Spice Up Your Kitchen With Our Dark Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

By Riajur Rahman -- Thursday, 21 Jul, 2022

Having a dark cabinet in the kitchen is the new trend of this century which will never become outdated. If you are bored with your colorful or light colored or maybe white kitchen cabinet. And now you need some solid dark kitchen cabinet ideas then congratulations mate. You are in the right place.

Check out our dark kitchen cabinet ideas which are stylish, innovative and high-quality. And recreate your kitchen with these dark kitchen cabinet ideas to bring life to your kitchen.

What Is A Dark Kitchen Cabinet?

Dark kitchen cabinet is a kitchen cabinet which is dark in color. Dark kitchen cabinet doesn’t always have to be black. You can choose any other color like green, blue, purple, gray, brown etc. And if you like black color you can choose to make the cabinet in your kitchen black.

Now if you like dark colored kitchen cabinets there are a lot of options and color schemes for you. For example you can decorate your kitchen with the blue and white color combination or black and white combination. Or maybe you can make a different color combination of three colors such as white, black and gray or blue, golden and white. You can add dark colored curtains, different shaped hanging lights and rugs to add details in your kitchen. You can choose to make a dark color ceiling or flooring.

You can also work with dark or light walls and mix matches on the countertop. You can bring attention to the island. You can choose to have open shelves in your  kitchen to make your kitchen unique. But if you have pets or kids in your home, open shelves will not be a good choice for you. Closed shelves work best for the house with kids and pets to avoid unwanted accidents.

Dark Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

20 dark kitchen cabinet ideas

If you want to have a dark cabinet in your kitchen, it is not necessary that your kitchen will look gloomy. Let’s look at some of our dark kitchen cabinet ideas which will help you decorate your kitchen and give it an awesome look.

  1. Bring Metal Effects

You can include a cabinet with hand-textured metallic fronts and which is dark-stained ash in color. You can add details with curved handles to provide a unique touch to the doors. Tell your designer to make the handles with stainless steel. Also tell your designer to darken the surface of handles by shattering those handles to decrease the brightness.

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  1. Bring Mirrors

You can decorate your kitchen with mirrors. Make the entire kitchen cabinets dark colored. Then attach mirrors in the walls facing the window to brighten up your kitchen with lots of natural sunlight. If your kitchen is small in size, mirror walls will be a good choice for you. As mirror walls will make your small space look bigger.

Also if your kitchen doesn’t get much sunlight, you should choose mirror walls for your kitchen. As the mirror reflects light. By reflecting sunlight from the window, mirror walls will brighten up your kitchen with natural lights.

  1. Create Golden Borderline

Choose a dark color for your entire cabinet. You can choose dark black color for your kitchen cabinets. Then create bold golden color borderlines on the kitchen cabinet doors. Now make golden colored stainless handles for the cabinet. Black and golden color creates a fantastic combination. The entire look will be very sophisticated.

  1. Smoky Timber Cabinet 

Choose dark gray matte tiles for the floor. Now choose a light gray box shaped tile for walls. Paint the ceiling with the same color as the walls. Now create a combination of a chunky countertop and a smoky timber cabinet. Make the handles of the cabinet with blunt mattle and try to make their shape unique or something unusual. After everything is done, the view of your kitchen will be amazing.

  1. Elegant Green And Golden Combination

Dark Green Cabinet

You can choose to make the entire kitchen cabinet dark green and add golden color to enhance the beauty of your kitchen. Make sure the handles of your kitchen cabinets are made with stainless steel. Handles have to be golden in color. These handles will help the kitchen brighten up by reflecting lights. Most important thing is to make a golden colored countertop to enhance the beauty of the kitchen. Also make the sink and the kitchen chimney golden colored. Dark kitchen cabinets with gold hardware look amazing together and are an ideal choice to decorate your kitchen. Green and golden combination will create a very unique theme in your kitchen.

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  1. Dark Green Cabinet

You may easily get away with dark cabinet colors if your kitchen receives a lot of natural light. And if you have a large window in the kitchen. Also if there is a garden outside the kitchen. And you can see a great view of the garden from the kitchen window. You can make the window view part of your kitchen by including the dark green kitchen cabinet in your entire kitchen.

The garden view outside the kitchen window adds to the nearly natural appearance of this dark green cabinet. Make the brown color knobs. And the worktop has to be the same color. Brown cabinet knobs and worktops create an appearance that isn't overly dark. Yet allowing you to make the most of a kitchen design with dark green cabinets.

  1. Dark Violet Cabinet 

Firstly choose a white tiles for the flooring of your kitchen. Dark kitchen cabinets flooring ideas which are trendy include white flooring. Secondly, make the whole kitchen cabinets dark violet. Handles of the cabinets should be dark violet in color, so they remain invisible. Make sure the countertops are also created with dark violet color. Finally make the walls white in color to bring a dramatic difference in the kitchen. Also make the ceiling white in color.White ceiling and wall will make the dark violet cabinet pop up. Dark violet countertops and violet handles will add depth in the kitchen.

  1. Dark Stained Wood Cabinet 

Decorate your entire kitchen with stained wood cabinets. Island should be the same in color. Also the countertop should be the same color. Then make the handles with metal and paint them with the golden color. Add some hanging lights if the kitchen doesn’t get much sunlight. Now make your kitchen walls classic white in color to increase brightness. Choose the same classic white color ceiling for your kitchen. Give this masterpiece a final touch with a white marble flooring.

  1. Gray Cabinet With Black Island

Design your complete kitchen with the gray cabinet and make the island black. Decorate your floors with the white marble tiles. As the light colored flooring will help the island pop up even in a bold way. Make sure the kitchen windows have gray curtains matched with gray cabinets. Now give final touch with gray countertop for the rest of the kitchen except the island. The island countertop should have be black and bold.

  1. Dark Blue Ceiling

Choose a dark blue color to paint the ceiling. Paint the kitchen cabinets with the same dark blue color. Also chose tiles with the same dark blue color for the flooring. Paint the walls with classic white color. Now paint the countertops with the same classic white color. Dark kitchen cabinets with light countertops work well together. This traditional-style kitchen is the stuff of fantasies. Color choices work nicely together to create a classic aesthetic look without making the space feel overly gloomy.

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  1. Farmhouse Theme

Anyone who wants to design a kitchen in the classic farmhouse or rural style should adopt black and red combination theme for their kitchen. Choose the dark black kitchen cabinet for the entire kitchen. And chose red colored accessories for the kitchen. The black kitchen cabinets and red kitchen accessories complement each other beautifully.

Design the countertop and window frame with wood material. Dark black kitchen cabinets contrast beautifully with the wood countertop and wood window frame. Choose a wooden flooring for your kitchen. Paint the ceiling and walls with red color.

  1. Dramatic Classic Look

Choose a white color ceiling for the kitchen and color your wall with classic white paint. Make your entire cabinet matte black color. Create the entire kitchen countertops with a zet black and gray mixed or combined color marble stone. Choose the same colored marble stone for the flooring.

  1. Black, Gray And White Combination

Black cabinets are a great alternative if you want to be daring with your dark kitchen layout. Choose black cabinets for the kitchen. Now color the ceiling and the walls with gray paint. Now choose a light color flooring for the kitchen. Choose classic white tiles for the floor. The light-colored floor gives the design a superb lift and makes it possible to pick any number of kitchen items that would look great together.

Finally, choose the white color for the countertop of the kitchen. Countertop should match the floor. White countertop makes it possible for the overall gloomy design to shine through without giving the kitchen a too gloomy appearance. 

  1. Black And Oak Cabinet

When considering color combinations for kitchens with dark cabinets, pairing black and oak might not be your first choice. But when you actually paint your cabinet in black and oak combination, it actually works. A tiny kitchen island completes the classic appearance of the kitchen. The black finish across sections of the kitchen, along with the wood cabinet doors, gives a hint to more retro-styled kitchens. But it actually creates an amazing look.

  1. Brick Wall

Decorate the wall of your kitchen with exposed red bricks. It gives the kitchen a distinctive industrial look. Don’t worry if your kitchen doesn't get enough light. Combination of exposed bricks and dim lighting works together to enhance the look of the kitchen.

Now make the kitchen cabinets with slate gray color. The slate gray style will work better in bigger kitchens, but no matter the size of your kitchen, there's nothing to prevent you from taking a few design cues from it. The slate gray kitchen demonstrates that dark kitchen cabinets don't have to be boring.

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  1. Black Cabinet And Silver Island

Choosing a color scheme might be challenging if you want dark cabinetry but not a gloomy kitchen. Black and silver make a color combination that never goes out of style. Make the kitchen cabinets black but don’t make the entire kitchen cabinet black. Choose a silver color island and place it in the center. Color the countertops of the cabinet black and the island countertop should be silver in color. Now make silver borderlines in the black kitchen cabinets. And black borderlines in silver island. Make silver color handles for black cabinets and black handles for silver island.  

Decorate your kitchen window with white color curtains and make sure your kitchen gets enough sunlight. Make the ceiling and walls classic white. And chose a white marble tiles for the kitchen floor. However, this design demonstrates that you may have dark cabinet colors without the majority of your kitchen seeming overly gloomy by mixing them with white and silver. The kitchen island centerpiece and the availability of natural light both contribute to the room's overall upliftment.

  1. Blue And White Combination

You can give your kitchen a unique style with a dark blue cabinet. Countertop should also be blue in color. Make the wall classic white. And chose a white ceiling for the kitchen. Finally choose a white tiles for the floor of the kitchen.

  1. Flower Wall

Choose a dark gray color for the kitchen cabinet. Make the countertop gray as well. Now choose white tiles with gray colored flowers drawn on it for the walls. Decorate your wall with these tiles. Flowers on wall tiles and cabinets should be matching gray in color. Complete the decoration of your kitchen with white kitchen appliances. In contrast to the pick of dark kitchen cabinetry, flowers on the wall and white kitchen appliances nicely complete the appearance of the kitchen space.

If your kitchen doesn't get enough sunlight make sure the flooring is white. The pale white tiles in the kitchen greatly brighten the space's tone. You can additionally choose a huge ceiling lamp, to compensate for the potential insufficient natural light entering via the kitchen window.

  1. Purple Cabinet

If you love purple color then congratulations to you. You can paint the cabinets of your kitchen with purple color. Choose a white marble for the counter top if your kitchen doesn’t get enough sunlight. The gorgeous white kitchen counters assist to lighten the entire space, demonstrating that purple cabinets can look great even in a kitchen with limited natural light. Dark kitchen cabinets with white countertops will enhance the beauty of your kitchen. Also make the ceiling and walls white in color. Choose a white tiles for the floor of your kitchen. The classic white kitchen floor adds warmth to the room and is both functional and fashionable.

  1. Complete Dark Black 

Complete Dark Black 

You can make your kitchen trendy with black cabinetry. Dark kitchen cabinets modern ideas include black matte cabinets. Paint the cabinets and the counter tops of your kitchen with matte black color. The matte black cabinets look fantastic with a black countertop. But the matte finish across the cabinets and countertop has the ability to darken the room.

Therefore you should choose a white colored island countertop for the kitchen. Also make the walls black. The black walls and light-colored island countertop give the room a boost, demonstrating that color palettes for kitchens with dark cabinets perform well in any kind of kitchen whether it’s modern or classic.


A kitchen is the heart of the entire home and the kitchen cabinet is a small structure that is part of the kitchen environment. These are typically either attached to the wall or free-standing. Kitchen cabinets are designed to store items and provide easy access for having ingredients at the ready.

Maybe you prefer to decorate your kitchen in a classic or in a very morden way. Or maybe you like it simple or love adding details with hanging lights or rugs. A dark kitchen cabinet will jazz up your kitchen like nothing else, regardless of how you chose to style your kitchen.