restaurant to open a restaurant. Opening a restaurant involves careful planning and attention to various details. Let’s see a comprehensive list of things to consider before beginning a restaurant.

  • Research restaurant market demand, popularity, and what steps you should follow to live long.
  • Sketch a smart business plan by a special survey on the recent trend.
  • Maintain all the legal requirements.
  • Choose a suitable location based on your target market, walking traffic, and accessibility.
  • Sketch concept and design menu.
  • Estimate a budget depending on the current market condition.
  • Choose a legal structure for your restaurant, such as LLC, corporation.
  • Build your restaurant brand identity, including a logo, and overall scheme.
  • Design restaurant layout and interior to create a comfortable and appealing atmosphere.
  • Create a list of necessary kitchen equipment, furniture, and supplies.

How Many Restaurants are There in Kuwait?

On average, there are more than 6,000 to 7,000 restaurants in Kuwait including all the branches of restaurants. Without branches, there are approximately 4,000 restaurants in Kuwait. But there is one thing. It is an estimation, this amount can fluctuate more because the restaurant is a growing business, and this number is increasing rapidly. 

Can I Run A Restaurant From Home In Kuwait?

Can I Run A Restaurant From Home In Kuwait

Yes, you can run a restaurant from home in Kuwait. But you must follow some rules and regulations. According to the Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK), all types of home-based businesses require business licenses. This license must be certified by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. 

For example, suppose you want to open a home-based catering business in Kuwait. In that case, to obtain a business license, you must be certified by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the local health department for food licenses.   


The ‘’restaurant’’ is a well-known word. Many unemployed young people came into their real life and became entrepreneurs. The restaurant business has a straight route to reach its final destination. For this reason, people want to invest in restaurants. But how to start a restaurant business in Kuwait? 

I have given crucial restaurant startup ideas or new restaurant business ideas for opening in Kuwait. These restaurant start up business plans are authentic and the best restaurant opening ideas. So, follow that and apply your tricks to the restaurant business road map.